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Title: Backstage

Fandom: Helluva Boss / Hazbin Hotel

Warning: m/m Slash

Genre: Fluff, Humor, Romance, (Hurt/comfort, angst ??)

FSK: 18+

Disclaimer: This fanfiction was written after the seventh episode was released and before episode 8 and season 2. Anything canon that follows after that can be disregarded accordingly, as little information is out there. Enjoy.



Halluva Boss Fanfiction




What happened so far …

If you have read 'The House of Asmodeus', you can skip this part :)

After an accident in Lust, Asmodeus, King of Lust, meets the Jester Fizzarolli, who is to become the new star
in one of the establishments of Asmodeus' brother Mammon, King of Greed. However, Asmodeus is very fond of the little demon and convinces Mammon to give Fizz to him, whereupon Fizz begins to host at Ozzie's club.

Initially, Fizz is reluctant, but quickly gains popularity - with the audience and with Ozzie. Ozzie decides to make Fizz his 'favorite': a demon whose lust he feeds on, practically the source of his power. Fizz is not enthusiastic about this, but little by little he is attracted to Ozzie. He accepts the offer to move in with Ozzie and live in Ozzie’s penthouse after Ozzie finds Fizz in the basement of the club. Ozzie made the offer after he learned that Fizz's entire income goes to Mammon and he can't afford his own place.

Despite Ozzie's courtesy, Fizzarolli is wary, since he hides from Ozzie that he is an imp and thus at the bottom of Hell's hierarchy. The two nevertheless grow closer until Ozzie learns of Fizz’s horrendous debt to Mammon. He stops Mammon from taking money from Fizz, whereupon Mammon shows up at Ozzie's. He forces Fizz to amputate his limbs to replace them with stretchy prostheses, supposedly to get more attention and more profit out of it.

Fizz disappears without telling Ozzie about this plan and returns completely disturbed. Ozzie is furious, confronts Mammon, and wipes out Fizz's debt. He cares for Fizz and nurses him, both developing deeper feelings for each other.

When the two are invited to an interview and photo shoot, Fizz discovers that Ozzie has scars on his back. He reacts violently when Fizz touches them. Later, Fizz overhears two demons talking badly about Ozzie, revealing disgusting fantasies. Fizz attacks the two and mortally wounds them, driven by the impulse to protect Ozzie and defend his honor.

Fizz then realizes that he is in love with Ozzie and believes Ozzie reciprocates those feelings.

However, during a festivity at the club, a former favorite of Ozzie, Zarah, who is also Ozzie's ex, shows up. Fizz catches them in flagrante delicto and loses his temper on stage during his performance at the festivity. He runs away and Ozzie follows him. At Ozzie's penthouse, Fizz confronts Ozzie and confesses his feelings. The two spend their first night together. Ozzie, who as the Embodiment of Lust has actually sworn off love, has a hard time giving in his feelings, but in the end does admit them. That same night, Fizz loses his foolscap in his sleep and Ozzie discovers that Fizz is an imp, but decides to keep the secret for now.

When Ozzie has to go to a royal meeting in Pride, Fizz is attacked and nearly raped by the two demons Fizz attacked at the photo studio and Ozzie's personal bellhop/errand boy. Ozzie, meanwhile, has to deal with his siblings who accuse him of acting inappropriately and Lucifer threatens to kill Fizz if Ozzie doesn't keep his head down. Thanks to a security system Ozzie installed in the penthouse he is summoned out of the meeting and arrives just in time to save Fizz from his attackers.

Ozzie is deeply affected by the incident and overreacts by taking Fizz's prostheses and locking him up. Fizz calls Zarah for help and the two confront Ozzie. Ozzie realizes his mistake and reveals his fear that Lucifer might kill Fizz. Fizz understands this, but there is a breach of trust between them.

Just as everything returns to normal, Mammon shows up again. Using a video taken during Fizz's assault, he wants to blackmail him into coming back to Greed to work for him again. He gets Fizz to obey and enthusiastically agree. Ozzie is devastated, but learns why Fizz agrees to everything Mammon says: Mammon owns Fizz’s soul and can manipulate him into doing anything.

To protect Fizz from Mammon's influence, Ozzie banishes his brother from his ring, resulting in a fight in which Mammon loses an arm.

Fizz and Ozzie finally lull themselves into safety, but when they go to celebrate Fizzarolli's anniversary at the club, they receive a disgusting gift: a jack-in-the-box assembled from Fizz's amputated limbs that plays the video of the assault and outs Fizz as an imp in front of his friends and colleagues.

Fizz has a breakdown and escapes. Ozzie follows him and finds him in the place where it all started: the burned down circus. In a dilapidated ruin, a final argument ensues, during which Fizz fears Ozzie will kill him for his lie. However, Ozzie confesses that he has known Fizz's secret for a long time. The two confess their feelings to each other again, but then the rundown building collapses and threatens to crush Fizz. Ozzie tries to save him and jumps after him, during the fall wings are sprouting from his back. His biggest secret is revealed: the scars on his back belonged to wings he once ripped out. Asmodeus was once an angel who, along with his siblings, rebelled against God and was overthrown. However, out of outrage and hurt pride, Ozzie ripped them out.

The two realize how similar they are, despite all their differences, and decide to stay together. They devise a plan to get back at Mammon and shut him up for good. Through a trick and an appeal to Mammon's greed, they manage to get Fizz's soul back, which ignites Mammon's rage. He tries to attack them, but when Ozzie reveals his wings, Mammon holds back and Ozzie puts him in his place once and for all. Afterwards, Fizz and Ozzie spend a hot night together and decide to finally move out of the penthouse …

To draw a line under everything, Fizzarolli buries his limbs and openly outs himself as an imp and as Ozzie's mate. The two then receive a summon from Lucifer himself, but are ready to face the King of Hell and anyone else who dares to deny them their happiness ...