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Foreign Teas and Too Much Information (that isn't the right information)

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Darcy isn't sure she's happy about the way her life is currently shaped, but she was still trying to figure out how to take on the entirety of SHIELD to fix it. It really wasn't her fault that she didn't have enough science under her belt to actually be useful once Jane had other doctorate holding flunkies available to her and it wasn't her fault that participating in an internship opened up a can of worms she couldn't close and SHIELD couldn't let her out of their sights for fear of her talking about said worms from a can. Which left her managing the one and only SHIELD owned coffee shop.

Don't get her wrong it was a pretty sweet gig, for a supposedly top-secret agency tongues wagged ridiculously in her little abode, and it was a bazillion times better than what they had her doing before a good chunk of New York City needed to be repaired after the alien attack. Her first SHIELD sanctioned positions had all involved enormous amounts of paperwork and minimal amounts of technological contact. It was like Coulson actually thought she was stupid enough to talk about Asgard on Facebook.

So the coffee shop was definitely the available option at the moment, but she couldn't help but wish sometimes in between whipped creamed squirts and burning her fingers countless times, that she was actually putting her hard earned college credits to use. Sure, she had switched majors too many times to actually have a degree, but she had way too many classes with shiny As next to them not to be considered educated. Therefore, she came up with a brilliant plan to discover or do something that would give her leverage or ability in SHIELD's point of view so she could get bumped up to something that wasn't filling cups with steaming liquids all day.

She put her excellent observational skills to use, the same ones that made her the first human to spot the Rainbow Bridge, and she learned. She picked up pieces of conversation here and there and slowly surely put them together building a huge map in her mind (she wasn't stupid enough to write any of it down). Within six months of forming her plan, Darcy realized she had a pretty damn good look at all of SHIELD's current major business just by listening to people talk and her place as manager of the coffee shop didn't seem so pointless anymore.

If she was being totally honest with herself another reason for her contentment was her ridiculous crush on one of her regular customers. Ridiculous not because of the fact that she had it (Darcy'd been a girl her whole life; she knew crushes were inevitable) but because he was definitely older than Jane, possibly even more science-y than Jane judging by the state of his clothing and the kind of manic scientist vibe he had all the time, and they hadn't discussed anything other than the pros and cons of various foreign teas when he came in to order. She didn't even know his name because he never came in when it was so busy they were writing names on cups and he always without fail paid in cash. She found it more than a little frustrating and wanted to kiss the quirky half smile he always had on his face probably more than was healthy by anyone estimation.

What she needed was a date. A real honest to God date with someone not over a decade or more older than her that would stare at her breasts and try to worm his (or her, at this point Darcy wasn't picky) way up to Darcy's apartment over the coffee shop. A real date would help her forget all about Doc Mystery (she really needed to know his name) and be able to serve him his tea without wanting to climb over the counter and thread her fingers in his fluffy looking uncombed hair.

At least, Darcy thought what she needed was a date until said date started out horrible and turned into running straight for a national crisis.