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The Locus Human

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I was getting frustrated. I was in my third hour of sorting through all the stones in Wellmet. Still no call. Sighing, I flopped down, petting Pip, my mentor's dragon. "I'm never going to find my locus stone." I told Pip, who rubbed my hand.

"Jay?" A voice called. Conn, my mentor. I'm twelve years old, about when most wizards start training. I think. My name is Blue-Jay, Jay for short, and I lived with my aunt until she died last winter. Then, at Nevery's insistence, I became Conn's apprentice. Or something like that. I got up and carried Pip with me to talk to Conn.

"Yes?" I asked, and Pip squirmed out of my hands and flew over to rest on Conn's shoulder.

"Still nothing?" He asked. I shook my head. "Well, uh, don't worry. I was the same way." I knew that. Everyone knew Conn's story. Even though the wizards still didn't trust him, everyone in Wellmet knew of his awesome stories. "Lunch is ready. Then we're going out to the Sunrise to get you better clothes. Nevery's idea." Conn said, apologetically.

Well, I was starving. "All right." I followed Conn to the kitchen, where Benet was making lunch. Mmmm. Smelled great. I scarfed down my lunch almost as fast as Conn.

"Okay, I've got a purse string." Conn said.

"Be careful." Benet grunted.

"I'm always careful." Conn replied. I followed Conn and Pip out of Heartsease. Conn lead me to a small clothes shop in the Sunrise. "Uh, I think what Nevery wanted was just good clothes." Conn looked around, obviously confused. Eventually we picked up a new coat, boots, shirt, and trousers. Satisfied, Conn paid. "Should be good enough."

The coat was a bit to big, but other then that, the clothes were good. "Uh, Conn? Can I please take a break from looking for my locus stone?"

Conn sighed. "Sure. Be back by dinner." He turned back to Heartsease. "Oh, uh, here's a keystone, so you can unlock the gate." He and Pip left. I strolled across the Night Bridge. Maybe my locus stone wasn't in Wellmet. I crossed into the Twilight. It used to be a lot worse, but the new Underlord made it better. Crowe was scary, but Embre is nice to his people.

I walked through bustling streets and cramped squares. I picked up every tiny pebble I found, and nothing. Maybe I wasn't cut out for being a wizard. But Nevery thought I could be one, so I guess I am. Lost in thought, I bumped into someone.

"Oh, hello!" It was a girl, short, with short red hair. Her green eyes sparkled. Literally. And she was definitely magic. Not magic in the way that Conn, Nevery and the magisters where magic. "Ooh! You're a wizard!" She said.

"Um, yes?" I responded.

"Cool! I'm a locus stone!"