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Interlude Zero

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Disclaimer: The Protectors of the Plot Continuum belongs to Jay and Acacia. This is an authorized spinoff and Mina and Carlisle belong to me.

RC !111: An Introduction 

Mina Overpower was very excited. Today she finally got a new partner! The Marquis de Sod had assigned her to Floaters, where everyone got anti-gravity suits! Or something. 

So what if her parents thought she wasn’t ready? They were clearly wrong. 

Mina turned down the Generic Hallway, intent on finding her new RC. Ah! There it was, Response Centre (Mina frowned at what she assumed was a misspelling) !111. She knocked on the pale beige door. “Hello?”

As the door was opened, a tall, thin man in a gray suit was revealed. “Name?” he said, staring at a sheet of paper. 

“What?” asked Mina. 

“State your current appellation.” 

“Again, my what?”

The man adjusted his spectacles. “I assume you are my new partner. Please state your name.”

“Um,” said Mina. “I’m Mina.”

The man looked up from his paper. “Is that all? You possess no surname?”

“Uh, Overpower?”

“Are you unsure?”

“No, I’m sure.”

“Age?” he continued.

“First, you tell me your name.” 

“I am known as Carlisle Cressington,” he said. “And I am forty-five years old.”

“I’m fifteen,” said Mina. “Now, can we—”

Carlisle held up a hand. “First, let me finish my list. Where was I…oh, yes. Species?”

“What species do I look like I am?” asked Mina.

“You resemble a human superficially, but in this place, that means nothing. You could be a Time Lord, an Andalite, or any number of other things.”

“That’s…true,” admitted Mina. “But what species are you?” 

“Human, of course,” Carlisle said. “Now, please answer the questio—”

“Can I come in now? Like, why are we still standing around?”

“All right, I suppose,” said Carlisle. “You may enter.” 

He stepped back, revealing an RC that was symmetrically split in two. It did not contain any anti-gravity suits. 

“Now,” he continued. “Will you please answer the quest—”

“Is the room supposed to be split in two?”

Carlisle sighed. “Yes.”

“This is your half.” He gestured to the side of the room that held nothing but Generic Furniture. 

“And mine.” Carlisle pointed to the other side, which had a few back-and-white pictures of him hanging on its walls. Most of the room was a dull grey.

“Why did you split the room in two?” asked Mina.

“My last partner was extremely messy,” said Carlisle. “And so we partitioned the room.”

“You didn’t just try to clean up more? You just…split it?”

“Yes,” said Carlisle. “It was the best available solution.”

“Ookay,” said Mina. She set down the pink bag she’d been carrying next to the couch in the center of the room. “Can you give me a tour?”

“I suppose,” he said. “Now, see this main room? It’s the main room.”

“Yeah,” interrupted Mina. “And the floor is made of floor.”

Carlisle stared at her for a moment before continuing. “It contains a sofa, television, console, armchair, and card table.” As he said this, he pointed to each item.

By this point, Mina had stopped paying attention.

“We each have a bedroom, branching off from the main area.” He gestured to the doors on either side of the room. “And further that way is the—”

“This is boring!” Mina interrupted. “I get it, it’s an RC. Woo-hoo. But what is there to do?”

“But it was you who requested a tour,” said Carlisle. “And what else would we need to do? Besides, I suppose, get-to-know-one-another games?”

“Fine,” said Mina. “I’m taking a nap.” She sat down on the couch.

“What? Nononono!” The words ran together. “That’s a terrible idea! The Ironic Overpower will instantly give us a mission. Do. Not. Take. A….” Carlisle trailed off as Mina began to snore. “…Nap.”

He turned around to face the console. “I know you want to. Please do not.” 

To Carlisle’s relief, it remained completely silent. “Well, if she gets a break, then I do as well.” He flopped down onto the armchair and tried to get to sleep.

Of course, just as he reached that place in between consciousness and unconsciousness, he could hear a loud [BLEEP!IT’STIMEFORYOURFIRSTMISSION!]. Carlisle groaned.