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Pierce was feeling exhausted after getting home from work. Typhoon had left early and so the music producer hadn't even had the chance to clear his head by going to check on his boyfriend during breaks as he was already used to. Working together had its perks, and being able to steal a peck from your loved one during work hours was one of them.

He searched the living room and kitchen, but no luck finding his boyfriend. So he decided to stop by the room they'd turned into a studio and found Typhoon dozing there: curled up in his chair, wearing nothing but socks, boxers and one of Pierce's hoodies, too big for the other's tiny frame.

Pierce couldn't help the smile that spread across his face. Typhoon was working very hard after getting scolded by his superior, Tina, and now it was common for him to spend most of the night awake trying to get the job done. Pierce felt his heart swell with pride to see his boyfriend trying so hard, but also with worry.

He approached carefully so as not to make any noise and gave Typhoon's hair a sniff-kiss. The soft perfume, a mixture of roses and something that was Phoon's very essence, filled his nostrils and he had to bite his lip to keep from making an approving noise. He loved the smell of Typhoon in the house, on his clothes, on his own skin.

"I'll finish the report… Khun Tina!", Typhoon suddenly muttered, making Pierce startle. "I promise… I promise I won't ruin things this time…", he muttered again, fidgeting in his chair, trying to find a more comfortable sleeping position.

Pierce frowned and shook his head. After a heavy sigh, he slipped one arm behind Typhoon's knees and supported the boy's back with the other. Soon they were heading for the bedroom, Typhoon nestled perfectly against Pierce's broad chest, until the youngest woke up.

"Phi Pierce? Are you here yet?", the sleepy voice made Phoon even cuter than he already was.

"Yes, I just arrived. Don't worry, go back to sleep, Phoon.", Pierce replied in a low tone, almost purring.

However, consciousness finally seemed to return to Typhoon and he tried to get out of his boyfriend's arms. "No, Phi! I need to finish the report!"

Pierce had a little trouble keeping his balance with Typhoon moving like that, so he let out a threat that was more for his own amusement, but he was also worried that the other might get hurt. "If you keep moving like that, I'm going to need to punish you, you naughty boy!"

Pierce tried to squeeze a smug smile onto his face, but his bags under his eyes gave away that he was also very tired and worried about Typhoon. The acknowledgment of the fact made the younger boy resign himself to agreeing with his boyfriend.

"Okay then! But, Phi! When you wake up tomorrow, please call me before… leaving for work, okay?", Typhoon asked, a yawn cutting his question in half.

"Sleep now, love.", Pierce gave a genuine smile this time.

"You're the best boyfriend in the world, Phi Pierce!", Typhoon muttered already falling asleep again.

Pierce then laid the slender body on the bed carefully and covered the boy so he wouldn't get cold.

"There's only one part left… Khun… Tina…", Typhoon whispered before placing both hands between his cheek and the pillow, finally falling asleep for good.

Pierce shook his head and let out a sigh. Then he headed to the bathroom. He really needed to take a shower after a long day working non-stop because Pai had decided it would be a good idea to change the concept only 2 weeks ahead of the release of the new album.


Pierce left the bathroom, a few drops of water rolling down his chest, but he didn't bother to wipe them off. He just wore the first pair of sweatpants he found and snuggled close to Typhoon on their bed. One of his hands secured the tiny waist like it was anchoring him into reality.

"Everything will be alright, P'Pierce…", Typhoon rambled half-asleep, his little hand covering the large one, reassuring him even during sleep. That was enough for Pierce to let go of his worries and relax. The most important person in his life was by his side and that was all he needed to be happy.


The rays of sunshine were warm and inviting, but also disturbed Typhoon's sleep. He soon opened his eyes, but just a crack, still too tired to face the new morning.

An arm sneaking around the tiny waist only made Typhoon feel even more comfortable. He reached out a hand, resting it on Pierce's chest. It was supposed to be an innocent gesture, only to feel his heartbeats, which always made Typhoon calm down, but apparently the older male was fully awake and had other intentions about it.

"I guess we woke up in a teasing mood, uh?"

Pierce's words made Typhoon alert and he opened his eyes completely to watch the scene before him: his hand did land on the large chest, but his pinky finger was poking Pierce's nipple, making it aroused by the touch.

A smirk stretched Typhoon's lips and his sleepy eyes looked even more flirty with his husky voice. "Good morning, Phi Pierce!", he said rearranging his thumb and forefinger so he could gently pinch the nipple he had provoked unintentionally only seconds before.

"Tiny, don't start anything if you don't have the intention to take responsibility for it!", Pierce said, biting his bottom lip, trying to restrain his own desire, so this way his adorable Phoon would have to take the lead and he was all in for that.

The sentence sounded like a challenge on Phoon's ears and he quickly felt a rush of energy through his veins. He pinned Pierce on the mattress and straddled the large body, the huge hands finding their favorite place at each side of Typhoon's hips.

"Oh, but I intend to take…", Typhoon pecked Pierce's lips, "... responsibility…", he deepened the kiss, owning the cat-like lips between his own and urging Pierce to open his mouth, "for everything.", Typhoon finally concluded his sentence, even though none of them had absolutely no idea of what those words meant at that point. Pierce's pleasured moans encouraged Typhoon to feel more confident to do whatever went on his mind… until the youngest snapped out of their little rendezvous of emotions.

"Oh My God! We're gonna be late, Phi Pierce! We have to go now!"

Before Pierce could extort from his heavy breaths his protest against that – even if it was absolutely reasonable that they should, indeed, get off the bed and go to work –, Typhoon was long gone to the bathroom and in a few, he could hear the shower working.

Pierce sighed in defeat and whispered to the ceiling "I love him so much", a silly smile pushing his cheekbones so high, his eyes were almost closed.


Forty minutes later, the couple was ready to leave the car on the parking lot of their company, when Typhoon turned to the driver's seat and stared intently into his boyfriend's eyes:

"Tomorrow is Sunday, which means no work. Which also means you're all mine and we can finish tonight what we started this morning!"

The boy said those words and stole a peck from Pierce's lips. Right after he left the car and ran to the company's building, leaving a trail of sweet giggles behind. It was all so sudden and quick, the older male didn't have time to react. He just sat there in the car smiling to himself.

"If you get enough energy tonight, Sleepyhead!", because Typhoon would probably fall asleep while working again. Then he climbed out of his car and closed the door with a smooth thud. "But we do have the whole Sunday for us!"

And that was all that he needed to be fully energetic during the whole working day. The promise that the future belonged to them.