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Pink heels and blood lipstick

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Jasper looked up at the noise of the class door opening and closing, a girl stood at the front of the class, pulling down her blocky, black sunglasses so her ice blue eyes could scan the room for a place to sit, not to different to when a predator is stalking her pray. Her hot, pink, 70s heals made a clicking sound that grew louder as she neared him, her dirty blonde high pig tails swinging in the air as she moved. her outfit was all pink, completely in contrast to the other students in the ‘Human Geography’ class. She had seemed to of chosen the empty seat next to him, odd, since the other students avoid him like the plague- he took no offence to that though- he liked the fact they minded their own business and left him to do the work on his own. It was easier that way, to be invisible

His attention went back to the girl who was now sitting next to him, first thing he saw was pink, just a whole lot of pink. The pink heels, light pink jacket that went down to her mid thigh (with a dark pink furry trimming), the short, ballet slipper, coloured pencil skirt with matching crop top. just pink.
‘There’s no way this girl is in my class, maybe she walked into the wrong room’ Jasper thought.

But no… she pulled out a small note book and opened it showing the workings of Englands GDP… and then pulled out a small mirror and some glossy lip gloss and re-applied it to her lips. she put her sunglasses down on the table and smiled to her self in the mirror.
She finally looked over at Jasper, smiling a smile that could rival Alice’s, putting out a had for him to shake, she introduced herself.

“Hey! i’m Maddie, what’s your name?”

Jasper hesitantly met his hand to hers and shook it. She had a nice voice in a doll way - hell- she looked like she stepped out of a barbie movie, but still, nice…
“I’m Jasper”
short and polite, hopefully she should take the hint and leave him be- she didn’t.

“OMG i love the name Jasper, so classic and you never hear it often, i’m from New York, with your accent Im gonna guess your from Texas, am i right?”

Jasper pursed his lips together and nodded comferming the girls suspicion

“Do you know when class starts? i really just wanna get the day over with, first days are always like that though aren’t they?”

the question was rhetorical but in a strange way he felt complied to answer, he could smell her now she was so close.

Oranges and white Lilies, like vintage candy, sweet but tart

He could also hear her heartbeat, the blood rushing through her veins, the emotions she was feeling- and the rest of the class, the rain hammering against the window, the teacher starting the class all faded away to the background…


Class had ended and Jasper had not listened at all