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Why Are You Naked?

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Nagi had the place to himself. Erika was supposed to be bringing Hiro over to her place, and that meant there were, for the time being, no rules. He could do whatever he wanted in a space that had all the high-tech amenities, and was bigger than his entire apartment where he used to live. Erika didn’t think it was anything special, but this was still unreal for him. The first thing he wanted to do was something that was only possible in a private home, a luxury afforded to the rich.

He stripped off his clothes, discarding everything down to his socks. Illuminated only by the natural light streaming in through the large windows overlooking the back, he walked around the house naked. His dick and balls swinging freely as he went. The unrestrained freedom of movement, more than even boxers could provide, was a new thrill. After a few minutes, he quickly got used to it. The idea of putting on clothes started to feel like the mores of another time, a person he had abandoned for this primitive desire.

If he wanted, he could dive into the pool and skinny dip. He was certain Erika must have done it at some point. She used that pool in her posts frequently, and the idea of constantly buying a new swimsuit must have seemed daunting. His mind turned to thoughts of Erika and Hiro in their swimsuits. Maybe bikinis. Erika would probably have a fancy one that looked good online, while Hiro’s would be more simple and accentuate her figure. He would be able to see their cleavage. Their camel toe once they opened their legs. And when they turned around, their asses.

He had walked in on Erika in the bath before. It had only been the briefest of glimpses, but he had gotten a chance to see what her nipples looked like. A lovely shade of pink, with nicely-sized areolae and tips that stood erect in the middle of her perfectly round chest. Knowing who her real mother was, he wasn’t surprised that she had inherited those good looks. He overlooked the lizard in those memories, and thought of Erika’s naked body. Through the power of thought alone, his body began to react.

It began as a tingling feeling in his balls, riding up his dick. The blood began to flow, and Nagi’s flaccid cock twitched. It began to roar to life like an animal rising from hibernation. He had been so focused on studying that he had neglected to masturbate, and his cock was pent up, ready to release itself in the free time that stretched out before it. His dick grew longer and harder, the tip growing redder as he felt his cock start to throb. In a matter of seconds, he had gone from limp to fully erect, his dick twitching and asserting itself between his legs.

Without a ruler on hand, Nagi wasn’t sure of his exact size. But he had a good length and a nice girth, and his balls rested comfortably against the couch. They were densely packed with cum, his time to jerk off at home being few and far between. The best he had been able to manage was secretly sneaking some rubbing in under the covers while Sachi was bathing. Not that he was jerking off to Sachi, but he could hear her in the shower right next to him. A clear drop of precum appeared on the tip of his cockhead.

Nagi’s brain and free time were occupied with studying, but he was still a teenage boy. His horniness was asserting itself clearly, a throbbing rod between his legs. Nagi figured it would only take a few minutes, and the sink was right behind him. He would never admit it to Erika, but he could rub one out for her before she got home. His hand gripped his cock, and he started to stroke it. Long, careful motions that covered the length of his cock from base to head, his fingers sliding along the length of his rigid shaft.

The more he rubbed, the harder he felt it throb. His balls were preparing themselves to expel their load into his hand, the mental image of Erika’s naked body driving him forward with each masturbatory stroke. He closed his eyes. The only thing he could see was Erika’s ass. She shook her hips around, and the like and view count on her posts soared. She was engaged to him, but all those semi-anonymous viewers were ogling her all the same. Something about that didn’t feel right. In his mental image, Erika’s cheeks opened up and her asshole came into view. He kept stroking. He was getting closer, his precum leaking down his cockhead and onto his shaft. Any moment now, he was going to blow.

His hand was halfway up his cock when he heard something near the front door. Due to unexpected circumstances, Erika and Hiro were coming over to their house instead. He didn’t have time to get dressed or to cum. He got up from the couch, his cock throbbing and bouncing. The vibrations from his feet hitting the floor traveled all the way up to his dick. Each twitch made him feel like he was going to blow. He had stopped just before he would’ve let it go, and it wouldn’t take much stimulation to bring him to climax. Not even Erika and Hiro entering the house made him lose his boner. He felt like he had gotten harder.

He tried to make headway for his bedroom, and ended up at the foot of the stairs, stopping and turning to face Erika and Hiro. His hard cock twitched in front of them. He could hear his heart beating, blood pumping through it like it pumped through his cock. A drop of precum fell from his glans, landing on the floor. The room was so quiet he could hear it land. Erika blushed, while Hiro turned her head away and started to head towards the door.

“What are you doing?” mouthed Erika, her words barely audible but making a huge impact.

“I thought I had the place to myself,” Nagi said back.

“This is something I’m doing for a... private video. For my most dedicated fans, I’m thinking of making lewd videos, and I needed a faceless cock to perform. It was more authentic than using a dildo, and Umino volunteered to do it since he’s so poor,” said Erika, spinning a lie with the sharp instincts of an improv comedian.

“Wow,” Hiro said. “You must’ve been getting yourself ready.”

“Yes, but we called off the shoot for today. I was too nervous to do it,” Erika said.

“But I can’t get it down!” Nagi said.

“Practice makes perfect,” said Erika. “Umino did want to go out with you, so why don’t we have a little... casual double blowjob between friends?” Erika was blushing and her eyes were spinning. There was no way Hiro was going to believe this.

“I’ve never done a blowjob before, but it sounds exciting,” Hiro said. “I don’t want you walking around the house with a hard-on.”

“Seriously? Now I have to go through with it,” Erika said, barely above a whisper.

“I appreciate the help,” Nagi said. “Can you two... get on your knees?”

Hiro and Erika removed their uniforms, not wanting to dirty them, and stripped down to their underwear. Erika’s was a fancy name brand that she got through a sponsorship deal, while Hiro’s was the kind that could be bought anywhere. He could see right down their cleavage. The lights from above cast the shadow of his cock over their heads, looming over them like a mighty iron rod. Erika was flustered, but Hiro had a kind of curiosity that drew her closer towards the dick of the boy she had just started studying with.

“This’ll be over quicker if we do it at the same time. I’ll take the shaft,” Erika said.

“I’ll handle the balls,” Hiro said. “Putting them in my mouth will be weird, but I’m looking forward to it.”

Erika stuck out her tongue, and licked Nagi’s glans. Beads of warm sweat and precum gathered on her tongue. The flavor was odd. Salty and slightly bitter, with the smell going up her nostrils. When she sucked it, Erika felt her nipples start to stiffen under her bra, her tips rubbing against the inside. She wasn’t going to admit that she was attracted to Nagi, even if he was her fiance. She rolled her tongue around the tip, polishing it with her saliva, before opening her lips.

Nagi was shocked when Erika’s lips wrapped around his cockhead. It was warm and slick inside her mouth, with her tongue continuing to roll around the underside of his shaft, drawing out more precum from within. Hiro didn’t want to be ignored. She moved forward, plopping Nagi’s ball sack against her nose. It was somewhat firmer than she expected. She could almost feel the sperm swimming around inside his balls waiting to be released. Hiro licked along the vein of his scrotum, making his balls push against each other like a small Newton’s cradle.

“Are your balls sensitive?” Hiro asked.

“All guys’ balls are!” Nagi replied.

“I didn’t know that,” Hiro said. She licked his sack.

Just above her, Erika was sucking on Nagi’s rod, her saliva running down the shaft and coating it in a fine film. His cock was shimmering in the light coming in the windows, making it even more enticing. Erika took more of his shaft into her mouth, sliding down and letting his throbbing member rest on her tongue. The texture and flavor of a cock was sort of unpleasant, but the smell of it was doing something to her brain. Her head was going fuzzy from the smell of cock in her nostrils, drawing her towards it.

Hiro didn’t want to lose. She sucked, pulling one of Nagi’s testicles towards her mouth. With a wet popping noise, his ball was now enveloped in the warmth of Hiro’s mouth. Her sucking was less aggressive than Erika’s. She wasn’t trying to get it over with, but rather, she wanted to give him a proper sucking. To savor the taste of his balls and get to know the shape and size of his scrotum, to memorize it with her mouth. She rolled his ball around inside her mouth, rubbing against it with her tongue while Erika’s head bobbed up and down on his dick.

He couldn’t believe what he saw when he looked down. Two of the cutest girls in school were now slobbering on his cock, their eyes closed as they sucked on it with a feverish passion. He wanted to hold back a little bit longer, to enjoy this moment before it all vanished like a fleeting dream. Erika had gotten most of his dick into her mouth, stopping just short of the base. Her sucking was picking up, even as she closed her eyes to avoid looking at his face. If Nagi could tell the school that she had sucked his cock, her followers might take a hit, as well as her reputation. She wasn’t going to risk that. What happened in this house was going to stay in this house.

Hiro was really getting into it. Her future was taking care of the shrine, with no marriage prospects. Not even a boyfriend. Yet she still had needs and desires. Getting to share the cock of a boy she had some affection for, with a celebrity she admired, was something that shouldn’t be happening. She sucked again, now taking Nagi’s entire scrotum into her mouth. Her voice became muffled with his balls in her cheeks, yet she kept rolling her tongue around, spreading them apart and pushing them together, caressing the round curves of his balls with her warm tongue.

Seeing him naked for the first time, both girls thought Nagi was in pretty good shape for someone who was always studying. He wasn’t going to be the star of any sports team, but he kept himself healthy. Erika returned the favor from that time in the bath, and opened her eyes to glance up towards his chest. She wanted to tease his nipples as retribution for that time, to run her hands across his abs and let him know what it felt like. Was that the sort of thing a lover would do?

The foot of the stairway echoed with the sounds of slurping. Nagi’s balls were growing hotter in Hiro’s mouth. Erika felt his shaft throbbing across her tongue. It was hard as steel, the precum leaking out and starting to turn into the first drops of actual semen. Nagi didn’t want to look like he was favoring either of the girls. They had both been helpful in calming his raging erection. He didn’t want to give Erika all of his cum, not with the many times he had laid awake at night, his underwear tenting at the thought of Hiro’s attractive figure.

“I’m going... to cum!” Nagi said.

Erika’s eyes shifted to a state of disbelief. Even if he was her fiance, having him cum in her mouth before they kissed was going way too fast. She kept her lips sticking to his cock. Nagi tried to pull away, but a small spurt of jizz fired from his throbbing glans, spraying into Erika’s mouth and covering her tongue in his semen. Nagi yanked his cock out of their mouths at the same time. His dick and balls were coated in saliva, the two girls’ drool mixing together as it rolled down his penis. He grabbed his cock in his hand and began stroking, his member already lubed up by their saliva.

Hiro and Erika stuck out their tongues. Nagi saw his semen on Erika’s tongue, a small drop, yet shimmering in pearly white. He furiously stroked his cock at the sight of it, glancing down into the cleavage of the two girls. Their bras had become slightly askew during the blowjob, and he could see the edges of their areolae peeking through. His eyes wandered further down, and Hiro and Erika both had shimmering lines of something clear and sticky starting to emerge from their crotches, wet blots appearing that made the shape of their labia all the clearer. Sucking his cock had turned them on.

“Forgive me!” Nagi said, stroking himself to orgasm.

He aimed his cockhead at Erika, sending hot ropes splashing against her face. It landed on her forehead and her nose, the hot cum dripping down her face and sliding towards her chin. With his cock still spurting, Nagi took aim at Hiro. He wanted to cum on her breasts, but fired his load at her face. Her nose and cheeks were covered in cum. She touched her face, the semen sticking to her fingertips, as the last spurts of Nagi’s cum dripped from his dick, making it flaccid once again.

Hiro licked her fingers. The taste was odd, but once she swallowed it, she found she liked it. Hiro moved over to Erika, licking her cheeks and sucking off more of the cum. Her lips briefly covered Erika’s, sucking Nagi’s cum off her tongue. Erika was shocked. “I didn’t get to swallow any!” Erika said, and started licking the remaining drops of sticky semen off Hiro’s face. The two of them had completely cleaned each other off rather quickly. They started putting their uniforms back on so Erika could properly give Hiro a tour of the place.

“This is our little secret,” Erika said.

“Why don’t you be the one who’s naked next time?” Nagi said in a harsh whisper.

“Pervert!” Erika said. “Just be grateful I sucked your cock.”

“That was fun!” Hiro said. “Let’s do this again sometime.”

“You mean visiting my place?” Erika said nervously.

“Not just that,” Hiro said. “Umino, even if you can’t beat me in studying... I’ve already grown attracted to your dick.”

Nagi started to twitch back to life when he heard those words. Even though he was fully dressed, Erika grabbed his crotch, holding his dick in her hand. “Don’t you dare!” Gripping it like that only made it fully hard. Erika stopped giving him an over-the-pants handjob once she realized what she was doing. When Hiro left the house and Erika’s stalkers had been dealt with, Erika turned to Nagi.

“The truth is... I have wanted to go skinny dipping in the pool,” she said. “Maybe you can join me. But no funny stuff. We’ll just be naked around each other. If we’re engaged, it’s something we’ll have to get used to.”

Nagi liked the sound of that.