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Keep the Megalomania for Every Other Thursday

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"Electrified, vampire Nikola Tesla," Tony repeated, slowly. Canted forward towards the dark-haired, impatient intruder, bouncing a little on his toes. "Huh."

Bruce looked sidelong at him. "Giant green irradiated rage monster," he pointed out, wryly. "And that's before we get to the reactor." Tony flapped a hand at him.

"Missing the point, big guy. So, so missing the point."

"Really?" Nikola cut in, slicing them an arrogant, challenging little grin. "And what is the point, then?"

Tony's answering smirk was positively unholy. "The point is, Nikola Tesla," he said, bouncing forward to sling his arm around the vampire's shoulder, and grin sideways into Bruce's blooming trepidation. "Two words, baby. Death Ray. Tell uncle Tony all about it, hmm?"

Bruce ... paused, for a second. Looking into Nikola's suddenly bemused expression. Then, shrugging internally, he ambled over to sling his arm around the vampire's other shoulder, shaking his head at Tony's grin, and added: "And the bio-powered electromagnetism. I would be ... quite interested in that."

"Oh yeah," Tony grinned, bouncing. "And in return, we can show you how we rock it in the 21st century ..."

Nikola looked between them for a second, then ... smirked. "I have been keeping up with current events, you know," he ... practically purred, really. "Talk to me about interdimensional portals and self-sustaining power, Mr Stark. I'd be fascinated."

Bruce ... looked at Tony, for a long second. And then ...

"I won't tell Pepper if you won't."

"Keep the megalomania to every second Thursday, and you're on."

Nikola grinned. "You know, I'm really very fond of this century. The last two have been so very boring."