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In the Blink of An Eye

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John Gage stared out the windshield of his white Land Rover and heaved another huge sigh. He glanced down at his watch before looking out the window again. He had been creeping along at a snail’s pace on the 405 for the last 15 minutes. It was now 0822 and he was due at his yoga class at 0830. Johnny was extremely stressed out and anxious, two very essential triggers for needing the yoga class, but Gage knew deep down (or maybe not so deep) that these were not the main reasons for his sudden interest for taking this particular class. No, Johnny endured the manic drivers on the 405 during the morning rush, folding himself up like a pretzel in the yoga class, and being away from his ranch when he should be home mucking stalls, fixing that hole in the barn’s roof, and riding like the wind on one of his four horses for only one reason: a certain sandy haired, blue eyed engineer with the sexiest hands Johnny had ever seen.

The clearer Mike Stoker’s face became in his mind’s eye, the bigger the grin on Johnny’s face. He suddenly heard that jingle in his head just like every time he thought about Mike. “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz. Oh what a relief it is”. Johnny wasn’t sure if he wanted to laugh or cry. Whenever he let himself really think about Mike, that little ditty popped into his head. He surmised it was because Mike made him feel refreshed. It also made him sexually charged from head to toe. After he let himself think that much about Mike, Johnny always felt depressed and deflated. He knew that his feelings were his alone. Mike had never given any indication of being anything but straight, and yet there was something there, something Johnny just couldn’t put his finger on.

Johnny chuckled, humorlessly, as his mind wandered to the conversation he had overheard in the dayroom approximately two weeks ago today. Mike was quietly speaking with lineman Marco Lopez about wanting to find a good yoga instructor. Marco was interested himself because his very married sister was visiting and had brought along her husband and their five children.

“Adios Mio”, exclaimed Marco. “Personally, I will be glad when they all pack up and go back East to Long Branch, New Jersey,” Marco said miserably.

Johnny had listened at the door shamelessly, waiting for anything more. He loved the quiet, smooth tone of Mike’s voice. As Johnny watched Marco and Mike, he knew that he was going to have to do something soon. Just thinking about (his) Mikey, made his cock twitch.

As he stewed, Johnny let his mind wander back to the first time he saw Mike. John had just graduated top of his class in the second round of paramedic inductees. His mentor, Roy DeSoto, had been very impressed with him and asked to be partnered with John Gage. Roy also found out that the two of them were to be assigned to a brand new station in Carson, 51’s. Even before they started working together, Johnny liked Roy and vice versa. They had developed a great repoire during their paramedic classes and Roy had even brought John home to dinner a few times over the seemingly long weeks of training. Roy’s wife, Joanne, and their two children, Christopher and Jennifer, had taken an instant like to Johnny as well. By the end of the first dinner, the kids were calling Johnny “Uncle” and he was beaming over this.

Suddenly, the big day was upon him; it arrived with a cloudless sky and bright sunshine. Johnny was up early, had his horses fed and watered and ready to leave for the station by 0715. As he walked in from the parking lot, Johnny was immediately drawn to the engine. He had only ridden in squads since he had trained to be a rescue man and stared wistfully at the big open cab pumper. While gazing at the Crown, the most beautiful vision Johnny had ever seen walked around the front of the bay. This creature had a dazzling smile with near perfect teeth and eyes so blue Johnny wanted to jump in and lose himself. Johnny thought his heart was going to need the defibrillator as a sensual hand was held out. Johnny felt the warmth in the handshake and also a spark of electricity that he felt. Eyes met and Johnny saw twinkling in the blue depths as he heard, “Hi, I’m Mike Stoker, Welcome to Station 51”.

~~ E! ~~

Unbeknownst to Johnny, Mike Stoker was several feet ahead and to the right of him on the same freeway. Ironically, they were “parked” on the 405 the same way they sat in their yoga class. Mike always felt that someone was watching him, imagined velvety dark eyes boring a hole in his back. He would always chalk it up to an overactive imagination and reprimand himself for being so ridiculous.

“Come on Mikey, you know that Gage is the biggest skirt chaser on the planet and even if he was gay, Mr. Life of the Party certainly wouldn’t be interested in a plain dope like you”, sighed Mike. But still, Johnny had shown an interest in joining the yoga class and actually going to the same one as him. Mike remembered how his pulse quickened when he realized that Johnny was actually listening and interested to that conversation he was having with Marco about finding a good yoga class. At the time Mike thought it sounded like a great idea to have Johnny all to himself for an hour’s session a couple of times a week, but as time went on, he was beginning to have doubts. It was not easy to be that close to the object of one’s affection without acting on those feelings. Most times Mike ended up going home to his tiny apartment frustrated and longing to have Johnny wrapped up in his bed, naked and wanting him as much as he wanted Johnny.

Mike thought about Johnny going home to his ranch. Gage probably ran in, grabbed a cold drink, and a quick shower then off to the barn to jump on one of his four horses and ride for the remainder of the afternoon. He had even memorized the Indian names that Johnny had given to them. Makhá, Thaté, Mni, and Phéta. These Lakota names translated into English as earth, wind, water, and fire. Three of the horses were gorgeous chestnut brown American Quarter horses and the fourth, Phéta, was a little red pony that Johnny had acquired only a month ago with Jenny DeSoto in mind. Mike’s heart melted whenever he thought how Johnny doted on Roy’s children. He had a special bond with all of the DeSoto’s, especially Roy. They seemed to be closer than even blood related brothers would be. Mike really appreciated this relationship and the importance of family considering his had basically disowned him after his “announcement” that he was in fact gay. His big brother, Ben, who lived a half a mile away from Mike’s apartment, had gotten married to a girl that the whole family had known for practically their whole lives and had twin baby girls. Mike was excluded from attending the wedding and he found out about his nieces through a mutual friend.

The rush hour traffic started moving but not fast enough for Mike. He needed a distraction after depressing himself with his dark thoughts about his brother’s family. Naturally, his mind wandered to the most pleasant thing he could think of, the first time he ever saw Johnny Gage! The memory of that historic moment will be burned into Mike’s brain for an eternity. For one brief second, Mike thought he saw desire in Johnny’s eyes, but it was gone as fast as it had come.

Mike had only been at the brand, spankin, new Station 51 for a few days under the strict leadership of Captain Hammer. Mike was a newly promoted Engineer and wanted to be perfect at his new assignment. In those first days if one wanted to talk to Stoker, one need only go as far as the engine bay. Mike was never far from “his Big Red” as the Crown pumper was affectionately referred to. He was always fussing over all of her gauges, sitting in the driver’s seat or cleaning and polishing the open cab engine. The linemen of the station, Marco Lopez and Chet Kelly, kept wondering out loud who the new paramedics would be. Mike barely gave it a thought as he worried too much about messing up in front of his captain. He had heard that Dick Hammer was a stickler of the rules and Mike, by nature, needed to be perfect.

So that unforgettable day that Mike calls, “The John Gage Take Me I’m Yours Forever Day”, began when he was looking over the hoses and the compartments on the engine. He thought he heard voices coming from the squad side of the bay. He had met Roy DeSoto already. Mike really liked Roy. He had a quiet, easy way about him, a firm handshake, and friendly eyes. Mike could also tell that Roy was as straight as an arrow and married for like forever! Not that it mattered anyway. Work romances were strictlytaboo; gay firemen like police officers had to bury their sexual orientation so deep that they forgot about them. But this was way too much to bury, at least all at once. He came around the engine a bit too quickly and there in front of him was the most perfect male specimen Mike had ever seen. His pulse quickened, he could barely catch his breath, and driving on auto-pilot Mike stuck his right hand out and said Hi, I’m Mike Stoker. Welcome to Station 51. With that, Johnny enveloped Mike’s hand in a strong yet somehow tender grip and Mike had to be very cautious that he didn’t fall down because his knees had suddenly turned to jelly. He even saw a twinkle in Johnny’s velvety brown eyes and imagined he felt an electric current run through him from the touch. Right after the handshake and introductions, Mike hightailed it to the latrine to take care of the huge hard-on in his pants! Mike inwardly moaned and wondered how he was going to survive working with this Greek god.