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David’s POV

I hated it, everything about it. I never wanted to move to Forks and live with my Dad, I never wanted to change schools and least of all I wanted people to treat me like I was some sort of curiosity. But none of those choices was ever meant to benefit me in the first place, so I just had to suck it up. I had to remind myself that I only had to endure all of this for a little over a year and then I would go to college, leaving all of this behind.

I tried to listen to my new classmates as they told me all about this school, the boys wanting to befriend me while some of the girls tried to flirt with me. It was a fruitless effort on their part and I should probably soon put them out of their misery by telling them that I was gay. Only that I had actual hopes of becoming friends with at least some of them and not being miserable for once. And so I listened to Mike Newton talk about his parent’s business while one of the girls, Jessica was her name I think, placed a hand on my arm. Mike faltered for a moment and I had the feeling that he wasn’t too keen on the fact that Jessica gave me all her attention and honestly, neither was I.


Edward’s POV

There was no word to describe this form of existence other than purgatory. Trapped in high school after high school, sometimes a college if we were lucky. And for what? All so we could leave and start all over again somewhere else. Never a break and no hope that it would ever change. It was the same play every time, the only thing different was the people but even they were all so alike that they almost felt the same too. And then there was the gossip, you would think that after a hundred years humans would come up with more interesting stuff than ‘who likes whom’ and things like that. Today's topic was the new student, chief Swan’s son, David. Everyone talked about him. Everyone thought about him. He was interesting because he was new but he would soon become irrelevant like the rest of them, he would lose his appeal to most of them.

We were sitting in the cafeteria, Emmett and Jasper were squabbling about something, Rosalie was appreciating her looks in her compact mirror and Alice, well Alice just stared into the room, smiling. I made sure not to read any of their thoughts unless strictly necessary. So while I had no idea what kind of vision she had, I knew that she would let me know if it was necessary. 

He’s so cute! I wonder if he has a girlfriend, I hope not. These were the thoughts of Jessica Stanly, a dull and annoying girl in my opinion. A mix of curiosity and boredom made me turn around as I had yet to see the boy for myself, so far I had only seen him through the eyes of other students. He sat with his back to me but I could tell that he looked skinny, almost fragile. His hair was cut short and dark, not as dark as Emmett’s but still almost black. I wondered what he was thinking so I tried to listen to his thoughts and… nothing. Nothing? That wasn’t possible, anyone had at least some kind of thoughts. I let down all the mental barriers I usually had in place the secure myself at least some resemblance of peace but now I wanted, no I needed, to know what was going on in this boy’s head. All these voices came crashing down on me at once like a flood and I tried to sort through them as best as I could but I couldn’t find what I was looking for.

“Oh my god!” Jessica whispered into the boy’s ear. “Edward Cullen is staring at you.” I realized that I was, in fact, staring at him, I didn’t mean to but now it was too late.

“Who?” He asked in a voice that was deeper than I would have expected from someone so delicate. He turned in his seat and my eyes met his chocolate brown ones. I frowned, I thought eye contact might help but I still couldn’t hear anything. Was I losing my gift? I would have to ask Carlisle if he ever heard about something like that happening before. 

I was surprised to see that the boy still hasn’t averted his gaze, most humans had the instinct not to start a staring match with a vampire but maybe there was something wrong with him. At least that would explain why I couldn’t read his mind, maybe there wasn’t much going on, to begin with. No, that wasn’t it. Even if he wasn’t much of a thinker I should still be able to hear something. Anything really. But there was nothing but absolute silence.

And while I was still frowning the boy looked rather amused, he even smirked at me. I don’t think a human has ever smirked at me before and I wanted to know what was going through his head as he did so. Only that I had no way of knowing which irritated me even more. In the end, I was the one giving in, turning away first, still frowning.

“What’s wrong?” Emmett asked with his carefree attitude 

“I can’t hear his thoughts,” I said through gritted teeth, not sure whether I was mad at the boy or myself.

“Who’s thoughts?” Rosalie asked.

“Those of the new student.”

“Are you sure? Maybe you just need to recognize his voice.” Emmett said.

“Maybe.” I countered but I wasn’t so sure about it.


David’s POV

After lunch, I found my way to biology class or rather Mike showed me the way. It was one of our shared classes and really, he seemed nice enough.

“I tell you, man,” he said as we entered the room, “Jess and I are as good as a thing, we just haven’t made it official yet. You know how it is.” I did, in fact, not know how it is but decided not to comment on it any further. I wasn’t interested in Jessica in the slightest so why start a fight about whether or not she and Mike were exclusive.

As we entered the classroom Mike took off to what I assumed was his usual seat next to Ben. A quick glance around the room told me that all the tables were already at capacity, all except for one. Edward Cullen was staring at me… again, only this time it was because he too probably figured out that his table was the only one with an available seat left. I had no idea what his problem was, nothing about me was interesting enough to offend anybody that easily. I followed my father’s wishes and refrained from wearing any kajal or black nail polish in an attempt to fit in.

I stepped closer and could see him tense up. I sat down next to him and looked at my clothes. Sure, my band shirt was kinda shabby but nothing that would justify this kind of reaction.

I wanted to ignore him, I really did, but as time passed by I got more and more annoyed with the guy next to me. Mr. Banner was telling the class about cellular autonomy, a topic I already studied back in Phoenix and as much as I relished working out the differences between animal cells and plant cells I was just fed up with Cullen’s odd behaviour. I turned, ever so slightly, and gaped right back at him.

Something in his expression changed, there was a frown forming on his face again as I wordlessly challenged his gaze. My intention was to make him as uncomfortable as he made me but now that I had such a close look at his face I couldn’t look away even if I wanted to. He was, there was no way around it, painstakingly beautiful. He could have been mistaken for the statue of an angel. Every single detail of his face was nothing less than absolute perfection, too perfect to be real, to a point where it became unsettling. Or at least I had the feeling it was supposed to be unsettling because, truth be told, I was mesmerized.

But it wasn’t just his bone structure that caught my attention but his dark eyes as well. They weren’t just brown, they were pitch black. I wasn’t even aware that people could have black eyes unless they wore contacts. Was he wearing contacts? I had no idea.

I snapped myself out of my trace and noticed for the first time that he looked uncomfortable. More than uncomfortable really. He looked like he was in pain. Had I misread this situation? Did he need help?

I was just about to ask him what was wrong when he suddenly jumped out of his seat and scurried out of the room without a warning, just as the bell rang.

Too late I realized that I was intrigued by this beautiful creep.