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Gay Twilight 3

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You know how I've said over and over again that vampires can't get headaches? Well, as it turns out, stomachaches? Totally fair game.

The linen was pressed, the flowers were perfect, and I was assured that the food would be edible and considered delicious by the humans. This was the human ceremony after all.

Bella and I had had our special day a few weeks ago already. It was quaint and by the sea. Alice officiated and Emmett gave me away. Leah gave Bella away and Lily and Seth were there to witness. I'll never forget the feeling in my chest, the utter weightlessness, of seeing Bella so beautiful. It shouldn't have been allowed.

Her hair was pinned up in these beautiful curls, with crystals and pearls making a circlet around her head. Her dress was something out of a romance novel. It had a high lace neck but a plunging key-hole back that showed the delicate curve of her body without being over the top. She made sure to pick something that was comfortable. Something she could dance in. And so the skirt was satin with a high slit that was hidden in the folds of the fabric and only revealed itself when she swayed to the music of our first dance.

I also chose comfort beside glamour when I'd donned what was basically a wedding jumpsuit. It was also satin. The piece had a faux waistline which gave the impression that it was two separate pieces worn together - a white vest and white trousers with a tapered leg. The collar was big and the buttons were pearls. I wore my hair back in an intricate braid with white lace ribbons running through it.

We wore those outfits again now, for the party. We'd decided it was easier to enjoy the hunt and the blood, and talk unabashedly about vampire things by ourselves. Bella's family and our human friends would get this, the reception. Where there was cake and steak and booze and even a little weed to those who wanted it.

Still, I couldn't help but be nervous. Sure, we'd made it through college and now we looked like two 22 year olds getting married… better than 18. But not by much. I knew Charlie liked me, but I'd only met Bella's mom once. And she was kind of an airhead. How would her other relatives be? And… how would Carlisle be? After four years of no contact? I couldn't be sure. I couldn't be sure about anything anymore.

If I've learned anything from my time with Bella and even the hunters, it's to expect the unexpected. So that's why my stomach was in knots now. It was showtime. Emmett would be walking me down the aisle any minute now.

I took a shaky breath and played with the end of my braid, careful to not undo the intense effort to get it this way. Emmett opened the door. But I was having trouble looking away from my reflection in the vanity's mirror. So instead of looking at him, I picked up my lipstick to reapply.

"You ready for your big moment?" Emmett asked, saddling up behind me.

His hand on my shoulder caught me off guard. I gasped. The fingers I had wrapped around my tube of lipstick tensed, crushing the metal and squishing the makeup between my fingers.

"Whoa! You okay there?"

"Gentle hands! Fuck." I grumbled to myself as I grabbed some tissues and wiped the mess off my hands.

"Rose, relax for a second. What's the problem?"

"Bella's entire family is out there. They traveled a long way to get to Middle of Nowhere, Alaska. I want to make a good impression." I said through gritted teeth.

"You mean you want to make a good impression with Carlisle." He replied.

I turned to him, "Excuse me?"

"This is the longest we've been away from him… them… in a century. I'm nervous too."

"I'm not nervous."

"Sure, okay, you're not. I still am though. Especially with Esme."

I huffed, trying to curb the anxiety I didn't want to admit was quickly coming over me. I stood suddenly, unable to sit anymore. Still watching me, Emmett came forward and put a hand on my shoulder again. He was cautious this time, overly so. Annoying. He was teasing me for freaking out.

"I'm fine. I'll be fine."

"Okay… but Alice did want me to tell you that Bella needs you."

"Alice? Alice is downstairs. I thought Leah was with Bella."

"She is. Alice told me first thing this morning that at this exact time, I had to tell you that Bella needed you."

I rolled my eyes.

"You could have started with that."

I went over to the door that connected Bella's bedroom to mine. Through it, I could hear the same kind of heaving that I was doing not two minutes ago. And some sort of slurping. I knocked.

"Come in…!" Her voice gurgled through something thick in her mouth.

When I opened the door, she was drinking straight from a blood bag. It was cow's blood. She'd developed a taste for it after our celebration a few years ago.

She paced around her room, looking like the same dream from our first wedding. It was a little funny seeing it juxtaposed with the blood in her hand. A few strands of her hair hung loose around her face.

Leah, who was sitting on Bella's bed in a purple velvet dress, waved at me. She looked a little out of sorts. So I motioned for her to leave the room, that I'd handle this. Leah looked at me with thankful eyes and joined Emmett on the other side of my door. I looked back to see Bella still hadn't stopped pacing.

"...You okay?"

"They're gonna know I'm a vampire." She said seriously.

"They will if you bring the blood bag with you."

"You're so funny." She said without any humor. But she did stop and put the blood bag down, only to continue pacing.

"They won't have any idea."

"They will! I look too different.*

"Your dad told your family that you were kidnapped. That you needed experimental skin grafts-"

Bella touched the fabric of her dress that covered her bite scar. It was much less jagged now that some years had passed, but it was still deep. Bella chose the high neck for a reason. I never minded it. Jasper was a fuckwit but the scar was a part of Bella and I loved every single part of her.

"-Every change can be explained away."

"You're probably right."

I stepped closer and rubbed my hands up and down her arms. She took a deep breath and physically untensed. It made me do the same. I held her hands in mine.

"You look beautiful."

"Thank you… so do you."

I leaned in and gently kissed her. I tried to keep the contact at a minimum so neither of us messed up our makeup.

"It'll be okay. We already did the hard part. This is just a… reenactment."

"Rose, marrying you was the easiest thing I've ever done." She said plainly.

"Then let's do it again."

Bella smiled.


"A lot of people say that eighteen is too young to know what you truly want. And for the most part, I agree. But there was something undeniable about our first meeting. I was struck, utterly and completely clobbered-"

I let out a soft laugh at Bella's vows, along with a few members in the audience. Angela Weber being one of them. Edward, my brother, was the other. They both knew just how true it was.

"-when I first laid eyes on you. When I caught you staring at me. Fate isn't something I put much trust in. But I think I was always going to meet you. Even if you hadn't noticed me. Even if I'd never come to Forks. I have faith we would have wound up here anyway."

Bella tucked a loose strand of hair behind her ear and cleared her throat. She had these words memorized. Hell, I had them memorized. They were the same words from before after all. But it didn't stop me from getting choked up again.

"I think I loved you from right then and there. Even when we had our disagreements. Because it's only grown since and continues to grow. So I'm standing here, promising you that my love for you will keep growing. As long as we both shall live. And probably forever after that."

Alice leaned towards me, "And your vows?"

"I love you," I whispered to Bella before speaking up, "There has always been a part of me that worried I was broken. I only knew how to be loved. How to take. It wasn't until I realized how much I cared about you, that the thought of being selfish began to decay inside me. I couldn't be broken, because you didn't deserve that."

"You were never broken." Bella's voice cracked, despite her best effort.

"I wanted to give you everything. Every part of me. Because I suddenly wasn't myself unless I was with you. You and I are different people, our own… but I won't lie, life is better, happier when I'm with you. So I'll promise, here in front of our friends and family, that I'll try to make you as happy as you make me. And I'll never stop trying, even after succeeding a thousand times. I'll love you with every fiber, every cell, until I cease to exist."

Looking back, our words may have been a little morbid. Maybe even too intense for what looked like high school sweethearts barely out in the world. But they were the words that felt the most true. The most right. And having a second chance to say them actually felt really good. I could sense that Bella felt the same. She was totally relaxed now.

I leaned in as Alice finished, declaring us wives, and planted a fat kiss on Bella's lips. A few people in the crowd whooped and hollered. I picked out Jacob's and a few other hunter's voices among them. I decided to play it up. Snaking my hands around her waist, I dipped Bella and deepened the kiss. She laughed, gently pushing me off a few seconds later. Our guests stood and clapped.


The reception was nice and toasty in the house. We got the ceremony out of the way at midday in the backyard so it was as warm as possible. At least there wasn't any snow yet this year. Alice had expertly arranged beautiful wild flowers in an array of oranges, reds, a few blues, and plenty of greenery. The den became a horde for the gifts. We knew the humans expected a registry, so we picked things most sought after in shelters and food banks. Cooking utensils and tupperware, blankets and pillows, and much more. We'd donate it all and then some.

The living room had been transformed into a makeshift ballroom. It was decently sized, with a marble fireplace in the corner and crystal chandeliers above. The dining room which was almost as big, was converted into a U-shaped table with the bridal party at the head.

I took to dancing with Bella for most of the night. It's not like we needed to eat or sit down and take breaks. Plus, it was easier to avoid people we both were worried about seeing.

Bella's hands were holding me close. With one at the nape of my neck and one on my upper back, I could feel her breath tickle my neck. My arms were wrapped around her waist and I pulled her against me in time with the music and we softly spun.

I glanced all around the room at the guests. Bella's family was co-mingling with mine. Renee had Esme hooked by the elbow and was talking her ear off. I saw Angela and Kate dancing near me, as well as Edward and James. Emmett and Leah were talking with Seth and Jacob. Carlisle and I exchanged nods, coming to a sort of emotional impasse. He didn't hold my attention for long as Charlie and Phil were more than comfortably chatting about the prospect of Carlisle becoming a sports physician… particularly for minor league baseball…

The rest of the hunters were huddled together in a very covert formation around the other unsuspecting humans. It was discreet. Nobody would notice unless you knew what to look for. Sam Uley was watching the dancefloor with his arms folded over his chest. I saluted him when his eyes landed on me. He shook his head, exasperated. I gave him and Quil, who was next to him, one last cheeky smile. Emily walked up to the two of them and handed them drinks. They shared a soft kiss and some harsh words to Paul and Jared, who had begun to demolish the table dedicated to snacks and appetizers.

Then I returned my attention to my bride. Just feeling her there, knowing Bella was with me just because she loved me, made me feel so happy. To know that we were surrounded by our loved ones… I felt content. The earlier anxiety was completely gone. It was just Bella and I in that moment.

"You look stunning, Mrs. Hale." I whispered to her.

Bella smiled against the crook of my neck, laying her head on my shoulder. "But not lovelier than you, Mrs. Hale," she sighed.

"Sorry, too slow. I said it first which makes mine true." I taunted.

"You're a quack." She said softly. There was no malice in it. Only memories.

"That's me, the town quack." I recited.

"No," she laughed, "I think that's me."

"We can be quacks together." I whispered.

A flash of history crossed my mind. Bella moved her hands just as she had back then. When I'd picked her up off the sidewalk after she was made nauseous in biology. They slipped over my chest and down my stomach, but this time, Bella's grabbed a fist full of my top and pulled me in for a kiss.

It was small, chaste, and the soft brush of her lips on mine sent a spark of electricity through my spine. It tingled in my toes and the crown of my head. And suddenly I felt like I was back there. In Forks. Watching a girl with dark brown hair and warm, ichor brown eyes stare at me from across a crowded cafeteria. Rosy cheeks painted her face and a smile pulled at the corners of her mouth. I thought I was lost, but really-

"You saved me…"

"That's my line."


The End.