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Antarctic Emperors: The Fall

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As night fell, so did dense sheets of snow. The fires challenged the blizzard to remain lit, to continue raging strong. Nevertheless, the flames never made it to midnight.

The man stared as the Empire smoldered under his own palm. In his eyes, they earned it. They kept taking everything from him. They took, and took, and took, and executed! He observed as it all burnt down; they justified this consequence. Anyone who was wise had departed when he stormed the Polar Palace. Had left to locate alternative places to reside, thinking of survival and being unselfish by being selfish.



The man stood and held up his crossbow, aiming he pulled the trigger. The arrow shot forward at a rapid pace before the tip burst into flames. Turning, the male walked deeper into the snowy wasteland.

Behind the man, the arrow would hit its target, igniting the TNT and lighting a rope on fire. The TNT started a chain of explosions up into the deepest confines of the Empire. No structure was safe, and as the people who had dumbly stayed began to realize their mistake. There was not a thing that would save them from meeting the Goddess of Death on this night.

Weakened from the fire, the rope snapped and with it the ice outside of the confines of the Empire’s walls collapsed into a deep cave. There was no jumping the chasm, no ender pearl thrown could save them. The population was trapped within the fire and explosions.

The almighty Antarctic Empire fell that night. To one singular man. A hollow, grieving man; who could not die naturally.



The man walked into a cave before walking over to a weakening fire. He adding more wood to the fire pit to keep the cave warm into the next morning. He checked on the horses, making sure they were warm, then walked over to a large mound of blankets in the back of a small wagon.

Smiling gently, he reached out, running a hand through the short stocky pink locks of a piglets small head.

“You’ll never be him. You’ll never be them. But you’re all I have, and I’ll be damned if you die before me. If I let you befall to the same fates they had. Nothing I own will be worth more than you, Technoblade. This time I’ll get it right. I have to.” The older blond male whispered. Afraid to wake the sleeping infant.