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Time machine

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Brenda woke with the worst headache she had ever had. She was lying on something hard and wooden, floor probably. She opened eyes realizing that nothing really changed.
It was absolutely black all around her. She repeated the process several times, closing her eyes very tight and opening them extremely slowly but it didn't help.

Where was she and how did she find in that place?

Brenda tried her best to recall any memory but all she remembered was sitting at desk and doing papers... in wasn't her desk... it was her old desk...

Ok, Brenda wouldn't panic because she had been in such a place before. Then it was part of CIA training. She was blindfold in unknown place and her task was to get out from room. She managed then she would mange now. She set on the floor.
Focus Brenda.
She inhaled deeply few times trying to catch some scent which might help her identify the place. It didn't help. The place was black as black hole (at least in Brenda's imagination) and had no scent or sounds, nothing which might help.

“Anybody here?” she called while getting on her knees and trying to move around avoiding hitting anything. Her question echoed like if she was in a very large and very empty room.

“Chief?!” she heard well known voice both excited and concerned.

“Captain? Where are we?” firstly Brenda was surprised there was actually somebody with her but she was also relived there is someone she knew even if that was Captain. The women she didn't particularly hate any more. The woman she might even liked these days.

“Believe me chef I have no fucking idea.” It came somewhere from the room and Brenda focused to locate it.

“And how did we get here? Because I don't really remember if I'm being honest.” Brenda turned around hearing Sharon again.

“Oh Lord, I hoped you could tell me!” brunette almost cried out in frustration.

“Ok, we'll figure something. Just sit in the corner, talk to me and I'll find you.” Brenda was moving forward to find any wall and then move along it.

Sharon hesitated for a moment what should she tell Brenda. “First of all you can stand up, if I’m hearing correctly you are on your knees not to stumble but believe me there is absolutely nothing to stumble against, there is just nothing in these... here.” she sighted “and there are no walls-”

“Now, don't kidding me Captain!” Brenda stood up like she was told but the hell what was Sharon talking about?

“I don't know the time but I spent like three hours trying to find anything here.” Sharon was tired and Brenda could here it in brunette's voice.

“Ok, ok Captain,” Brenda sighted “sit still and sing or tell me a poem or whatever. I need to hear your voice if I'm going to find you.” Brenda's movements become more confident with her hands drew in front of here in case but Sharon was right, there was nothing in the room.

“Jesus Chief, I'm not going to sing to you.” and now Brenda could tell Sharon was kind of disgusted with the idea. Brenda smirked though no one could see it.

“Shh, I bumped into something!” Brenda screamed into space.

“Yyyy... chief.” Sharon voice was suddenly surprisingly close. “You bumped into me...”

“Oh” it was like Brenda was disappointed but at least they found each other.

“Chief do you have your phone?” Sharon asked

Brenda knew there was nothing around her when she woke up so she focused on her clothes now. She found out there were no pockets because she was wearing a dress, a dress too short and too tight for her standards. Somebody changed her clothes? She felt disgusted at that thought.

“No phone, no gun, no lighter, no matches, oh for heaven's sake!” Brenda was frustrated.
Sharon only sighted. She was as frustrated as her companion. What annoyed her the most was probably lack of pockets.

“Wait, chief... why do you need lighter?” she asked rationally.

“Are you kidding me, captain? In the darkness like this-”

“Darkness?!” Sharon interrupted her “It's a fog! Yes, but it's definitely not dark here.” Sharon heard only Brenda's heavy breathing now. Oh God she was the worst person to hand on bad news. She could be more gentle.

“Fog?” Brenda asked and felt as Sharon rolled down and sit on a floor. “So... I lost my sight then.” slipped from Brenda's mouth very, very slowly.

Once reaching and didn't want to miss the other person again Brenda slid down next to Sharon. Now they were hips touching and completely disoriented. They set in a silence like this for a while both trying to understand things and contemplating their next move.

“Chief, Brenda...” she decided to use a name “I'm sorry about your sight.” pause and Sharon still felt Brenda's breathing. “I know it doesn't help but I can't see you either, the frog is so thick that I can't see my hands even when they are literally on my face ” Sharon said disturbing the silence. Awkwardly she reached for Brenda beside her, she found her shoulder and slipped her hand lower to cover Brenda's palm with her own like she was giving her a strength. Then Brenda moved unexpectedly.

“No! I can see! Not good but there are small lights!” she pointed it and then realized Sharon couldn't see her like she was not able to see her finger too.
Sharon didn't see the lights. She was sure Brenda's mind is fooling, trying to find itself in new situation, but she left that thought for herself.

“Can you see it?” Brenda asked.

“No, not really...” was the best option to answer. “But if you want to we can check this.” After all they had nothing better to do, but Sharon didn't add this.
But just when they started to get up the lights turned off. Brenda didn't say a world about that. She remembered more or less the direction and she was desperate to find the way out.

“If we don't want to get lost in the fog, maybe we should...”

Sharon had the same thought “That would we wise.” Silently she accepted Brenda's hand. The truth was it gave her courage that Brenda was there. Sharon being awake for like four hours was desperate to do everything to get from the hell foggy place.
Chief's grip was strong almost like men's but the hand she was holding was smaller and more soft. She really felt like play with her thumb on the back of blonde's hand. She refrained at the last minute.

“Hey, there they are again!” excitement in Brenda's voice wasn't fake. She squeezed Sharon's hand tighter with that.

“They wider now! Can't you seriously see them? They red, even in a frog you claimed to be here you should see them.” Their tight lighten and the lights got smaller again.


“Wait...” Brenda pulled her hand completely and saw nothing more than dark again. Sharon feeling insecure grabbed her again. “God... there is only light when we hold each other hands, can you believe that?!” Brenda blurted.

“Hardly Chief.” If Brenda wanted to hold her hand she should ask, Sharon would allow her, really. And what if Brenda set it up? Suddenly the thought hit her. She wasn't sure why the blonde would do that, but if...
Then Brenda squeezed Sharon's hand almost painfully, more light alighted the place they were in.

“Ouch, that hurts!” Sharon cried at blonde but then Brenda explained her the tighter they hold the more light she can see.
Sharon wanted so hard to wake from this dream. She was sure things are not real.

“There is something, like a door.” and Brenda started to lead her very confidently. Sharon's heart started to beat faster. If it's Brenda's joke she would kill her with bare hands... but if that's really door... They stopped surprisingly fast.

“No...” Brenda was disappointed. “It's wooden screen.” she explained. Brenda knocked into it to confirm her words. “Here, try.” she guided Sharon's other hand so she could feel it too. But Brenda was not prepared for what happened next, she saw those long fingers overpassing the screen. While blonde was still touching it Sharon's hand was floating in the air like there was nothing. So much she wanted to look at Sharon now, but all she reached was till other woman's elbow.

“Where is it exactly?” Sharon was moving her hand through screen trying to find a peace of wood.
Brenda gulped. She was starring at the hand for long moment until she answered carefully.

“Ymm... let's better check what is behind.”

Blonde dragged a little irritated Sharon on the other side. But there was absolutely nothing. Even their joined hands didn't illuminate the place. Brenda felt hopeless...



“Mirror!?” Brenda repeated “What can you see then, Captain?”

She was looking at the sight in front of her. From the place she was, she saw only Brenda and one third of her own body. But she didn't care, her sight was focused on blonde companion.
Saying she didn't have feelings for Brenda was a lie. But she managed to live with them on the back of her head. It was hard first but when Brenda left major crimes it became easier. Each day her heart felt less and less and one day she realized that in 10 years she would be over Brenda for good. Yes, that was weak consolation but the only one she had.
And now, when they were standing with interlocked hands, Sharon couldn’t take her sight from younger woman. Brenda had back dress. But saying this about dresses was like saying nothing really. It was lacy but leaned from underneath so it wasn't see through. It had short sleeves and didn't show much of a chest but... when Sharon looked down... the dress ended in the middle of thighs or even higher. Brenda's legs were great, long and shaped, strong but seemed soft to the touch at the same time. What was more the dress was tight like if she was Brenda's second skin. In Sharon's opinion blonde's figure was perfect. She was slimmer than Sharon thought before, had nicely outlined hips not to wide though and deliciously ample chest.
These thoughts about Chief she mad usually in her bed, before sleeping and now her dreams came true. She couldn't stop starring.
Brenda was truly beautiful with her hair pinned but made on one side so it curling just above her right shoulder. Her make up was different from her usual one. She looked like if she was going on a fancy gala.
Sharon felt nervous suddenly, she moved a little to take look at herself now. What struck her immediately was the fact that she was wearing exactly the same dress Brenda had, only hers was white one. She looked the same chic as Brenda. She didn't remember when was last time she had this kind of make up. Her hair was strengthened and then waved. She had the same coiffure on her wadding thirty years ago! She liked that a lot but it was never the same even when the same hairdresser did that. She had no glasses though she could swear she could feel them on her nose.
Sharon brought hand to her face and touched the frame of glasses. In the mirror her hand raised but grabbed nothing. She looked down. They were barefoot in the mirror but she had shoes if she was asked. No really believing in the image from the mirror, she touched dress she had on. It seamed the same, lacy, short, tight...
Then something else draw her attention. It was something behind them. There was a doorknob on a wall.
Sharon turned around, nothing but fog surrounded them.

“Chef, I think there might be doors but we have to step backwards...”

“I don't care as long as you get us out of here.”

While looking at the mirror to manoeuvre them to the doorknob Sharon's brain was functioning on a high speed. But she couldn't find any reasonable explanation of the situation they were in. Brenda seemed lost too. They were two police officer, detectives of heaven's sake and they were helpless as children.
Finally her hand found a peace of metal.
She opened the door and both of them stepped into new place.