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Parts to Play: Books 1 & 2

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Bolin was face down in a pillow, making indecent noises as a thin elderly masseuse pressed an elbow into his back. “Lao, my friend, you are a tension bender.” Bolin groaned into his pillow. “Korra, you have to try this.”

 “I’m fine,” Korra lied. Her body felt like one giant, sore muscle.

“You sure you don’t want to take a turn?” Asami asked. She carried a stack of towels into the locker room. “You took a pretty hard hit back in the second bout. I reserved the full hour with Lao and Bin, if you can sit tight for a few minutes.”

“No thanks.” Korra shook her head carefully and gave her a brittle smile.

Asami stepped to where Mako was lying face up, his arm outstretched. A second masseuse, an identical twin of the other man, kneaded a spot Korra recalled him falling on in the match. Asami leaned down to press a kiss to his forehead. He smiled dreamily, his eyes drifting closed. Korra picked up her pace towards the door.

“I’m just going to head home.” She got a hand a few inches up to wave to her teammates. “See you two at practice tomorrow.”

Bolin was too engrossed in his massage, but Mako lifted his free hand, his voice drowsy. “Night, Korra.”

“You don’t have to play hero,” Asami said, following her to the doorway. “I want my whole team in top shape.”

“Really, I’m good-”

The towel stack in Asami’s arms was suddenly tossed at Korra. She caught them with a jolt of pain. It took a moment for her breath to return.

Asami raised an eyebrow at her.

“…see?” Korra flashed a grin through clenched teeth.

Asami nodded at the empty third table. “Sit.”

Lao and Bin both glanced up as Asami navigated the Avatar back into the locker room. Asami lifted a hand to them. “I’ve got it.” The twins gave her a quick bow before returning their attentions to Mako and Bolin.

Korra hopped onto the table. Snaking out of her Fire Ferret jersey was a bit of a trial, but she managed it with the help of a second pair of hands. Her back twinged a few times. A brush of air made Korra shiver as her hair was pushed back behind her shoulders. She fidgeted on the table when Asami stepped between her legs to get closer.

Asami's hands gripped her shoulders and neck, rolling muscle forward experimentally with her fingertips. “Great job tonight.”

“Oh, thanks,” she said. Asami gently applied more pressure, and hit a spot that made Korra’s body go limp for a split second. Her eyes clamped shut, and she bit back a noise.

“Yup,” Asami said. Korra could hear a smile. “Exactly where Mako gets it.”

Korra breathed heavily through the painful twitching in her muscles, ignoring the image of Mako getting personal back rubs from the girl. The scent of jasmine filled her nose for a moment. She probably smelled like a gym sock in comparison.

“Relax your shoulders,” Asami instructed gently, “Don’t forget to breathe.”

Asami had a harder grip than Korra expected. Despite how soft Asami's skin felt, there were callouses on her fingertips. Not what Korra expected of an heiress. Much like her enthusiasm for pro-bending; Asami could keep toe-to-toe with Mako when it came to stats and techniques, and she couldn’t even bend. She was smart.

“Aren’t firebending and waterbending different techniques? I wouldn’t have thought you'd get the same repetitive injuries.“

Korra’s shoulder blades ached, jealous of the attention that the connected neck muscles were getting. She squirmed a bit to aim Asami’s fingers further back.


Her body swayed in rhythm with the massage. Asami’s hands were so warm.

The rubbing stopped, and Korra looked up. “Hm?”

Asami smirked down at her. “That good, huh?”

Korra smiled back, blushing.