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Twilight: North Shores

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“North Shore High,” Emmett whistled at the building, grinning. “You sure know how to pick ‘em Alice.”

“Yep!” Alice agreed. “Don't worry, we won't be here for long-”

“What are you planning?” Rosalie asked, joining Emmett and holding his hand. Emmett grinned dopily at her and sighed when she allowed him to tug her closer.

“Planning?” Alice put on a face. “Me?”

“It’s not like you haven't been suspicious,” Edward said from the car. “You asked Carlisle if we could move here specifically, to Illinois. I saw you frowning at the mere sight of their mall.”

Alice turned to glare at him, putting her hands on her hips. She ignored her designer bracelets clinking together. “The mall was perfectly fine! They have plenty of fashion! I love Illinois!”

“So you wanted to come here, to Illinois, at the end of the year, because you love it?”

Alice turned to look at Rosalie again, raising her brow. “Yes.”

“Alice, that's some bullshit. You saw a vision, and now we’re here. Tell us why?”

Alice let her jaw drop as if she was shocked. She heard Jasper arrive and turned to dance over to his car. “I don’t know what you're talking about,” she called over her shoulder as she left them.

Emmett shrugged, just happy for the new environment. “Yeah, that was convincing…”


Edward opened the door to the school for his two sisters, hearing the mummers of awed students as Rosalie and Alice walked in together. Their thoughts were stunned at Rosalie’s sheer beauty and Alice’s grace as she pranced forward. Then the brothers walked in- and the female population forgot all about comparing themselves to the female vampires. Edward was typically annoyed by the internal monologues, choosing to ignore the one 15 year old in the corner already planning their wedding. 

Are they talent scouts?

So. Freaking. Gorgeous. 

Omg. I never knew I could be the ugliest thing alive, look at them. Fuck. Look at their clothes!

Thanks to Alice, the Cullens were dressed nicer than most of the students, save for one, a small girl with big bouncing curls and the latest cell phone. They walked past her to the main office, listening to her exclaim about them into the phone. Her voice was high pitched and quick as she spoke to a girl named Karen on the other end. 

“Ah, the Cullens…” Their new principal stood outside the office, monitoring the hall, he trailed off as the group of teen supermodels approached him. “I’m Principal Duvall,” He shook his head to clear it. He crossed his arms. I’m so old. “Please, speak with Joan. She has your class schedules. You arrived pretty late in the school year, so if you have any questions, please, feel free to find me.” His eyes scanned over their faces, then paused just a little too long on Rosalie, before he started to mentally berate himself as he walked away.

Alice already knew what to do, so she walked into the office. “Hello!” She greeted Joan. “Alice Cullen?” 

Joan had been reading a romance novel and she tucked it away, having no time to put her glasses on as she recognized the name of one of the new students. Even blind, she found the pixie girl charming. “Hello! Welcome to North Shore High School!”

“Thank you,” the smallest Cullen sounded like a bell as she spoke. “We’re here for our class schedules!” 

“Certainly. I must say, you have a big family!” Pale too, she thought as she looked blindly at the rest of them. She reached for a stack of papers. “Jasper, Rosalie, Emmett, Edward, and Alice. Here you go! The last time we had a new student, it was Cady Heron, from Africa. Where are you from?” She asked, polite.  

“L.A.” Alice said simply, then thanked her for the schedules. Her smile was the practiced closed one so her teeth wouldn’t scare the lady. “Have a nice day!’ 

“You too, have a good first day Cullens!” She picked her book back up before the door closed.

Alice passed out their schedules. “Yay, Em, we’re in the same home room.” She grinned at him and hooked her tiny arm through his massive one. “Rosalie too.” 

“No sex on the desk.” Edward made a jab at them. The married couple didn’t notice, far too busy as they gazed at each other, happy to spend an hour in the same room, as if they had been kept apart for years. They hadn't stopped holding hands since meeting the Principal. Edward rolled his eyes. 

“Jasper, where are you going?” Alice asked, sweet and sad. Edward moped, feeling annoyed he was so surrounded by love all the time. 

“Room 113. Then A.P. Calculus.” He handed her his schedule, then hooked his chin on her head as he peered over her to read what she was reading. 

A large crowd of people had formed to gaze at them, but they ignored it as they continued comparing schedules, already they had their class lists memorized. Then the crowd was silent. They parted, like the Red Sea. Four girls strolled forward, dressed in a way Alice immediately found acceptable. Edward could hear one of the people in the crowd singing ‘Milkshake’ in her head as she pretended she could watch them walk in slow motion. He made a face as all the students present started to act as though a celebrity had arrived. He studied the four girls.

The tallest girl was the best dressed, her hair long, straight, and blonde. Her nose was upturned and her eyes green. She had a shiny R dangling on her chest, her clothes were expensive. 

She reminded Rosalie of herself as a human. Pretty, even to their vampiric eyes, which was hard to do when they were so used to each other's perfect faces. The small girl with curls was there. Beside her, a girl just as pretty, if not more than the tallest one. Her vapid expression took away from her looks. Then a redhead, on the other side, also naturally pretty. They were all dull in comparison to the Vampires who watched their confident approach.  

Edward listened to their thoughts. The dark haired one was impressed by Alice's clothes. The vapid one was thinking about making out with him. The redhead was internally monologuing, watching the leader's reaction and comparing it to animal behavior. The tallest was calculating, forming the way she wanted the conversation to go in her head.

“Hello,” She said sweetly, her eyes flashing to Rosalie. Her smile remained perfect. “I’m Regina George. This is Cady, Karen, and Gretchen.”

Karen waved at them. Gretchen was offended Regina introduced her at the end instead of Cady. Cady finally stopped watching Regina and looked at them, her eyes widened at the sight of how big Emmett was. She started hoping Regina would like one of them enough to dump someone named Aaron Samules. 

Regina made a strategy. She looked at their clothes, and knew they had money. She looked at their faces, and knew they were too beautiful to be on the bad sides of each other. She knew if she played it right, they could boost her popularity and status as Queen Bee. Decided, she shoved her jealousy away, like it had never been there at all, and became friendly towards them in her head, as if she knew thinking about them negatively would crack her perfect facial expression. She lost interest in the girl Cady as she watched Alice and Rosalie, finding them like art works. She wanted to have them as friends, so that's what was going to happen- purely for her benefit.

Edward listened to all this take place within 2 seconds and felt whiplashed by Regina's quick thinking. 

“What’s your name?” She asked them, her stance becoming relaxed as she stopped posing with her friends. Edward could hear Jasper was confused about the hostility in the air from the other girls and the way Regina changed her own emotion so bluntly. 

They don't like each other at all. Jasper was thinking. Yet, they hang on the edge of anticipation, as if to do anything to please Regina.

“I’m Alice Cullen.” Alice was smiling, excited and giddy. “It’s so nice to meet you Regina!” She danced forward, giving the surprised Regina a hug. “You’re so pretty!” She commented. 

“Thank you.” Regina hadn’t expected that at all, and Edward was delighted to find her befuddled, whilst he became suspicious of Alice, who was naming all the fruits she knew in her head. “You too.” Regina said honestly, her mind drawing a blank. Then she became upset at her loss of control and rained it in. “I can tell we’ll get along really well. I like your top.” 

She really did like Alice’s top. The others thought she was making fun of Alice.

“This is Rosalie.” Alice grabbed Rose's hand and squeezed it. Rose had been watching silently. Regina tried not to be intimidated by her beauty, and reframed her mind so that she could be jealous later but talk to Rosalie now as if she was a normal looking girl. Edward was fascinated by this. Regina literally rewrote her thoughts if they didn't benefit her in her current situation. 

“You have amazing hair.” Regina greeted her. 

“I like your eye color.” Rosalie returned, surprising the other Cullens. Edward found Rosalie’s thoughts to be mournful, missing her life as a human, just from looking at Regina George. 

Regina was flattered. She noticed Rosalie’s odd eye color after a moment, but shrugged it off, not wanting to compliment the far prettier girl twice. 

“And you are?” Regina turned her attention to Edward, who was trying to block out her thoughts. She was sly, manipulative, and calculating. Edward didn’t know how to speak with her normally after he listened to her thought process. Everything that was said to her was saved for later. Every look someone gave her, she searched for a weakness to exploit. She was strangely charismatic, because Edward couldn't help but want to know a little bit more about her. She was scary because she had the potential to grow up into a dangerous psychopath.

The pretty genes must run in the family. Look at their eyes… I bet their father is handsome. Look at him. Regina admired him as she asked for his name. 

“Edward.” He said this simply. “It’s nice to meet you.” He decided he would try to stay as untangled with her as he could. 

Her sharp eyes flew to the other two vampires, who didn’t know what to make of this confident human. Jasper was now suspicious of his wife, who’s fondness for Regina seemed excessive.

“I’m Jasper.” He slightly bowed his head. 

“I’m Emmett.” The brawny Cullen held up a hand casually from where he leaned against the wall, completely at ease.

“I’m your tour guide!” Regina said smoothly. “Hold on a sec. Mr. Duvall?” She called the principal down the hall, interrupting his talk with a teacher. She waved him over, as if she was the principal in charge and he was a misbehaving student. 

I hope I wore the shirt that didn't have a stain. Principal Duvall was thinking, straightening his clothes as he approached Regina, hoping she didn't find his outfit ugly. She did, but she kept it off her face. 

“Hello.” She greeted him, her disdain for authority figures apparent to Edward. She found the man standing before her to be stupid. “Principal, since it's the Cullen’s first day, I'd like to properly welcome them to the school. It is my job as a fellow student.”

“That’s very nice Regina.” He complimented her. She tossed her hair over her shoulder and looked down her nose at him. 

“Can we be excused from all classes so I can show them around campus? Introduce them, that sort of thing.” 

“Well…I don't think-”

“Shut up, it’s a good idea.” Regina said this with the ease of habitually, shocking all the Vampires. The principal didn't seem phased at being told to shut up, and he nodded, after thinking about it and not liking the disappointed look he could see forming on Regina's face.

“Well, yea, I think it’s great. I’ll write you an excuse.”

“Them too.” She pointed to her friends. “This is a big family, I need some backup.”

“Ok Regina. Make sure you show them the fire exits.” He left.

The Plastics, as Cady referred to them in her head, ginned and rejoiced. Regina dismissed them, giving them a free day of shopping or whatever they wanted.

This is totally Fetch!

Even I can't deny it - being friends with Regina George does have its benefits.

Do we have fire exits? How does the fire know where to exit? hmm.

The Plastics left and she turned back to the Cullens, who also now had a free day. She smiled again. Perfect. 

“So, wanna see the campus or ditch?”



Despite being weary of her and noticing the general meanness about her, Edward found himself in Regina’s company a lot. Especially outside of school.

This was due to Alice. The pixie looking vampire instantly adored her, meanness and all, comparing her to an upset porcupine - cute and dangerous. Rosalie grew to like Regina, being mean and pretty herself. She liked being at Regina’s lunch table, basking in the envy and wistfulness of everyone else wanting to be them. 

Regina forgot her friends in favor of the two female vampires, connecting with them through fashion, makeup, and bonding over girly things that had Edward choosing a different table to sit at with his brothers - so he wouldn’t have to listen to it.

He did notice Rosalie connecting the most with Regina, understanding the human’s shallowness and love of herself, whilst knowing Regina wanted them as friends because they made her look good. It pleased Rosalie, Regina becoming her first human friend ever. She laughed and Regina laughed as they made fun of other people’s fashion choices. Alice wasn’t mean spirited like they were, but she did enjoy talking about music with Regina. 

Regina liked them both, truly. She found herself jealous of their otherworldly beauty and their travel experience but at the same time she loved their attention, loved their hair and makeup and clothes, loved Rosalie’s car and Alice’s good music recommendations. 

She didn’t notice the alienation of her plastic friends or the fading attention of her boyfriend. Nor did she care enough to notice anything but the beautiful vampire sisters.

They talked non stop for days, weeks. Soon enough, Regina was inviting them over to her house and they invited her over. All the time.

Alice was prepared and accepting of the invitation, like a good plan came together. Rosalie hadn’t had a sleepover with anyone other than Alice, so she was also accepting.

Edward was uncomfortable with his sisters liking the horrible human so much. But he wasn’t going to get in the way. He did find it interesting how much the other students looked up to Regina and fought for her to like them even a little bit. 

A girl named Janis Ian despised Regina. She had a few classes with her, and it didn’t take long for him to find out she had Cady acting as a double agent. They were conspiring to take Regina down. 

Edward kept this to himself, finding all of the human girls mean and immature. 

Cady was turning Gretchen against Regina. It was going a lot faster than she had planned, thanks to the arrival of Alice and Rosalie, with whom she could not compete with. 

Then Cady started feeding Regina these awful protein bars to fatten her up like a prize pig. It was despicable because Regina had never thought about sabotaging Cady in a physical way, just emotional because of Aaron Samuels. Regina starved herself for her figure enough, Edward didn’t want this to become an unhealthy issue. Humans were too fragile. 

He debated about getting involved. At home, Rosalie’s depression was better because of the new friend she made. Regina understood her and she had so much fun when Regina would hang out in her room and try on clothes and look in the mirror with her for hours - they would talk about anything under the annoying sun. Regina felt she was free to be herself, because it seemed Rosalie liked her, really liked her, and she didn’t have to hold back and pretend to be nice all the time. Plus she loved shopping with the Cullens.

Alice always took a step back when Regina came over to their house, a secret smile on her face as the two blonde girls became closer. 

Emmett had remarked about Rosalie’s mood improving because she got to be nasty around someone who was just as nasty, if not more and they would laugh in their meanness together. That meant Rosalie got it out of her system in a healthy way and had nothing but good feelings around him. He liked Regina. 

Jasper liked Regina mainly because of Alice’s love for her and Rosalie’s happiness at having a friend outside the family.

Edward decided he would help her, because of his family’s emotions towards the manipulative girl. 

“You shouldn’t eat those.” Edward approached her in the hallway at school, his hands in his pockets. 

“What the hell? Oh, hey.” Regina smiled at him, a vision in pink. He noticed she was friendlier to him than the person she had been talking with. 

“Those bars, you shouldn’t eat them.” He told her again. He could hear his brothers walking down the hall to P.E. They waited for him by the door.

Regina put her hands on her hips in a distinctively Rosalie way. “Why not? I really want to lose three pounds.”

Edward contemplated telling her about her ‘friend’ Cady but decided against it. She was just as much of a ‘friend’ to Cady as the girl was to her. She made her bed. 

“They make your teeth rot with cavities. They are from Sweden, right? Yeah, I heard of them. You wouldn’t want to lose any teeth…” he raised a brow, well versed with her vanity. It was like manipulating Rosalie into something.

He paused and made a face at himself as he manipulated the manipulation queen. 

Cavities! That skank! Regina made a horrified face. “Cady didn’t mention that! How do you know?” 

“My father, didn’t Rosalie tell you he was a doctor?” Edward was glad his parents hadn't met Regina yet, because Regina was dying to meet them, impressed by their house and the way Esme decorated it. He didn’t want sweet Esme influenced by this girl. His siblings were fooled, but Edward had a first-row seat into the girl’s head. 

“Ok. I won’t eat them.” Regina agreed. Then she furrowed a groomed brow. “Why are you talking to me? You usually ignore me.” 

“Just thought you might want to keep your teeth, is all.” He said, then turned to leave.

Thank you for telling me. Fuck.

Edward was surprised to be thanked, even mentally. He walked past the approaching Plastics, who were pleased to see Regina sans Alice or Rosalie. 



Cady really hated Regina, yet she imitated her whilst she alienated her own friends; Janis and the boy Damien who had fallen in love with Jasper. 

Janis started referring to Cady as Plastic in her head, but still acted nice to her. Janis was worried she was losing Cady to Regina when the Queen Bee stopped eating the bars and kept her figure. Liar. She thought about Cady when she said she had no clue why it wasn’t working. Cady hadn’t known why Regina quit eating them, just that Regina told her she changed her mind and would exercise instead. 

Edward had asked Rosalie to invite Regina on morning runs and the female Vampire didn’t need her arm twisted to spend more time with her best friend. It was healthier than the laxative Regina had been considering. 

Rosalie was smiling more, so Edward begrudgingly decided it was in his best interest to help Regina.


Then the candy cane thing happened.

Edward had been tortured, listening to the teacher of the class drone on, when Damien entered dressed as Santa.

“Four for you Glenn Coco, you go Glenn Coco!” He started handing out the candy canes.

“Caddy Heron?” He put on a good show. He gave Cady a candy cane and left Gretchen heartbroken when he passed her by. Then he shyly slipped a few on Edward’s desk, all from secret admirers. 

Damn he is beautiful, Damien thought as he walked away, not before adding an unpaid candy cane on his desk- to Edward from himself personally.

Gretchen raised her hand slightly as he left. He snapped his bag closed in her face. “And none for Gretchen Wieners, bye!”

Why did Regina send that bitch a candy cane and not me?! Thanks for being a good friend? The fuck? She isn’t even really our friend anymore, now that she hangs with those pale freaks, and Cady still gets a candy cane! This fucking sucks! 

Gretchen had glared at the rest of the class, including the popular Glenn Coco, as Cady had been laughing in her head, sounding like a knock off Regina as her plan worked. 

Edward hated that he was finding this drama more entertaining than a reality tv show. Still, he was surprised that Cady thought she was so much better than Regina, thinking herself smart, a good friend and daughter. 

She couldn’t see she wasn’t that person anymore. 

The only one of Regina’s friends Edward tolerated was Karen, solely because she didn’t plot as they did. Because she mentally couldn't. She was just along for the ride, though she was feeling left behind by all of them the more tense they got around each other, like she was their last pick in every situation. She distracted herself with boys instead, her reputation already horrible. 


Then the talent show came. Rosalie went to the show, refusing Regina’s offer to partake in the dance, but putting up with sitting through it because of their friendship. 

This surprised Edward and he found himself really listening to Rosalie, who revealed in thought that she had come to like Regina as a younger sister. 

He groaned, accepting that as long as they were here, Regina would be in his house with his sisters and around him more than he wanted. He hadn’t seen Rosalie this happy since she found Emmett. 

Carlisle and Esme were interested in meeting Regina. Edward was glad it hadn’t happened yet. 



Gretchen had cracked. 

She was a nominee for Spring Fling, as was Cady and Regina and surprisingly Alice. 

Rosalie and Jasper were posing as seniors so she couldn’t be nominated, despite the general population wanting to vote for her.

Together Gretchen and Cady successfully turned Karen against Regina.

They avoided Regina publicly, leaving her alone to walk down the halls. Alice had swooped in, hooking her arm through Regina’s as they chatted, taking her mind off of it. Edward was shocked to find Alice also thinking of Regina as a younger sister.

Then the plastics threw a party without their Queen, and Cady convinced Aaron to leave Regina for her. 

Regina was beyond pissed.



Alice had been acting so giddy lately. It was strange. She was expecting something. 

Edward furrowed his brows as she hummed around the house, in a daze. She went shopping and bought a pink dress that was more Regina’s style than hers, and she was picking out 3,000 dollar shoes on her computer. Her strange mood put Jasper in the same mood, and that leaked all over them, putting the rest of the Cullens in a state of happily waiting for something to arrive. 

It was driving him nuts.

Carlisle for the first time, suspected her hiding something huge with the whole Illinois business. He remembered Alice asking him to come here. She had told him it was where they needed to be. That was normal behavior from Alice, but he somehow realized it was far more important than he had originally thought.

But why?

Edward had no idea. Alice had guarded this secret from the start.



They were in class when the chaos started. The bell rang and people’s outraged voices filled the hall. Edward stepped out and saw why.

Papers littered the floor. All of them had horrible things written on them. The one about the gross coach perving on students turned out to be true. 

People began to fight as their secrets were revealed. At the top of the stairs Regina watched her kingdom crumble with a smile. Edward truly found her to be devious.

That’ll teach them, was all Regina could think. 





Rosalie skipped the emergency student meeting due to Alice’s plan to sneak out before they were noticed, leaving the teenage girls to be punished without them. 

Rosalie had seen the burn book before and could only laugh at the chaos it had created. 

“Let’s stand over here.” Alice said, her voice full of energy. They crossed the street and then stood facing the school. It was a rather boring building to stare at for so long.

“Alice-“ Rosalie complained.

“Now, just know,” Alice interrupted. “We couldn't stop this from happening. One way or another. I’ve seen every outcome. It is meant to happen, like it was written in stone. If she doesn’t get hit today, she’ll get hit tomorrow or the next day. I’m sorry.” 

“What?” Rosalie sighed, well acquainted with the weird way Alice talked sometimes.

“I’m just saying, we were meant to be here, just like the bus is meant to happen. There is no stopping it. A decision was made months ago, before I knew about it, and it led to this moment. Carlisle is at the hospital. I told him to expect us.”

“Alice, you don’t make sense. What bus?” Rosalie asked fondly, she was annoyed but fighting a smile. 

“You’ll see. But remember, it’s an unchangeable event, based on someone else’s decision. Not our fault.”  

Rosalie frowned.

“I did bring my car so we don’t have to take yours.” She pointed behind her. Her car was parked in a weird spot.

“…Ok.” Rosalie waited with her sister. 

Like an explosion Regina George came out of the doors, her arms swinging wildly in jerking movements. She was furious in a way Rosalie had never seen. Alice grabbed Rosalie’s hand to keep her from going to the 16 year old.

Cady Heron followed her out. Regina noticed the Vampires, having seen them across the street. Her car was next to Alice’s and she unlocked it as she momentarily smiled at them, as if it was good to see them. Then Cady started talking to her and she whipped around.

Alice watched the familiar scene, already having seen it a million times in her visions.

Rosalie watched the fight, crossing her arms. 

Regina yelled. “They say that you’re a less hot version of me! So take your apology and stick it right up your hairy a-”

Rosalie Hale screamed in surprise as the bus connected with Regina’s body. She had been so engrossed in the fight, enjoying the way Regina was putting Cady back in her place, she hadn’t even noticed the bus approaching. 

“Regina!” She screeched as everything stopped. Together with Alice she rushed forward, ignoring the shocked Cady as they approached Regina’s mangled form. 

“Take her to the car!” Alice directed, helping her pick up the girl. Alice told Cady to call 911 and tell the police they were taking her to the hospital. Regina was bleeding profusely, but neither vampire hesitated in touching her.

“Alice!” Rosalie accused in the car, angry and sick in her gut.

“I told you, it would’ve happened even if we stopped it today or tomorrow or the next. Come on, she needs Carlisle.”

The car screeched as they peeled away. 

“Not her! She had so much to live for- she has a life!”

“If Carlisle doesn’t, she’ll die.” Alice spoke gently. “I saw her with us.” 

If Rosalie could cry she would. She sat in the back, combing the unconscious girl's hair out of her bloody face.

“Alice, she doesn’t deserve this.”

“I agree. But Rosalie, she’ll be happy. She’ll love you like a younger sister. You already love her. She’s family. Trust me Rose. Regina George will get to be a high school Queen Bee for the rest of eternity and that’s all she needs to be happy. She’ll take to her new beauty really well and the animal diet won’t be a problem if it means she gets to be as beautiful as you. She admires you so much.” 

Rosalie stared at the dying human and felt selfish because of the picture Alice painted. Regina as her younger sister…it made her feel happy. She hated herself for it.

Regina had everything and now she would be turned into a vampire. 

Regina’s eyes fluttered for a moment, then opened. Pain was the only emotion Rose saw there, so she cooed, whispering to her new sister.

“It’ll be ok. We’ve got you.”

Regina went back to being unconscious as they arrived at the hospital.

“Her mom has already been contacted. Carlisle will need to be quick.” Alice was saying as she helped carry Regina, more careful with her than any human with a gurney could be.

Carlisle was casually standing at the door, having received Alice’s message. His eyes widened as he saw the girl in their arms. Quickly they rushed, setting her on a gurney and wheeling her to a room. Nurses and doctors rushed to them. 

Carlisle was in the room for 10 minutes when one of the nurses came out, muttering about how hopeless it was. 

Regina had been shattered internally by the impact of the bus. 

More doctors and nurses filed out of the room as Carlisle diligently worked, most of them running around frantically to help him. 

When he was finally alone, Carlisle called them in quickly. He gave Alice a stern look.

“Alice.” He complained while they had a precious moment alone. Regina was already slipping away.

“Please dad?” Alice asked him. “I saw her with our coven. It was unavoidable.”

Rosalie decided to beg too, feeling bitter. “Carlisle, please? Save her.”

Carlisle raised his brows, his face giving away how big that was coming from Rose. He looked down at the human and knew she had no chance otherwise. 

“Ok, if you saw this happening Alice. Close the door. I need to be quick.” The vampires sprung into action. Carlisle paused when he saw the girl open her eyes, the light in them fading.

“You’re going to be ok. You’ll be safe with us. Rosalie and Alice will be with you.” He told her. She blinked, her monitor slowed. She shut her eyes, trusting the man. 

He bit her. If she felt the pain, she could not wake up to express it.

He tore himself off of her, wiping his mouth, looking haggard the way he had when Rosalie watched him turn Emmett. Alice had never seen him turn anyone and was amazed by his self-control, her jaw dropping at the speed of the bite. 

Blood from Regina’s bus accident was on his handsome face. Alice danced to him, and cleaned her father up with her sleeves, not caring about the garment at the moment. She gave him a smile and a hug. “Thank you!” 

“Don’t thank me for that.” Carlisle said gravely. Rosalie couldn’t help but feel bad for him.

He turned back to Regina, watching her slow beeping heart monitor as Alice and Rosalie solemnly left the room. 

Regina’s parents arrived. Her mom was wailing. The Vampire sisters looked at the ground as they heard the last beep from Regina’s monitor. They could hear her wet pained breaths stop. But the venom had already begun to transform her. 

Her mother ran into the room as the announcement came of an emergency code and doctors poured into the room to help. She fought against one as they carried her out and the sisters watched her fall to her knees when her daughter could not be revived.

Regina George was dead.



Regina spent three days in her head, in agony. She remembered her life and her friends and her mom, remembered loving herself more than anything and she remembered feeling safe with Rosalie. 



When she woke, she was in bed. She was in the Cullen's house, because she had seen the art on the walls before and remembered thinking her mansion didn’t have half as much class.

She sat up, smoothly. She felt no more pain. She was wearing a pink dress.

What? She thought. The world around her looked different. She could see everything. Every color. She could hear everything. 

She looked down at her hands and saw no scars, but perfect skin. Her French manicure wasn’t even messed up. 

Her long hair fell over her shoulder, and she stared at it, finding the dyed hue prettier than she could ever remember it being. It felt silky, like hair that was naturally blonde and not beat to death by bleach. 

She rose, standing by the bed as she looked around, not sure what was going on. She could hear people downstairs and could hear the moment they heard her step out of bed. 

She turned the moment Rosalie walked into the room, upstairs in a flash, along with her family. Regina felt her mouth drop open.

Rosalie had never looked more beautiful. She was so perfect, Regina wondered why she hadn’t remembered her being that extraordinary.

“Hi,” she greeted the older teen shyly. The sound of her voice caused her to gasp attractively. She sounded like a freaking windchime. 

“Hello.” Rosalie replied, smiling softly, through her eyes held a degree of guilt. If she sounded like a windchime, Rosalie sounded like a harp. “I can see you’re confused.” Rosalie stated, joining her and sitting on the bed. 

She patted the space next to her. Regina sat down, smiling at her. “Regina, I have to say this bluntly. So. You died. My father turned you into a Vampire.”

There was a resounding silence. 

Carlisle walked into the room and the new vampire instinctively looked to her coven leader. “That was pretty blunt Rosalie.” He laughed; voice warm. Regina relaxed as she remembered something distant, but she trusted him immediately. 

“Regina, I’m sorry this happened to you. But you are a Vampire. Do you know what that means?” He sat on the other side as the other family lingered in the door. Regina was shocked by his looks. She blinked as she registered the question.

Regina shrugged. “I can star in a monster flick?” 

Emmett’s laugh boomed and Regina looked around, seeing the siblings and a woman she hadn’t met. The woman was looking at her in a way she’d never seen before, only knowing it was a good look. 

Carlisle laughed softly, pleased with her. She felt good. “Maybe not. No human can know you are a vampire. We live amongst them, because we fight for peace.”

Regina was suddenly horrified. “Don’t vampires drink blood-" she paused and grabbed her burning throat. 

Carlisle sighed; his own guilt appeared. He nodded. “Me and my family, we drink animal blood.”

Regina was freaking out now, hungrier every time blood was mentioned. She was grossed out by the mere thought. However, she didn’t like freaking out in front of Carlisle. She wanted him to like her. So, she put her feelings aside, pushing it away like it had never been there in the first place, then she bluntly decided to forget her hunger so she could listen to him talk and be hungry later. Once she was in control, she smiled at him, perfectly.

Jasper's jaw was dropping, and Edward’s eyebrows raised off his lovely forehead, listening to her rapid thoughts and letting his own mouth fall open when she put a pin in her own hunger because she felt it didn’t benefit her currently.

“So, I can drink animal blood now?” Regina asked calmly. 

Carlisle nodded. “There’s more. You can’t return home to your family. Ever.”

Regina paused. She thought for a moment. Then she became sad. Her parents had always doted on her. But she knew why she couldn’t see them. Carlisle had said she had died. 

“Ok.” She was quiet, meek. “I never got to say goodbye. Or even… thank them.” She winced at how vulnerable she was being. It wasn’t the impression she wanted to make on Carlisle. 

“Write a letter to them and sneak it into your personal belongings.” Esme spoke, her voice was soothing to hear, all of them thought so.

Regina nodded, liking the idea. Her back straightened elegantly. “And school? My…friends? I have to leave that too?”

Carlisle confirmed it, wrapping his arm around his newest daughter. “We’re moving to a new place once you’ve adjusted. But Regina, you’re not going to be alone, ever. You’ll have us as long as you want us.” 

Regina smiled at him. “Thanks. For saving my life.” 

Carlisle was surprised, then he was quietly upset. Well versed with this particular subject and their father, Emmett started talking.

“Don’t thank him yet. There’s more…” Emmett commented.

Regina rolled her eyes at him when he paused dramatically. “Well, spit it out already.” 

Emmett laughed again, desensitized to Regina’s mean commands. He was glad to see she hadn’t changed. He was also confused as to why she wasn’t ravenous.

“You will be like this for…well forever. We don’t age nor do we change. We don’t die unless killed deliberately. We don’t sleep. We are fast and very strong. We look different than humans, in our eyes and skin and beauty. You will always be cold.”

Regina listened, her eyes lighting up on the word beauty. “Really?” 

Carlisle nodded. “Yes. It is… a long existence. Once again, you will always have me for as long as I exist.” 

“And me.” Esme said. Regina watched her approach and noticed the woman was an excited kind of nervous. She held her fingers as she approached Regina. Regina could tell this woman was ranked high in the coven by Rosalie’s respect alone. 

“This is my lovely mate, Esme. Esme, this is the beautiful Regina we’ve been hearing about.”

Esme dipped in an old-fashioned way. “It’s so nice to meet you. Rose has mentioned you and Alice adores you.” 

Regina didn’t know what to do, so she stood up out of respect. Esme took this as an invitation for a hug and stepped forward to wrap her arms around Regina in a motherly way. Regina was immediately comforted. 

“It’s nice to meet you. I heard a lot about you too.” Regina found she was having trouble remembering some details, as if they were far away. “I love your style; your house is amazing.” 

It was the right thing to say to Esme, who loved her immediately. She was happy she had one more daughter.

“Thank you dear. You already know the others? Would you like to say hello?” She asked the other vampires.

Regina looked at them with new eyes. Edward decided to be nice, because she was overwhelmed. Until she decided not to be and then she was perfectly fine. He traded a look with Jasper as they approached their new sister.

Alice was in a state of joy. It was hitting Jasper like a tidal wave and was affecting everyone in the room. 

Regina smiled hugely at them, and they all started greeting each other like there was not a care in the world, thanks to the mood. Edward even hugged her, then berated himself for letting it affect him that much. 

He found that Regina’s mind had only grown sharper with the vampirism. She was still a very calculated individual and could potentially become a lethal threat. Right now, she was focused on behaving so Carlisle and Esme would like her. She already loved Rosalie and the two hugged as if reintroducing themselves. Edward could already tell she would be loyal, so he let himself relax and listened to her thoughts as Rosalie introduced Emmett as her mate.

“I feel great!” Regina commented, pulling her face into a scowl that didn’t last but a second. 

“Sorry.” Jasper said. She found she was intimidated by him, but her good mood had powered over it. His scars were warning signs to her new eyes. 

“Sorry?” Curious, she put a pin in her intimidation and reframed her mind, talking to him like he was normal. She could be scared of him later. “Why are you sorry?” 

Alice was noticeably pleased her new coven mate wasn’t shrinking away from her battle hardened mate.

“It’s my ability.” His southern drawl charmed Regina.


“Some of us have gifts.” Jasper explained, use to the explanation because of the speech he had given countless times to powerful new borns. “I can persuade emotions. My mate Alice can see visions of the Future, though they are not always certain. These gifts are results of traits we have strongly during our human lifetime that are enhanced into being abilities.”

Regina sat back down. “This is all so much.” She admitted. The other vampires softened towards her. 

“You’ll get it honey, don’t feel the need to rush.” Esme tucked her hair behind her ear. Regina loved Esme, the feeling strong in her chest. It was odd to her. Her emotions were so intense. Like they had been amped up to full volume. She couldn’t ever imagine not loving Esme. 

Edward grinned, certain the new vampire was going to be fiercely loyal and a strong value to their coven. She wouldn’t be their enemy and he was thankful. As a human she had planned an attack in one night and then brought an entire school to its knees. He didn’t want to see what she was capable of now.

“Do you have an ability?” Regina asked Esme.

“In a way. I have great compassion.” She said simply, her caramel hair shined as she moved.

Regina nodded, thinking it made perfect sense. “You don’t seem cold at all.” She reached forward and grabbed Esme’s wrist gently. “Even if your skin is.” 

Esme melted and sat next to her on the bed. “Do you have any questions honey?” 

Edward could hear her comparing Regina’s hair to a halo. It was an odd shade, but he couldn’t put his finger on why. He studied the new vampire as she spoke with Esme.

She was astonishingly captivating; her looks having enhanced ten-fold. Her beauty as a human had been pretty to their eyes, so now she was like a polished Diamond. Her hair caught light in a weird way, the hues unlike anything Edward had seen. Almost translucent, but with multiple shades of silver gold, honey, and sunshine yellow at the center of each strand, as if the color had been placed there by a skilled artist. It made her hair look like a flowing Halo. Her eyebrows were pretty enough to be admired for a moment, sharp and delicate, their shape complimenting her eyes and nose perfectly. Her nose was something that looked like a design Edward would never be able to redraw on paper, refined and upturned. It was the most perfect nose he’s ever seen. It was odd, because it fit her features like it was made to do so.

Her smile was beyond anything else. Easily, she could fool anyone with an innocent act. Her thin, tall figure had been fixed and she had no sign of ever being crushed by a bus. 

She looked more like Rosalie’s twin than Jasper. Her beauty was different in a way, less Ethereal and more Animal Goddess. She reminded Edward of a delicate bunny because of her bone structure, and a cat because of her eye shape, whereas Rosalie looked like an angel.

“He can read minds!” Regina was exclaiming, and he stopped noting the differences in her face to look her in the red of her eyes. She was in shock.

He smirked at her as she scowled at him.

Stay out of mine buddy. She was thinking to herself. 

“Don’t worry Regina, I'll tune it out mostly. But it’s not something I can help. I don’t repeat things.”

“It’s true.” Rosalie patted her back. “You can trust him.”

Regina regarded him, but at Rosalie’s insistence she wanted to trust him, so she did.

Not responsible for the things you hear, so shut up and go fix your hair. 

Edward frowned at her. “What’s wrong with my hair?!”

“Duh, it looks like you rolled out of bed.” Regina huffed.

The other vampires began to snicker. 

“Great, two Rosalies. This is just what we needed.” Edward grumped. He went to the mirror in the room and looked at his hair. It was perfect. 

He turned to them. “Rosalie, why don’t you show her to the mirror, I bet she’d like to see that.” 

Rosalie bounced up, grabbing Regina’s hand. “Just, don’t worry about the eyes, they’ll fade to gold once you start eating.” 

“Good god, I’m out. Regina was bad before; I don’t want to get between her and her reflection.” Emmett held up his large hands and left the room, the other men agreeing as their mates crowded around the mirror.

Regina’s gasp echoed around the house.


“Carlisle, she’s wonderful!” Esme gushed in the kitchen. “I love her!” 

“Me too.” He told his mate who was congratulating him on their new daughter.

“And she is so pretty! Rose spoke about her before, and her mood has been so good lately. They were made to be sisters.”

“I agree. She’ll be a good Hale.”

“Jasper, Rosalie and Regina Hale.” Esme grinned at him, then at Jasper, her lovely heart shaped face showing no signs of sadness about having to move houses again because of the new vampire.

“She’s only 16.” Carlisle said mournfully. “Her funeral is tomorrow.” 

“You did the right thing my love. Regina will be happy with us.” Esme comforted him, intertwining their hands. “She’ll fit right in!” 

“She is rather special. She hasn’t run to hunt yet.” He looked at the ceiling above and thought about her weird calmness.

“I wanted to talk to you about that.” Jasper said from the stool at the counter, sitting next to his brothers. He twisted in his seat and looked serious as he spoke to his coven leader.

“Me too.” Edward said as he adopted the same expression as Jasper. “I think she has an ability.” 

Jasper agreed, nodding his head. “She’s in Control. Her emotions are rained in and cast aside, so thoroughly she doesn’t conceal them or bottle them up, she just gets rid of them all together. Like a duck shaking off water.”

“Her thoughts are the same way. She controls them, with just a reframing of her mind. If it doesn’t benefit her, she gets rid of the thought process altogether or saves it for later.” Edward recited what he had found. “There’s more. She’s…smart. Very. She can script a whole conversation in her head in a moment, she can plan out several directions to take to get things her way. She manipulates the conversation into her control. She’s a strategist like I’ve never seen before.” 

Carlisle listened to their report. “Hmm. Alice told me she was the most popular of your high school.”

“Oh yea.” Emmett chuckled. “Not one person wanted her to hate them. Like a beehive and she was the Queen. They followed her around and even cut holes in their shirts to show off their bras because she did it.”

“This is interesting. Thank you for sharing. Did she take this well?” He asked Edward.

“Yes.” He knew Carlisle didn’t want the specifics of her thoughts, he just wanted to check on her. I hope she’s alright. This is overwhelming and she’s only 16. His father was thinking, concerned for her.

“She’ll adjust quickly.” Edward rolled his eyes, listening to the loud thoughts upstairs. She was enchanted by her own beauty, even more when Rosalie showed her into the sun.

“Carlisle, she got rid of her hunger.” He said quietly after a moment. The others turned to him, eyes wide. He thinned his lips. “Because she wanted to.”

“That’s…not possible.” Carlisle breathed.

Edward shrugged. “She’s in control.” 



“Forks?” Emmett whistled. “You sure know how to pick ‘em Carlisle.”

He grinned as they arrived at the street that led to their new home. The wooded area was so nice.

“I like it here; it's always been a favorite of mine. We won’t have to worry about the sun as much. This is the wettest place in the continental U.S. - meaning it rains all the time.” 

“Wait until you see the house!” Esme was ecstatic. Edward was thankful for her thoughts, so he didn’t have to listen to Emmett write poems to Rose in his head. 

Rose was in the car behind them with her sisters. 

Jasper was driving behind them.

Edward turned and could see Alice braiding Regina’s hair in the back seat as Rosalie laughed at something the drama queen was saying. Three sets of topaz eyes were crinkled in laughter.

He turned around to listen to his parents some more.

Rosalie was a totally different person than she was eight months ago. She had Regina, a figure in her life she could dote on and care for. And Spoil rotten. She adopted Regina as her baby sister. Alongside the new roll of big sister, she finally felt needed by someone. Between loving Emmett and adoring Regina, having parents and her other siblings, Rosalie felt her life was more complete than ever. 

She saw how much Regina loved being a vampire and thought it wasn’t so bad anymore. That had been the biggest change in the family. Carlisle felt all the tension between Rosalie and him melt away. Because she had seen it twice now - Carlisle having to change dying humans and she understood a bit more why he changed them and how guilty it made him to begin with. She had been dying too when she was changing. It would’ve been a horrible death. But he had chosen to save her, and if he hadn’t she wouldn’t have Emmett or Regina or the rest of them - a true family. She was starting to forgive him.

Regina took to being a vampire like a fish in freaking water. She loved, loved, loved, her new appearance. She loved her new sisters. She loved her new life and her new parents. She had written letters to her old family, thanking them, thanking her younger sister. She would miss them, but she had no chance to ever be with them again, so she chose to remember them fondly. 

She loved Edward like a brother, and he had grown to love her, begrudgingly. She was a good sister and kind of a bad ass once she let her true self out. She added to the family dynamic. And because she was from this century, she was so new and different from them. 

She was also a demanding bitch.

The only people she was always nice to were Carlisle and Esme. She teased and annoyed the rest of them like the younger sibling she was. Rosalie gave as good as she got, this being the relationship she had with Regina when she was human. Alice found her sweet and sour, enjoying Regina’s sweet side and becoming amused at her sourness.

Emmett laughed at her barbs and put her in headlocks to teach her manners.

Jasper enjoyed the snappy conversations; he could always tell she didn’t really feel that way.

Edward wanted to put on gloves and fight her in a boxing arena.

All in all, she wasn’t so bad.





“Who are they?” The new girl, Bella, asked.

“Those are the Cullens.” Jessica leaned forward, ready to gossip. “They're Doctor and Mrs. Cullen's foster kids. They moved here a few years ago from Alaska.”

“They mainly keep to themselves.” 

“Yeah, because they’re together. Like, together, together. The really beautiful one, that’s Rosalie. She’s with the big guy Emmett. And the little girl Alice- she’s super weird, she’s with Jasper, the one who looks like he’s in pain all the time.”

Doctor Cullen is like this, foster dad slash matchmaker.”

“Maybe he’ll adopt me.” 

“Who’s he?” the new girl couldn’t control her gob smacked expression. 

“That’s Edward Cullen. Totally gorgeous, obviously, but apparently no one here is good enough for him. Like I care, you know? Seriously, don't waste your time.”

“Wasn’t going to.” She muttered. 

They watched Edward walk in, only to be yanked back by the coat collar as another beautiful blonde walked in after him. Edward sputtered at her as she walked ahead of him, flipping him off.

“That's the youngest of the Cullens.” Jessica mentioned. Angela commented to Bella the behavior between Edward and Regina was normal, like real siblings.

“She’s Regina Hale. The star of the Cullens. She’s Rosalie and Jasper’s sister. Total Bitch, but she's super popular. She’s the only one of them that isn't a social freak.”

“And her shoes are to die for.” Angela sighed. “I hope she talks to me in class today."

“Just don't be surprised if you talk to her and end up crying later in the bathroom." Jessica winced, warning Bella. "Because no matter how enchanting she may look, she’s kind of a mean girl.”


Vampire Regina George