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Reminicing (Jasper x f!Reader)

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“Ya’ know, Bella,” Y/N turned to the girl with a smile as she was chopping up onions, “this is the one thing that sucks ‘bout bein’ a vampire.”  Bella gave the y/h/c woman l a confused look, and watched as she finished chopping the onions and placed them into the pan to fry, along with the meat and other various vegetables.  Y/N was humming lightly as she threw some seasoning in with the stir fry and cooking like a gourmet chef.  


Bella finally gave in and asked, “What sucks? You have immortal life to spend with Jasper.”


Y/N chuckled and smiled fondly.  “Well, of course, that’s fantastic,” she said in a light tone, “it’s just the small things that I’m missin’.”  The lovingly made steak stir fry smell filled the room, and danced on the tongue of the young human.  The vampire making said food turned off the burner and let out a light sigh, staring down at the food, before placing it on a plate neatly for the human to enjoy.  “Call it ole’ fashion’d if ya’ wish - but I always longed for the simple life.  Cooking a nice meal in a cute lil’ apron and servin’ it up for my darlin’ and a lil’ one for us to call our own.”  The vampire brought the plate over to the human sitting at the table, along with a fork, and smiled at her with a light sadness trailing in her y/e/c eyes.  “We were both turned early on, but I do have fond memories of cookin’ for him before he went to war.”


The brunette took a bite of her food and smiled up at the vampire.  “Well, you sure haven’t lost your touch - this is delicious,” she said with a smile, trying to give the vampire a little comfort.  “Thank you.”


As they were having their little moment, Jasper walked in to check on his mate, feeling her melancholy feelings.  He showed up behind her, and wrapped his arms around her waist, giving her a kiss on the cheek.  “Darlin’, are you alright?” he asked in his southern drawl.  She snuggled into his arms in comfort, enjoying the feeling of his warm embrace.  


“Don’t ya’ worry about me, dear,” she said with a light chuckle. “I’m just reminiscin’.”  The two vampires left Bella alone to enjoy her food, but not before Y/N could call out to her, “I’ll cook for you any day, Bella - it keeps me in good practice.”  She got a delighted hum from the human as they left the room.  


Jasper led Y/N to the couch and they sat down together.  The others in the coven must have been out hunting or something, because despite Bella and them, the house was fully silent.  Bella was out of earshot by this point, for a normal human, at least.  They continued their conversation, since Jasper wasn’t ready to just let it go.  “I can tell your feelings, remember, darlin’,” he whispered in her ear.  “What were you two reminiscin’ about?”  He moved a stray strand of her y/h/c hair from in front of her face, and gave her a serious, yet concerned look with his sweet amber eyes.  


“It’s just - cooking for her reminds me of how we talked it woulda’ been after ya got back from the war, dear, that’s all,” she said reassuringly, giving him a soft peck on the lips and a smile.  “It’s just hard to get out of my old fashioned mind sometimes.  I mean, ya’ remember, we are almost a century ‘n a half old.”


He chuckled at her last comment, and placed his hand on her pale cheek, brushing a finger against her jawline lovingly.  “Ya’ know, darlin’, I would have loved ta’ come home to my sweet wife’s home cookin’ as a happy lil’ family,” he said as a whisper.  “But honestly, I’m jus’ happy to spend eternity with ya’, Y/N.”  If she was able to, she definitely would have blushed at his words.  Instead, he gave her a sweet smile and loving eyes.  


“I love ya’, my sweet Jasper Whitlock,” she whispered, staring deep into his eyes.  “And I’m glad to spend eternity with ya’ as well.  Minus, of course, those years ‘a searchin’ for ya.”


He beamed at her with deep, loving eyes, and said, “I love ya’, my darlin’ Y/N Whitlock, and promise to make up for ev’ry second we were apart.”


She chuckled and embraced him tightly, leaning in for another kiss.  They kissed passionately, holding onto one another tightly.  His hand brushed her y/h/c hair, while the other hand rested at the small of her back.  Her fingers played with his almost shoulder length bronze hair.  After what seemed like forever, they could hear the human clear her throat.  The two vampires separated from sucking each other’s lips off and laughed as they glanced over at Bella standing in the doorway.  


“Sorry, sweetheart,” Y/N said, looking over at the young human, giving her a smile.  “Would ya’ like to sit down ‘n watch some tv while ya’ wait for Edward ta’ get back, or would ya’ prefer to borrow another book?”  Deep down, the female vampire was fond of having the human around, because when the human’s mate wasn’t around, she felt like a mother figure to the girl.  


Bella sat down next to the two little love birds, on Y/N’s side, and nodded.  “TV would be fine, unless it isn’t too much trouble to get another book,” she replied, making a smile stretch across Y/N’s face.  


“Come on with me, Bell, and we’ll find ya’ somethin’ to read,” Y/N said with a smile, giving Jasper a quick kiss on the cheek before standing to her feet.  She held out her hand for Bella to get up herself, and the two girls walked up to Y/N and Jasper’s room.


Before they were fully out of sight, Jasper cut in, “Just not my Poe, darlin’!”, earning a chuckle from Y/N.


“Don’t ya’ worry, sweetheart, I know!” Y/N called back.