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Dia crouches behind closed doors, ear pressed to the wall, as she cruelly breaks him.

He has known – somewhere deep in his heart of hearts – that his love for her is an impossibility, that it is something that could never exist in more than just belief. And so he's kept it locked away in that same heart of hearts, knowing that they could only ever be just friends.

But it still hurts him so badly to hear it on her angel lips –

"But what about that boy? Dia?"

"He's a friend. Nothing more. It's you I love…"

A friend. Just a friend.

He sinks to the ground, back turned to the wall, and presses his face to his knees and silently cries.

The last time he had cried for her was because they had been separated. But for the first time in a long time, he remembers that the walls between people can be more than physical.