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Rudolf shudders, panting as large hands pull him into his partner’s lap. The other man’s lips brush against his ear, causing him to stiffen. Tod chuckles at his reaction, trailing his hands down from his shoulders to his waistband. Tod smoothly makes work of the front fastenings of his trousers, tugging them down just enough to–

Rudolf jumps, biting his lip so as to not make a sound. With one hand stroking the prince’s member, Tod uses the other to undo the buttons on his shirt. The blond gently caresses the prince’s chest, startling a yelp out of the man with a pinch to his nipple. Rudolf turns his head to scowl at the man, but his nerve is shaken when he sees Tod’s expression- so tender and full of warmth. He looks away, his face flushing pink as the other man laughs once again. 

The hand at his chest rises to his neck, and he tries to shy away from the touch before giving over to the sensation of Tod’s large hand resting on his neck. His other hand leaves his member, inspiring a groan from the Crown Prince. Distantly, Rudolf believes he can hear the ringing of a bell. Suddenly, he feels something wrap around his neck, his eyes shooting open as he feels it tighten. He jerks forward, the jingling of a bell accompanying the action, and his hands shoot up to his neck. 

It is a collar. A bell collar…

Humiliation bubbles inside of him. He tries to remove it and fails, cursing his shaky hands. Anyhow, his chances of freeing himself are hindered further when Tod pulls his hands down. 

“There, there, Kätzchen,” Tod purrs into his ear. “Can you speak for me?”

Rudolf grunts. “Tod…” His voice sounds strange to himself. Part of him wants to strangle the other man, but the rest of him knows how foolish of an act that would be. 


He doesn’t know what it is about this collar. It isn’t too tight, but Rudolf is having a hard time breathing properly with it on. He stares forward with wide eyes, unsure what to do with himself. “P-please.” He doesn’t know what he’s begging for. 

“Please… what?” Tod teases. “Use your words, my prince.”

“Fuck me,” the words startle himself as much as they surprise Tod, whose grip on his shoulder tightens almost painfully. There’s a hand on his neck as he’s forced to stand, his unbuttoned shirt stripped from his body and his trousers going with it. There’s no time to react to anything because as soon as he’s undressed, Tod sweeps him off his feet and drops him on the bed. He climbs atop the prince after undressing himself, hooking a finger around the man’s collar, tugging his head forward until their lips almost touch–

And then he lets go, and Rudolf falls back, the bell on his collar ringing mockingly. Rudolf shivers underneath him, his bare erection throbbing against the other man’s leg. He only gets a glimpse of Tod’s smirk before the blond rolls him onto his side, grabbing his left leg and hiking it over his shoulder. Despite himself, the prince whines, squirming under the blond’s touch. The bell rings.

He flinches when Tod presses his fingers to his lips, but he eagerly takes them into his mouth, so eagerly, in fact, that the other man gasps ever so softly. While Rudolf coats Tod’s fingers, the man’s other hand grasps his member, stroking it slowly. Rudolf once again writhes against the man’s touch, a whine sounding from the back of his throat as the blond’s fingers leave his mouth and find his entrance. 

They push in, and Rudolf has to bite his tongue to keep from moaning. At this point, he doesn’t know why he even tries because he loses himself the instant Tod’s fingers brush that spot inside him. He rocks his hips down onto the man’s fingers and relishes the friction around his cock. Each movement causes the bell on his collar to ring, and heat floods his mind at the sound. The state he’s devolved to is so dirty- so shameful–

Tod's fingers leave him, and again, Rudolf falls back, panting.

"Kätzchen," the blond growls, grabbing a handful of his hair and pulling his head back to bare his neck. The pain in his scalp contrasts against the gentle kisses Tod presses to his skin. The other man bites down lightly on the side of his neck, making him jump again before releasing him.

Rudolf is helpless to do anything but moan as Tod positions himself, one hand on Rudolf's raised leg and the other guiding his member to his entrance. 

Rudolf grunts as the other man's member presses into him. The stretch around the blond's cock stings. He whimpers, and his leg flexes in the man's grasp. The sensation is foreign- as it always is with Tod- different from the dozens of other people he has slept with. It's… tender. Different. Strange. Tingling, yes. But… comforting. Like the toll of a bell. 

Tod's breath is hot against his neck as he moans, and the sound of the bell around Rudolf's neck rattles his entire form. "Harder," he gasps.

"Hm?" Tod hums. "What was that, mein Kätzchen?"

Rudolf bites his lip, eyes fluttering shut as he concentrates on the feeling of Tod moving within him. The pain eases ever so slightly. "Please, harder."

"Good boy," Tod breathes into his ear before biting down lightly on his neck again.

Rudolf's eyes fly open, and he gasps, his leg tensing in a spasm. For a moment, he feels like he's going to pass out. He needs to get away from Tod, away from his hands; otherwise, he'll lose himself entirely to the pleasure. However, he can't, and he doesn’t want to.

Tod's hips stilled, and Rudolf whimpers as he feels the other man's entire length disappear within him.

"Shh, mein Kätzchen," Tod soothes. "You're doing so well."

Rudolf can't help himself: he wants to cry and beg for release. Instead, he mewls like a desperate whore, clutching at his bedsheets. He feels like a complete failure. A failure of a man. Surely, Tod will laugh at the pathetic sight of his prince, lost and confused and squirming at the end of his cock.

"You look so beautiful." 

The words are soft, almost whispery, barely heard over the jingling of the collar, but in Rudolf's mind, they're as clear as day.

"Mmm, mein Kätzchen."

"I love you," Rudolf says, almost as an afterthought, his face contorted with pleasure.

Tod laughs, and the sound is more comforting than anything. "I know," he says before biting down on Rudolf's neck yet again, much harder this time as if claiming him.

The pain is almost too much. Rudolf's leg twitches. He feels the shakes throughout his entire body and can't help but cry out. 

"Mine," Tod growls before a harsh, penetrating cry splits the air. 

Rudolf moans, eyes squeezed shut as his entire body spasms in pleasure. He pants heavily, his entire being focused on that exquisite feeling. It takes a while for him to come down from that high, and even when he does, he's hardly lucid. The ringing won't stop, although Tod's thrusts have stopped. 

Tod hums, stroking Rudolf's bare stomach with his free hand as he lowers the prince's leg from its place on his shoulder. "You didn't leave a mess this time." He chuckles lightly. "Could you perhaps be becoming like me?"

Rudolf whines mournfully as Tod eases his cock out of him. He's grateful, though. He doesn't know if he could manage a coherent answer with the man still pressing against his prostate. "It can happen..." he manages, panting. "It- orgasming without..." He can't find the words, but Tod luckily understands. 

"Have you ever done it before?"

"N-no... I... I read it in a book once." This conversation feels so odd. Too casual and nonsexual despite the topic and what they just did. 

Tod's eyes light up. "Fascinating." He looks down at the prince with a mixture of wonder and adoration. It feels utterly filthy in context, but Rudolf can't complain as the man leans down to kiss his cheek. "Shall we take the collar off, my prince?"

Rudolf shifts slightly, wincing at how his lower half aches. Because of his size, no matter how gentle Tod is, he'll always cause Rudolf a bit of pain. Though, Rudolf is partly to blame this time, begging the man to go harder to push his limits. That, and he fears he may have pulled his leg. "I can't."

"You mean, you don't want to," Tod clarified. He smiles teasingly. "You must take it off eventually, my prince, lest you wear it out in public."

Rudolf flushes red and relents when Tod reaches to undo the belt around his neck. Rudolf shivers as the man's fingers brush where the collar had been covering.

"Is that better?" Tod whispers, running a hand along the column of Rudolf's throat. He keeps his face dangerously close to the prince.


"You're so beautiful," he says before kissing the side of Rudolf's neck.

Rudolf gasps when Tod bites down lightly, just above his last mark. He leans into the other man, their naked bodies rubbing against each other as they writhe together on the bed.

Rudolf moans. "Again?" he asks dubiously.

"I know you've already finished, my prince, but I don't believe I'll be satisfied until the proof is physical," Tod mutters against his skin.

Rudolf groans. Hypocrite. Rudolf has had to deal with that reality for their entire relationship. However, he can't find it within him to complain as Tod slides down and takes him in his mouth. The prince grits his teeth as Tod's mouth moves along his shaft before relaxing into the sensation. He buries his hands in the man's blond hair, thrusting up into his mouth.

Tod hums, the vibrations carrying through Rudolf's entire body. He grips the prince's hip with one hand, tempering the force of his thrusts.

Rudolf moans, twitching as he finishes in the other man's mouth. Tod swallows around him, causing Rudolf to mewl loudly, tugging harshly at the man's hair. Tod pulls his mouth away from Rudolf's softening member, licking any remaining cum from his lips. Rudolf stares at him, his face growing hot at the sight of the man's slicked-back blond hairdo messed up. 

Tod watches Rudolf’s Adam's apple bob and glances down at his cock as it stirs. "Again?" he asks with faux innocence as he sits up, hovering over the prince. 

Rudolf groans and pushes him off with all his strength - though it is unnecessary since Tod rolls over rather willingly - and straddles the man's hips.