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To Queens and they Bastards

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‘’To Queens and they Bastards’’ was what the Ravken Nobel. A wine glass in a raised hand, one could hear that he had apparently already drunk one out of it.

Forget it, Nikolai  thought he had herd worst from People with real power.

Not a petty nobleman who still considered himself important because his father had saved his father's (not his real father's) life. Completely forgot that the king whom his father accidentally rescued was long gone.

Off course it still offend him. But that’s what the guy wanted . Maybe he even hoped that Nikolai  would change him to a duel. In front of this whole party. And he wouldn't give him that.

Focused on showing no reaction, Nikolai  noticed Zoya’s one too late. Her vice was like Ice. The so cold that it burns.’’Are you disrespecting me , you’re Queen. In my own Home, At a Party that I aligned, Dobrynya ?’’

As Zoya asked that all the blood seemed to leave Dobrynya's body. As if the death that waiting for him now seemed to have taken him already.

This was not good Zoya could not just kill him. But now he had disrespected the Queen, in-frond all the whole of Ravken Nobel women and Man. Nikolai need to fix this right now ore they would be some kind of war in Ravka again.

‘’I am sure that he means the King of Firda is a Bastard, my queen. That’s why he will from now on he will pay every 10 border guards from his own private funds. Since the king is such a Bastard that could ripen at any time.’’

Dobrynya nodded energetically grateful for Nikolai way out. He wouldn’t be when he saw how much money he had just given up, But that would not notice until tomorrow or maybe later he wasn't the smartest.

‘’ I would never say anything against the Tsarina’’ assured Dobrynya.

‘’Well then we should get the documents right away'' said Nikolai with the smile of a man who no longer had to worry about the annoyance of every 10 soldiers.

‘’Think so too,'' Zoya agreed.