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Between dishes and forever

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Dean was watching Pharm from the kitchen's doorway. The youngest was busy washing the dishes while humming happily along to the song coming from his phone.

Suddenly, the music changed and the taller male recognised the lyrics because that was probably the umpteenth time he heard those same musical chords. Boy Sompob's honeyed voice filled the air with emotion, making Dean cut the distance between him and his fiancé.

Pharm was startled for a second when he felt Dean's arms circling his waist from behind because he didn't have any idea that the other was that close to him. Last time he checked, Dean was cleaning and vacuuming the living room. They decided each other's chores based on who won rock-paper-scissors, but looking back now, Pharm was positively sure Dean probably lost on purpose. A smile spread across Pharm's face as he dried his hands and turned to face the taller one, his chin resting on his sternum, so he could see Dean's face.

It was fun to invite friends to come over for dinner, but it was also a bit exhausting considering they had a home to clean afterwards. It was nice to recognise that, yeah, they were growing up – but it was also really nice to have the place back to themselves and enjoy each other's company like that.

"Hi!", Pharm tiptoed and pecked the taller male's cheek.

"Hi, my love!", Dean smiled softly in that way Pharm knew it was reserved only for him. If during College days people were astonished to see the cold Swimming Team Captain being all lovey-dovey when Pharm was around, now after graduation they still baffled people for the same reason. They both were shy and introverted, but brighted hard when close to each other.

While both men were drowned in thoughts, Dean took one of Pharm's hands on his own and started to move his feet. Not long after they were waltzing around the kitchen.

"P'Deeean~! What are you doing?", Pharm asked a bit out of breath because of the sudden exercise.

"Nong Pharm… My good boy… can't you recognize this song?", Dean asked very close to the other's ear, making him shiver with excitement.

Pharm then took a moment to analyze the song around them and then recognition came to him in waves of sweet nostalgia. It was their song.

"The day you came into my life", Pharm sang along with the singer. His voice wasn't trained as a professional, but his tone was sweet and he could follow the rhythm precisely.

Dean smiled at his lover and muttered back at him "I became the luckiest boy".

That song and its meaning were still so powerful for them. Since that day a long time ago, when back in college Dean wanted to surprise Pharm for Valentine's day and he rehearsed the same song with a guitar just to confess (for the millionth time) his love for his good boy. The senior was worried when the boy started to cry, but he calmed down in a second after realizing Pharm was crying happy tears.

The lyrics were perfect to describe their relationship and until this day they both held on it a feeling of attachment. It was part of their story and also part of their future.

"Stay with me forever?", Dean added a question mark that wasn't supposed to be there, making Pharm furrow his brows. However, the peck on the lips Dean stole from him, made him notice it was a question made for him to answer.

"Just you and I forever", Pharm gladly responded and then tiptoed to reach Dean's lips.

Huge naughty hands started to get excited and found their way through fabric, reaching Pharm's smooth skin. "Phi… the dishes…", he whined at the same time he undid his lover's tie.

"They'll still be there tomorrow morning, my good boy!", he answered between shallow breaths.

Pharm chuckled low: partly because he found his lover really entertaining, partly because he was also excited with the way things were evolving. "Okay, okay, then take me to our bedroom!"

"As you wish, my love!", Dean responded as he scooped up the slender body in his arms, carrying Pharm bridal style, making the latter laugh heartily. Destination: their bed.

The dishes? They could wait a bit more.