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Oops! All Daddy Issues!

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One could argue that the empty silence filling the halls of the facility was just as sweet as the alarms that blared when the containment breach first started. Of course, the occasional scream of a staff member (or fellow subject, who knows?) made the return to silence all the better. 


If you asked Kyougen though, his favorite sound as of right now is his lighter. 


It never gets old, especially as he uses it to light his 5th cigarette. Man, that scientist sure had some loot on 'em- yeah he looted a corpse ok that's bad


But what's worse? That or those assholes not even letting him have one goddamn cig while they get to stuff two whole packs in their pockets? 


That's what I thought. 


The familiar feeling of the smoke burning his lungs does give him a sense of relaxation. God knows he could use it after such an exciting day. Ok, well, exciting, stressful, same thing basically. Kyougen holds his breath for a good couple of seconds before letting the smoke escape his mouth. As he lazily followed the smoke's movements, he let his mind wonder when it inevitably dissipates. 


The screams of pain were slowly starting to die out, that was good…


Kyougen had planned this breakout for a while now- it would start with the maintenance crew, then he could kill whoever was in his way at the time, if needed. Luckily he only needed to kill the assistant of the doctor that was assigned to him, good ol' doc hightailed it out of there as soon he left the room, the coward. 


Now all that's really left is to play the waiting game. It doesn't take a genius to figure out its a bloodbath out there- trying to find the way out while watching out for monsters much stronger than him? Yeah, no thank you. 


So he's waiting. Waiting for the most of them to kill each other or for someone more clever than him to find a way out and piggyback off of them. And then when he's finally out of this prison- he's gonna find the nearest dealer and get so fucking high he'll forget alll about this place. Bonus, maybe some of ol' reliable will get rid of the headache he's been dealing with since he first got here. Bastards knew everything except the fact that suddenly cutting off an addict leads to a funny little thing called withdrawal


Yup, that's the plan. Or it was , until now. 


He really should stop ignoring him, it's only going to make him more mad. Kyougen let a small chuckle escape his lips, but, on the other hand it was kind of funny. He took one more hit of the cigarette. 


"It's been a while," Kyougen mused, a sarcastic smile forming as he turned to meet the tall man dressed in white who's been standing oh so patiently behind him. 




Grinner did not respond, did not have any sort of reaction showing he registered what had been said. A person looking to escape would've just noticed the smile on his face and moved on. 


However, Kyougen already knew there was no point. He was no match for his father and both of them are well aware of this. Besides, Kyougen can pick up on things most people wouldn't notice about Grinner. He can see Grinner was shaking, his shoulders were moving by mere millimeters but it was still noticeable. And that dumb smile of his was shakey, that's the closest to a frown Kyougen ever saw his father do. All of these little things usually added up to one thing. 




That's what he thinks, anyways- dear old dad was always a mysterious one.  Kyougen wondered how he could always smile like that, he tried copying him as a kid once. He only lasted a couple of hours before his mouth cramped up, Grinner found the whole thing hilarious . But still, what did a constant smile feel like for him


Kyougen lightly brushed the slits on his mouth as he took another hit from the cigarette. If it's anything like his, it fucking hurts . Speaking of which- 


"Come to finish the job? Or are you just going to stand there?" 


Grinner's shaking intensified, he took a deep breath in before speaking. 


" Kyougen ." 


"That's my name alright. Do you need to remind yourself what you named me?" 


A part of him, the sane part of him is screaming bloody murder at himself, provoking his father is a surefire way of getting himself killed. The rest of him, unfortunately, doesn't give a shit. 


Kyougen can be a clever little bastard, sure, but he is also very aware of the fact that he isn't the smartest egg in the bunch. Nor was he the strongest, his time in here definitely taught him that. Really his strength was talking to people, most people are very easy to manipulate just so in order to get what he wants; it's how he's been able to survive this long. 


Grinner is not like most people. Kyougen isn't even sure he can even call him a person. The man in front of him has killed more people than he can probably count, not that Kyougen has the strongest moral code either but holy shit


So no . Kyougen is not going to be like the other scared little children hiding in the corner, hoping that the monster doesn't see him.  He knows he does, and he knows he is going to die here, he's not going to give him the satisfaction of begging Grinner to spare him. 


So when Grinner steps forward, and Kyougen flinches , he mentally curses at himself. 


"Do you know how long I've been looking for you? Ever since you left me ?" Grinner asked, Kyougen can see the twinge of smugness in his smile as he takes a step backwards. Asshole. 


"Can you even imagine how upset you've made me?" 


Maybe you shouldn't carve smiles into your kids mouths , Kyougen was tempted to voice this thought, but unfortunately his self-preservation is starting to kick in, so he keeps his mouth shut and his feet walking backwards; trying to keep the distance between them for as long as possible. 


Still, he managed to make himself not look scared, how he's able to do that with his heart beating in his throat is beyond him. As Grinner inevitably started closing the distance Kyougen instinctively reached for his scissors. 


"Do you really think," Grinner chuckled, his voice sickly sweet.  "That a pair of safety scissors will harm me, little light?" 


" Don't-. " Kyougen replied, an unexpected amount of emotion laced in with his voice.  "Don't call me that." 


A hum escaped his father, seemingly lost in thought. Kyougen was backing into a wall now, this little game that they were playing is about to be over; he knows when the game ends, so does his life. He grips his scissors. It doesn't matter if it'll do much harm- anything is better than the sorry state Kyougen is in now.  


" I remember, when you were little, whenever your emotions got the best of you; you would put on the most spectacular light show~." 


Kyougen felt his back hitting the wall. 


With a flash of movement, Grinner reached out and roughly grabbed Kyougen by the face, Kyougen nearly dropped his scissors in surprise. With this Grinners impossibly wide smile widened even more. 


"Such a shame you don't do it anymore." He cooed. 


Oh fuck off


Was this really how he was going to die? So close to freedom and by the one fucking person he tried so desperately to escape? At the very least can his father drop the whole 'I love you' act? Shits getting old, there is no comfort from his words, only the voice in his head screaming 'My father is going to kill me.' over and over again. 


The voice is screaming a lot of things now, his mind kicking into a primal state, a fucking cornered animal. Most of it is begging, hoping that a god that doesn't give a shit might make an exception for him. 'I don't want to die.' his mind screams. 


'I don't want to die.'  


How pitiful. 


He's pretty sure he's dropped his scissors with all the shaking he's doing. Now he really doesn't have anything to defend himself with. His ability to stun people had no effect on Grinner, trust me he tried . At the most, he would only get a second; that meant nothing when facing a being that's so much faster and stronger than you. It would be pointless to use this ability. 


Which is why he's so confused about the fact that he is using it in short bursts of energy- why the fuck- 




Oh god damnit


The sound of his father's smug ass laughter is what finally brings him back to reality. 


"There you go~." Grinner said, observing the rapid change of color on his son's body. 


Kyougen growled. 


"Ooh, you're just so scared , aren't you?" His father mused, so clearly entertained by all of this. Kyougen would bet everything he's got (which isn't much) that his father is enjoying every single second of this. 


"There's no need to be, my child..." 


The grip on his face tightens and Kyougen lets a hiss of pain seep through. Slowly, Grinner kneels down to get to the same eye level as him, even then Kyougen still has to look up to meet the half hidden face of his father. 


He growls again, bares his sharp teeth and flashes his colors threateningly. He absolutely refuses to give his father any more satisfaction from his fear. He'll fuckin' tear off his face with his teeth if he has too- 


The grip on his face loosens, this is it- Kyougen braces for whatever attack is about to come. 


"You're coming with me." Grinner says. 




"What. " Kyougen replies, echoing his thoughts. Grinner chuckled at his reaction. 


"I said , " Grinner repeated, brushing some of Kyougens hair out of the way.  "We're going home ." 


Oh hell no. 


"Not that I'm not absolutely elated ," Kyougen half-heartedly waved his hands in the air, then gently pushed his father's hand off of his face.  "But how do I know you're not going to tear my throat out?" 


Grinner laughs once again. 


"Oh please , I would never do that. There are so many better ways to do something like that. Besides," 


A distant scream could be heard from the halls of the facility. 


Oh yeah... that was still happening.  


"I'm inclined to believe that your time here is a sufficient punishment for leaving your father. As long as you behave from here on out." He spoke the last sentence with such sternness, like he's threatening to take away Kyougens favorite toy if he doesn't obey.  


Like he's not threatening to murder him in cold blood. 


Ok, Kyougen needs to weigh out his options. He could just refuse to go with him, try and fight his way out and keep doing what he had been doing. 


And get flattened on the side of the wall for trying, squashed like a bug. 


Or , he could go with him- but that leads to some serious drawbacks. 


First of all, there's no way Grinner is ever going to let Kyougen out of his sight after this. When he first escaped he knew he only had one shot at this, and now it's ruined thanks to this dumb facility. Kyougen would have to be careful of all of his movements from now on in order to not piss off his father, he would have to do anything he says- behave exactly how he wants him to. 


Like a puppet. 


Secondly, Kyougen would have to kiss goodbye to all the things he loved. The clubs, the parties, the booze- the drugs . He would probably never see any of those things again. 


Makes the first option tempting


But... he already knows what he's going to say. Call him a pussy, but Kyougen doesn't want to die after not seeing the sun for so many years. 


" Fine ." He groaned, fighting the urge to roll his eyes like some teenager. Grinner smiled, satisfied with his answer. 


"Good. I'm glad we didn't have to make this difficult. " 


He hummed some probably forgotten tune as he stood back up on his feet, one again towering over Kyougen. Man, how did he even get through the doorways here-? 


He snapped out of his thoughts when he felt his father grab his hand and started walking, wait is he-? 


"Wha- Hey-!" Kyougen tried to break free of the hold, he is not letting Grinner hold his fucking hand no way- 


The grip on his hand tightened, the message was sent loud and clear.  




Kyougen stopped struggling, letting out an audible grumble. His face flushed with embarrassment as he was led to the exit of the room like a child. More laughter vaguely registered in his mind. 


"I will never understand why children try and act like adults after they live such a little amount of years." 




He felt a light tug on his arm, he followed with little resistance. Grinner smirked at this and resumed his humming. Kyougen sighed and observed the aftermath of the bloodbath. It really was a good show, there was only the occasional monster that was still alive (they don't seem to be aware of what's happening). 


Corpses were spread all over the area with varying degrees of gore; Kyougen almost threw up at the sight of a researcher who was missing half of their body, teeth marks replacing it (it was kind of impressive, morbid fascination is a bitch). 


The blood, the bodies, his father's humming and the pulling of his arm were the only constants as he was led out of the Centre. 


From one prison to another.