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SBURB Developer's Log

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Full Release! WOO HOO!
Jack Noir, this one's all yours!

Permadeath. No more murders in the game. (There is a one day hard deadline to corpsesmooch a downed player before they are removed from the session.) (We are not responsible for danmaku, bodies, and/or objects being sent flying when downed players are removed from sessions.)
Forced Replays. Now instead of being forced into a replay, completed games will use the universe as a custom temporary lobby.
Conflicting Land Modifiers: Angels and Horrorterrors cannot overlap anymore. Instead, such a land will become a Land of Peace and Quiet, and all entities will be moved to Server 2 (the war server.)
You can end sessions early if all players involved decide to resign from the game. (This includes players taken out of the game via death.) (This cannot be done if there are two or less players, during the final boss fight, or during the first ten minutes of the game.)
No more meteors. Sorry, but this is from an imported universe. Besides, the servers are stored in a third universe.
Void aspect no longer bugs the game from hell to the Oort Cloud and back again. (This means no more glitched stats.)
Rain players now cannot physically manipulate their own health meters through the wall. They have to get a dupliclone to do that for them.
Trickster mode removed. Doppelgangers are inactivated for now.
Aspects and Titles are now chosen by the player unless they play three failed sessions in a row.
Jokerkind replaced with Improvkind and Deathscythekind.
Seplurchitude hotfixed. Generally if it goes off, it's gonna go off during the Black King boss fight.
Nightmare Heirs hotfixed. If a Land is invaded, Nightmare Heirs will show up and try to fight them off.
Sprites fixed. Entry to the Medium now only requires a pre-punched card. Unprototyped Kernelsprites can still be used to complete the game. (If no Kernelsprites are prototyped, the Black King will default to having four legs, four eyes, two wings and four arms.)
Lands of Frogs and X and Y are now the Frogs of X and Y.
Exiles have been removed, at the request of John Egbert and Jack Noir.

New features:
Racial powers. Some races have different stats and may even have Aspect powers by default.
Biomes. This makes Lands of Angels or Lands of Horrorterrors a tad more livable. Such lands will be mostly comprised of Hallow or Crimson respectively.
PVP. An incident with the land modifiers actually made one game entirely unwinnable because the conflicting modifiers caused the Angels and the Horrorterrors to replace the Prospit and Derse armies on the Battlefield. That universe was imported to server 2. Players can fight for any side they wish, as well as fighting both sides if they really want to.
Creative Freebuild. Server 3 is a plot-based creative server.
Ectobiology has been replaced by Ectofateology.

Outstanding Bugs:
Pumpkins still vanish when noticed.
Dersite forces may fail to kill the White King. In this case, it is advised to kill both the Black and White Queens and create two Ringwraiths (or just kill the White King yourself.)
Heartless may show up in servers. However, they seem pretty darn tame.