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What the Hell is an Imprint

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Harry stood next to his godfather, wands drawn as the battle went on around them. He reached out and gripped Sirius’ arm as he watched Bellatrix stalk towards them.

Harry thought this was a bad idea as his grip tightened on Sirius’ arm. Very bad, he added as Bella raised her wand aimed at his godfather.

Without even thinking, Harry pulled Sirius down sharply as Bella cast a Stupefy at him, and he rolled them off the side of the platform they had been standing on.

“That was too close,” Harry murmured as he rolled to his feet and pulled Sirius with him.

“Thanks, Pup,” Sirius said as his eyes roamed the room. Bella was already running towards the exit, and Harry was itching to chase her.

The bitch had nearly killed his godfather. It took everything in him to stay where he was.

“Harry.” He turned to his name being called by his godfather and smiled at him in relief.

“You have to be more careful, Sirius; that was a close call, ” Harry said, pulling Sirius into a hug.

“Yes, it was. Way too close,” Sirius replied as he pulled Harry closer to him.

He spied Dumbledore slipping away as he looked up through his lashes and knew it was time to put his many months of planning into action.

“Sirius, we need to leave,” Remus said, pulling Sirius gently away from Harry.

“Did you see him?” Sirius whispered to Remus and frowned at the nod he received.

“He’s right. If you get caught here…” Harry broke off, unable to finish his thought. He couldn’t lose his godfather.

“When you get back to the Dursleys, I want you to stay packed and wait for me. Don’t tell a soul. Can you do that, Harry?” Sirius asked, and Harry could hear the desperation in his voice.

“Yes,” Harry croaked out, his mind whirling with why Sirius would want that, but he pushed down the hope that had begun to swirl. It was never good to hope. Harry had learnt that lesson early.

“Go now,” Sirius said, pulling Harry into a last hug and kissing him on top of the head before gently pushing him in the direction of his friend, Neville, who was standing there stoically waiting for him.

Harry turned and walked away with one last look at Sirius, causing Sirius to sigh.

“He will be fine, Sirius, but we have to go,” Remus said before grabbing hold of his friend and activating the portkey he had to take them back to Grimmauld Place.

“Kreacher,” Sirius called as soon as he landed.

“Nasty Master calls Kreacher, and Kreacher must answer,” the elf murmured, looking murderously at Sirius.

“Pack everything and take it to the Black vault in Gringotts. I want this whole house empty as quickly as possible,” Sirius barked out.

“He won’t be able to do that by himself soon enough for us, Sirius.”

“He has six days until school lets out, and Harry is on the train back to the Dursleys. You will be at the train station as per Dumbledore’s orders. When the Order finishes their threats to Dursley, you wait for them to go and sneak Harry away if you can.

“If you can’t, you go to his house and get him from there, bringing him straight to Gringotts, where I will be waiting for you.”

“You had better lock down the wards before Molly comes; she’s due soon.”

“I’ll do that now. It will make anyone trying to floo in forget they were even coming here. Luckily, Albus will be busy trying to sort things out at the school and with the Ministry. It will give us some time to get things in motion without his interference.”

“What about that elf that Harry talks about?” Remus asked. “Can you ask him to keep an eye on Harry and help us get him clear of Dumbledore?”

“Great idea, Remus,” Sirius said, smiling brightly at his friend. “Dobby,” he called.

“Harry Potter’s dogfather be calling for Dobby?”

“Yes, brilliant,” Sirius replied.

“Kreacher keeps a bad house, Harry Potter’s godfather should give him clothes,” Dobby said, looking around in disgust.

“Dobby,” Sirius said, getting down on his knees to talk to the elf. “We need your help to help Harry.”

“Dobby be doing anything for Harry Potter,” Dobby said, ears flapping in his excitement.

“We need you to keep an eye on him; stay close. Keep anyone from reading his mind or putting any spells on him. Check him for spells in case he already has some. Keep him safe until we get him to Gringotts and out of Britain. Can you do that?”

“You be getting Harry Potter away from danger?” Dobby asked, eyeing Sirius carefully.

“Yes,” Sirius answered.

“Dobby be coming, too. Dobby be getting Harry Potter many things to take with him. Dobby be getting back all Harry Potter’s things the Headmaster be snatching with his wrinkly old fingers, that Dobby has spied in his office, Dobby will.”

“Okay, Dobby, just remember Harry’s safety is your priority.”

“Dobby knows that, Dobby always protect Harry Potter,” Dobby said with a frown at Sirius. “Kreacher such a bad elf, Dobby send Winky to help, she be wanting a family very much. Harry Potter’s dogfather should be taking Winky as his elf, Dobby tell Harry Potter so he makes sure,” the elf said before popping away.

“Sassy elf,” Remus said with a small smile.

“Just like Harry,” Sirius said, smiling brightly at his friend.

“The wards, Sirius,” Remus said, rolling his eyes at his friend. He couldn’t help but agree, though. Harry, against all odds, was still sassy and sarcastic, which pleased Remus greatly.

“Right, right,” Sirius muttered as he moved to the office to fix the wards just as an elf that looked drunk popped in.

“You must be Winky,” Sirius heard Remus say as he entered the office and smiled at the softness in the wolf’s voice.

It took Sirius a few minutes to fix the wards, but he smiled in satisfaction when they answered his call. Then, dusting off his hands for no other reason other than nerves, Sirius entered the sitting room to find Remus with an armful of a sobbing elf.

“This must be Winky?” Sirius asked as he took a seat and watched the elf cling to Remus.

“Poor thing is distraught,” Remus replied, patting Winky on the back gently.

“Dobby said you would like to find a family?” Sirius asked.

“Winky want a family very much,” Winky said, trying to smile through her tears as she let go of Remus and turned to look at Sirius.

“Well then, how about we bond, and then you get some rest, and we can start fresh tomorrow. How does that sound?”

The bond formed well, and Sirius put Winky to rest while Remus started packing. They had six days, and Sirius and Remus were going to use them all to get done what was needed to save Harry.

Remus stood aside and waited for the train to pull into the station. Sirius had made it safely to Gringotts, and Grimmauld was cleaned out and locked down.

He chuckled softly to himself as he remembered Winky berating Kreacher after the old elf had thrown a tantrum about leaving Grimmauld. However, after Winky had finished with him, the old elf had a sudden and very noticeable attitude adjustment.

Sirius had never been so grateful for another elf in his life, and he had thanked Dobby every time he would pop in for bringing Winky to him.

“You ready, Remus?” Moody asked, causing Remus to frown.

“Are you sure we should be doing this as a group?” Remus asked. “We don’t want to make things harder for Harry, and he still has Sirius to protect him. Harry told us he just has to drop Sirius’ name to get his Uncle to back off.”

“Dumbledore was worried about how Harry looked after the holidays and wanted us to remind Dursley to treat the boy properly,” Moody grunted.

“Fine, but maybe I should do it. It would be better for Harry if we didn’t mob the muggle,” Remus said, trying to reason a little with Moody.

“Dumbledore wants us all to do it, so we will all do it,” Moody replied, side-eyeing Remus. “What is going on with you?”

“I’m just worried about Harry, after the Ministry, is all,” Remus said, trying to smile at Moody. He groaned quietly when Tonks showed up just as the train pulled into the station.

“Wotcher,” Tonks said as she sidled up to Remus. He hated when she clung like this.

“Tonks,” Remus said as he moved away towards the train as the kids started to disembark.

He spotted Harry and noticed the fake smile plastered to his face as he listened to his friends rattle on. Then, when he caught Remus’ eye, his smile turned real, and he beamed up at the werewolf.

“Hi, Professor,” Harry said as he moved over to the man.

“It’s just Remus now, Harry, or Moony, remember. I haven’t been your Professor for a while now.”

“Remus,” Harry said with a shy smile.

“You ready?” Remus asked.

“Yup,” Harry replied, looking expectantly at the man.

Remus lent down and whispered to Harry, “Just a heads up, Dumbledore wants some of the Order to speak to your relatives.”

“That won’t go well,” Harry muttered just loud enough for Remus to hear.

Remus put his hand on Harry’s shoulder and squeezed gently in support. Harry nodded to his friends and let Remus lead him into the muggle side of the station.

Vernon looked beyond angry at the sight of the people with Harry, and the boy knew he was in for it when he got home. He just hoped Remus wouldn’t be too long before he came to get him. If he actually arrived.

“What’s all this about?” Vernon asked the group gruffly as they stood in front of him.

“Dumbledore would just like us to remind you of a few things,” Moody said, causing Remus to look at the man in surprised shock.

Remus listened carefully to the threats Moody was making. They weren’t really threats, just insults that seemed to rile the man up the more Moody talked.

Remus was positive that Harry would not be safe after this conversation and put his arm around the boy when he saw him shaking slightly. Harry was terrified; he could feel it.

“Why are they doing this?” Harry asked quietly while leaning into Remus for support.

“I have no idea, unless it is their way to make sure you are punished for something.”

Nothing else made sense. It was like there was a hidden message in everything Moody was saying. Dursley looked more and more homicidal with each word, and by the time Moody finished ranting at the man, Vernon was apoplectic.

Remus didn’t have time to grab Harry before he was shoved into the car by Vernon, so he quickly said his goodbyes to the Order and apparated to Privet Drive and let himself into the house.

Remus made use of the hour he had before the Dursleys would make it back and looked through all of the rooms, taking special attention of the cupboard under the stairs.

He became increasingly angry the more he looked around. “Dobby,” he called and smiled at the little guy when he popped in.

“What is you doing at Dursley house?” Dobby asked.

“I’m waiting for Harry to get here so I can take him to meet Sirius at Gringotts. I didn’t have time to grab him at the station. The Order was watching too closely.”

“What can Dobby be doing for you?”

“I need a camera to take some photos of this place. Look at this,” Remus said, opening the door to the cupboard under the stairs.

Dobby looked inside the small room and frowned at what he saw. “Master Harry’s blood be in here,” Dobby said, glaring at the small space. “Master Harry slept in here?” Dobby asked.

“It looks that way,” Remus answered, trying to hold in his own anger.

Dobby made a growling type of sound and slammed the door to the cupboard. “We be taking Master Harry away?” Dobby asked, even though he already knew that was why they were there.

“Yes, but while we are waiting, let’s see if anything that belongs to Harry or Lily is here.”

By the time the Dursleys pulled up, Remus and Dobby had found quite a few items that belonged to Lily and even some Potter items. There were a couple of trunks in the attic, and Petunia had taken a few pieces of Lily’s jewellery.

Even the fine china wasn’t theirs. It was Potter china. Remus wondered how they got their hands on so much of the Potter family property. He could only guess it was a bribe from Dumbledore to keep Harry downtrodden.

“You little freak, you wait until I get you inside,” Remus heard Vernon say as they approached the front door.

The next thing Remus knew, Harry was at his feet, where he had been roughly shoved through the door, and Vernon was looking at Remus in shock, his hand raised as if to punch Harry.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you,” Remus said, his eyes gleaming golden as he picked Harry up off the floor. “Dobby, take all of Harry’s things, including his trunk and Hedwig, you know where. We will meet you there in a little while.”

Dobby popped out without a word, all of Harry’s belongings going with him, including a necklace that pulled itself free from Petunia’s neck, as Remus pulled Harry behind him and growled loudly at the Dursleys.

“Now, what should I do with you?” Remus asked menacingly as he moved towards the Dursleys.

Harry was still laughing when they met Sirius in the Black Account Managers Office, much to Sirius’ delight at the look on his godson’s face.

“What’s this all about then?” Sirius asked as he pulled Harry into a hug.

“Remus was brilliant,” Harry replied as he hugged Sirius back tightly.

Sirius looked over Harry’s shoulder at Remus and saw the man looking at Harry with affection. He raised an eyebrow at the man when he looked at Sirius.

“I may have decided that the Dursleys needed a bit more of a goodbye than what was planned,” Remus said, smiling brightly at the giggle coming from Harry. “We can discuss that later. Right now, we should get a move on.”

“Right, everything is set for Harry to take his inheritance test. I have already had my statement taken. I have a meeting with Aurors from MaCUSA tomorrow at Gringotts in the States, and then I should be free and clear. Ironfist will have the custody papers for Harry waiting for us.”

“You have been busy,” Remus said with a smile as they watched Harry take his test.

“I had a lot of time. You took longer than expected,” Sirius said, smiling at his friend. “I also had Dobby organise the trunks, so Harry can have a look and see what he wants to take and what he wants to put in storage.”

“Yes, well, it took them an hour or so to get back, and then I had to have a little talk with Vernon,” Remus replied, his eyes flashing golden as he recalled the man’s words.

“We have a bit of an issue here,” Ragnok said as he looked down at the parchment with Harry’s results.

“What?” Sirius asked as he placed a reassuring hand on Harry’s shoulder when the boy tensed.

“It seems Mr Potter is not only Lord Potter, but he is also Lord Peverell and Lord Gryffindor. He owns Hogwarts, and all the surrounding land, including Hogsmeade.”

Harry’s eyes widened, and then he smiled at Sirius, a smile that he had seen on the boy’s father many times, right before he was about to do something he thought would be funny.

“What?” Sirius asked, smiling at Harry.

“Well, since it is my castle and land, maybe we should, I don’t know, shut down the school and reopen a new one, run by the goblins, for ‘magical creatures’. I mean, witches and wizards can attend if they like, but it will cater to mainly ‘magical creatures’.”

Sirius burst out laughing at Harry’s words and pulled the boy into a sitting hug.

“Can we do something like that?” Harry asked.

“You can do whatever you like, Lord Potter, since you own the land and building.”

“Then let’s do that,” Harry said excitedly before frowning, “how do we do that?”

“If you would like, Lord Potter, we could organise that for you,” Ragnok said, smiling at the boy. Of course, that would be a massive blow to the British Ministry and an enormous boost to Gringotts.

“How about you get started by closing down the school, filing all the paperwork needed, and sending in a team to empty out the school of all of Harry’s property. We can go through his possessions later. Just keep a hold of anything that will help with teaching at Hogwarts for Magical Creatures, etc.”

“We really need to change the term magical creatures,” Harry said, frowning. It just sounds so…” Harry broke off, shrugging his shoulders.

“I know what you mean. It’s unpleasant calling Remus a creature,” Sirius said, frowning.

“It will be great to have them all there though,” Harry said, smiling brightly, “and that would stick it to Umbridge.”

“Where are we going?” Remus asked, changing the subject. He loved the idea and hoped it would work out, but they needed to get out of Britain.

“Ironfist found us a Black property in the US. It’s in a tiny place in Washington called Forks.”

“Will we be safe there?” Remus asked.

“Yes, we will be registered with MaCUSA and under their protection. Ragnok has organised with the government to have us protected. The only way the Order or Dumbledore or any of the Death Eaters can get us is if they sneak into the US, which would make them targets.

“We will even be given emergency portkeys to the Woolworth Building that houses the American Ministry in case they decide to do just that and find us.”

“Pending Lord Black’s testimony,” Ragnok added with a grin.

“Then let’s get moving, get everything organised, and get out of Britain while we can.”

“One last thing, we will have to keep all your assets in England. If you want us to run Hogwarts, we will need to keep your assets here to give us more protection. We can easily transfer funds from one branch to another, but if you want to view the vaults, you will have to come back to England.”

“That’s fine. We can floo to Gringotts from our home in Forks, right?”

“Of course. Floo travel internationally is a bit stomach-churning, but it’s not an issue unless pregnant,” Ragnok said.

“Well, we don’t have to worry about that,” Harry said with a chuckle. “Let’s get going.”

It was a substantial list that needed doing, including healing for Harry and Sirius. They would have to do the property recall at a later date once they fixed the problems with Harry’s estate. It was going to be a while before they could finally start their new lives, but Harry couldn’t wait.