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一吻天荒|One Kiss 'til the Ends of the Earth

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“Why, Deputy Chief Lin, I didn’t know you had it in you!” Yang Xiuxian exclaims breathlessly, leaning off the bed to light his cigarette. The match strikes, once, twice, then finally catches.

Lin Nansheng sighs, already beginning to button his trousers, picking his discarded shirt off the floor and shaking it out. “Yang-xiansheng expected this outcome from the beginning,” he says dryly.

“Expected?” Yang Xiuxian laughs, shaking his head. “Hoped for, perhaps. Never expected. You’ve always managed to defy my expectations, one way or another.” He flops back against the pillows, bending one knee up, arm folded behind his head.

Sitting on the edge of the bed to pull on his boots, Lin Nansheng steals the cigarette from the other man’s mouth and takes a drag, giving a slight smile at Yang Xiuxian’s expression of mock-indignation. “Maybe I gave you too much credit,” he says playfully, but Yang Xiuxian can tell that his words are meaningful. They always are. “I’ve assumed from the beginning that you were always a few steps ahead of me.”

Yang Xiuxian can’t help the softening of his expression. “I never knew you thought so highly of me.”

The bed creaks as Lin Nansheng leans over. “I was suspicious of you.”

“‘Was’?” Yang Xiuxian challenges. He reaches out to cup Lin Nansheng’s sharp jaw, running his thumb over his cheekbone. “Am I any less suspicious now that I’m dependent on your… Patronage?”

Lin Nansheng, to his credit, doesn’t wince at the word as he had before. He puts his hand over Yang Xiuxian’s and turns to that he may place a brief kiss in the palm. “Of course not,” he says, and although his tone is comforting, Yang Xiuxian doesn’t laugh, despite desperately wanting to.

“A healthy dose of suspicion adds flavor to our friendship, I suppose,” Yang Xiuxian sighs, sitting up slightly.

“I’ve always appreciated everything you’ve done for me.”

“And I you.” Yang Xiuxian doesn’t want Lin Nansheng to see his face, then, and so he leans forward to steal a prolonged kiss. “I’d like to think we’ve been tied together by fate.”

In a way, it’s a question.

Lin Nansheng leans back in for another kiss.

It’s as much of an answer as can be hoped for, under the circumstances.