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toasterxbella 4eva

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Bella Swan wasn't like other girls.

She had a sentient toaster.

Not that she was aware of its sentience, Toaster, however was painfully aware.

Toaster lived day to day, watching Bella go about her life, not being like other girls. She drove a truck. She talked to mysteriously sparkly men. There was something unique about her.

But she wasn't even aware Toaster existed. She had gotten them from a random garage sale. She just saw toaster as another kitchen appliance, but Toaster saw her as so much more.

Toaster wasn't sure how they felt she was different, but the day she was bitten by the sparkly vampire, they just knew what it was.
She was always destined to be dead. They had seen it before so many times, but this was like more undead. Maybe she would never die this way.

Toaster awaited the day that they would be able to convey their feelings for Bella. Maybe her new acquired vampirism would allow her to see Toaster for what they really were.

Toaster started burning letters and messages into Bella's toast. They prayed she would see them. Then, one fateful day, it happened. Toaster had burned "I love you" into her piece of bread. Bella stopped before buttering the bread and looked to Toaster. Toaster buzzed with excitement.

"Toaster?" Bella said. Toaster dinged.

"I love you too, Toaster," Bella said, "You've never let me down. Unlike Edward. I will find a way for us to be together." Toaster dinged again, excitement flooding him as Bella finally understood them.