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a space of split time

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The future felt warm to Alice, offering the same familiar comforts as she imagined a weighted blanket did to humans or the first sip of coffee after a long night's sleep. Even before she had been turned, her visions had always accompanied her, providing constant glimpses into the ever-expanding threads of the unknown.

Alice would never admit it aloud, but her gift was the most beneficial compared to her siblings. Edward could snoop on people's thoughts all he liked, but he would never be able to see the complete picture, not like Alice.

Yet, unfortunately, unlike her siblings, Alice had never been without her foresight. In fact, it was what had started the sporadic chain of events that had led to her rebirth in the sanitized halls of Biloxi's Asylum.

The prospect of being sightless in the face of such beautiful intricacies left a bitter taste in the youngest Cullen's mouth. Her sight was as true to her as her own soul; she could not live without it.

But that was before her eyes locked with the soft, tawny-colored eyes of Bella Swan. Before Bella's fingers lingered against her skin for a moment too long. Before she tasted the sacred humanity of her lips.

Alice Cullen once told herself she would burn rather than live without her sight.

Yet, perhaps she could make an exception for Bella, for her blind spot.