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Hair of the Dog

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Bella sat there waiting, watching the clock. The hammering sound of the constant ticking, every second, smoothed her mood as she waited for him to come home. Every strike of the bell came closer and closer for everything her life represented crashed down all around her. Tick, tick, tick went the clock. Every second drew nearer to the end – an end she wasn’t looking forward to. The clock was a grandfather’s clock that her family had inherited. It was rather old and if put on online on some trading website would fetch a good sum of money. With the future she was heading towards, she was going to have to sell that grandfather’s clock.

There was a knock on the door. The sound unsettled the constant rhythm given out by the ticking of the clock – beat by beat by beat. After telling him to come in, the door slowly crept open. The door obviously needed to be fixed, but that would most likely be the concern of who lived next in the Godforsaken house. A sleek but skinny pale being slipped through the door, wandered towards where she was sitting, and sat down on the chair facing opposite her. A few years ago his downtrodden face turned her on. His bare chest in front of her, glittering in fall glory, used to make her jump the moon. Even his confident smile used to make her feel safe – knowing that nothing could harm her; no wolf, no crazed vampire, nor thugs and muggers.

Now looking at his face made her want to puke. How did she once love such a man like this? Even though he didn’t look an age below seventeen, his cold dark staring looks started to show his age. Bella started to imaginary wrinkles across his face, where they should be for a man his age. Silver white hair started to replace what was his brown spiky stylized hair, and his red beaming eyes became those of a blind beggar, after a day out in the cold Seattle sun. Nothing of him turned her on anymore. She was now eternal unattached to him, like magnets with the same polar charged face directing towards each other and which much strength failing to connect. They were separate once and for all.

“It’s over,” she announced, placing the cup of coffee – two spoons of sugar and just a pinch of hot chocolate, just to add that extra punch – and staring into those eyes, those demonized eyes. She knew he had it in him. He could leap out at any moment and pull her to the ground with his strong masculine arms. He could then lower his cursed head, bringing out his fangs to rest upon her neck – the left side, ready to bite deep into her delicate skin. But he didn’t. He stared there for a moment that seemed like an eternity – he lived for so long that he could put up with eternity.

“But I thought we were doing so well,” he said simply, bringing out the coffee pot and digging into it with his spoon, dragging out just enough coffee without making the drink too strong. He then advance towards the sugar bowl before continuing, asking the one question Bella was dreading the entire evening: “Please explain. I just don’t understand why?”

“It’s because…” she said, before pausing, entering a short moment of silence – an awkward silence as Edward stared at her, eagerly waiting, like a dog being told to wait before it could even dare to eat the food it earned so earnestly from guarding its owner’s house against all sorts of evil, cruel and twisted things, for her reply, “’s me, not you.” And cliché reply. She imaginarily hit herself in the knee – how could she use such a lame and unexcitedly excuse.

“You are the problem?” the vampire said, puzzlingly. He brushed his hair with his hands, moving it through those thick threads, messing up his hair again – he always loved that un-kept look, it was his favourite and Bella’s as well. “I am a vampire – are you kidding me?”

“I’m not!” protested Bella, standing up so that she could stare down at him, creating a tension of authority – her challenging him to rule the roof he used to so bravely and diligently reign over. “We are so different. I’m mortal and you’re not. We aren’t made for each other. And it’s unnatural.”

“Unnatural?” said Edward in surprise. “I keep telling you that I could turn you but you keep refusing. How can it be unnatural if you refuse to go halfway on things?”

“I told you before,” Bella addressed him again – not the first time though – trying to make sure she was clear on her claims, “I don’t want to be a vampire. I just don’t see each other getting married and living forever happy. I don’t think I can enter such a commitment?”

“Don’t talk to me about commitment?” Edward said, his voice now getting angrier and less calm than he usually was. “I pissed everyone off in Italy just for you. Do you refuse to say that was a commitment? I’ve put everything on the line for you.”

“How can you commit if we cannot start a family?” she revealed.

“You know that a family is impossible between us?” he said, in a sad tone, as if he was regretting the lack of kin he could call children. She could, and she had decided that moment that she would, and will have a family.

“That’s why I’m leaving you,” she said as she entered what used to be their bedroom to pack her things up. “Goodbye, my love.” He placed his face into the palms of his hand and wept.