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But I'm the one you know

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When John woke up in a hospital, he first couldn't remember how he got there, but then the demon and the accident came back to his mind. Where was Sam and that coward Dean?
He tried to stand up, but in the same moment a nurse rushed in. „You're awake!“, she smiled lovely and went to check the monitors. „I'm going to inform the doctor and your son.“
Why was she only talking about one son?
She came back not even a minute later with a dark skinned man in the late forties. The doctor asked him some questions, then left the room and some moments later Sam was standing in the door frame.
Thank god, it was Sammy and not that other thing.
Sam looked bad, but he didn't seem to have dangerous injuries. The boy just looked, like he hadn't slept for days, probably sitting all the time beside Dean.

„How do you feel?“, Sam voice sounded tired and really sad.
„I'm fine. How long has it been?“
„Two days. Dean still didn't wake up, doctor said it's bad and they started asking questions. We need names.“
John looked around and saw his purse on the nightstand: „Here“ he handed Sam one of the plastic cards over „Give them my insurance.“
Sam looked at the card and raised his eyebrow: „Elroy McGillicuddy?“
„And his two loving sons. So, what else did the doctor say about Dean? “
They couldn't know, not even the demon did.
„Nothing. Look. The doctors won't do anything, then we'll have to, that's all. I don't know, I'll find some hoodoo priest and lay some mojo on him.“ Sam's eyes were begging him for help.
„We'll look for someone, but Sammy, first we have to talk about something important.“
He should have ended this years ago.
„Take me to Dean.“


Dean was connected to a lot of tubes and machines, but John knew he wouldn't die, the damn thing never did. Before they left, he had taken the small silver blade out of his purse. Sam hadn't seen it. „Give me his hand.“ Sam's mouth started to built an objection, but then he sighted and followed his Dad's orders.
It wasn't comfortable to sit in a wheelchair, but the doctor and Sam hat insisted on it. John took the limb hand carefully in his left one and the made a small cut with the silver blade.
„Dad, what the hell!“ Sam's eyes grew incredibly wide, when he saw the burning flesh. „No, what happened? Where is Dean? Is that him? Was he bidden? When? What the fuck!!!“ Sam's last words ended in a scream.
John looked at his son and he felt so guilty. He shouldn't have lied, shouldn't have done this.
„Sam, just calm down, I'm so sorry I lied to you, but I just couldn't tell you. You were still so young. You had already lost so much, I just . . . I just couldn't bear the thought.“ His gaze was locked at his son. He could see Sam thinking. This was going to end up really bad.
It took Sam some time, but then his gaze stopped traveling from John to Dean and back. It was fixed on John's mouth. „How long is a long time? Where is my brother? What is that thing in the bed?“
He dropped his head. He had known , this day would come, but it was so hard to tell Sam how much he had failed him.
„Dean wasn't . . .Dean hasn't . . . I don't know how to tell you. I lost your brother, when he was 11.“
Sam's eyes widened and John could see, how hard it was for him to control himself.
„ Do you remember the night when Dean hid in the car to go with me on a hunt?“
Sam's face lost all emotions. He opened this mouth a few times, before he dared to speak again.
„You've been injured and Bobby had to pick me up. Took you more then three weeks to get back. What do you want to tell me? Was that the last time I saw my brother alive?“