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lose your heart and sell your soul

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Rudolf pants, leaning back against the firm, wide chest behind him. One would assume that Death would be cold to the touch, but that assumption would be wrong; at least in the case of his muscular friend, dead wrong. He slumps down against him, too lost in pleasure to keep up his movements, and lets his head lull against his friend's shoulder as he closes his eyes. Tod squeezes his thigh comfortingly.

"Too much?" Tod asks, and Rudolf shakes his head to the best of his ability.

"No", he breathes. "I just need a minute."

A cool hand slides up his other thigh, and Rudolf opens his eyes with a gasp. He's left staring into multi-coloured eyes, wide and attentive, and the other Tod smiles at him as he slowly leans in. Rudolf craves to feel his smooth marble-like coolness against his own body, but he isn't far gone enough to have forgotten what a kiss means. Still, he parts his lips helplessly, and is surprised when his soul is left unclaimed and Tod presses a sweet, cool kiss against his forehead instead.

"Do you really trust me so little, my prince?" Tod asks, brushing a strand of hair from his face. "Or do you want it too much to fear the consequences?"

"I trust you", Rudolf pants. Both Tods tighten their hold of him in response; it makes him moan, and the warmer Tod chuckles into his ear, making his heart jump. "And I want you. All of you."

"You will have everything you want", the Tod in front of him murmurs, and after one more kiss, leans down and takes him into his mouth. He's unfairly good at it; Rudolf whimpers at how good it feels and fists a hand into Tod's hair, unable to move his hips because of the hands that keep him in place. The Tod underneath him hugs him close by the waist, his warm lips pressing against Rudolf's neck. Being filled and engulfed so completely is overwhelming.

Before Rudolf can form any coherent thoughts at all, there is a hand around his wrist where his arm is hanging uselessly at his side. The third Tod looks at him as he brings Rudolf's hand up to his lips. His dark eyes never leave Rudolf's during the kiss; after it ends, he twines his fingers with Rudolf's and leans in, his lips brushing against his ear. They're so cold that they burn.

"You've been very good", Tod whispers hotly. He nips at Rudolf's ear, making him whine. Then, his fingers trail over his lips, parting them for a moment before resting against his chin. "If you come now, you'll get to lie down. We shouldn't push you too hard, sweet as you are."

He bites Rudolf's ear again, and that, on top of everything else, is enough to get him off.