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The anomaly

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24th of June.

It was a rainy summer day.
Till was laying on a flower field all alone enjoying the rain falling on him, eyes closed, mouth completely shut, but his head was pretty loud and full of thoughts.
But, in that moment he kind of felt relieved, he was finally on his own without anyone judging him, and still shocked on the event that changed his life: his size shifting power finally showed up, but it wasn't like he (and his family) expected.
His size was way more bigger than the usual (the average size is around 24 meters tall, while he was around 33 meters), making his power extremely difficult to control and more likely to cause disasters because of it.
But, unfortunately, it was the less painful part.
What hurt him was that, despite his father was a shifter too (average sized), he called his son a "man eating beast" and barely looking at him after his power showed up.
It was more than a week that the man that raised him started to "hate" his own son for something that wasn't even his fault, and that destroyed Till so bad psychologically.
Even the other shifters and the humanoids hated him, the only person that still loved him was his mother, no matter what.

The boy opened his eyes, immediately got up, took a deep breath and let the most loud scream he ever did out.
He burst out crying desperately, falling on his knees and punching the ground frustrated.
"I didn't asked to be this way, it's not my fault I am oversized" He kept on repeating it while tears were crossing his face. He felt so powerless and disappointed, he waited for so long for this power to show up and now that it did, it became his greatest disgrace.
He then lay down again, doing a big sigh while the rain was still flowing.

A person suddenly appeared behind him.
"I heard you scream. What's wrong?" Asked the person.

Till immediately got up scared and in front of him there was a skinny guy with long blond hair that was wearing glasses, a black shirt, a pair of jeans, blue sneakers and a raincoat.
"I am sorry I scared you..." said the guy shyly.

"I am okay I swear. I Didn't knew there was another one here, I thought I was alone". Replied a bit embarrassed Till, while he was drying his tears and was making sure the guy didn't noticed that he was crying.

"You were kinda alone, hehe" The guy laughed nervously. "It's my power... I come here to have relaxing walks and when I don't want anyone to disturb me I simply become invisibile".
"Invisibility huh? Great and useful power, I'd do a lot of interesting stuff" Said Till while smiling.
"It is indeed useful, especially when you want to have peace on your own... and...sorry for asking out of curiosity but... what's your?" Asked the boy while raising an eyebrow.
"Nothing interesting, just... a useless one" Till looked down, he wanted to avoid this discussion. "Also, I come here too when I want to be alone, great place huh?".

"Did I asked something painful?" His face was blushing from the embarrassment.
Till tried to "calm" him down.
"NONONO! It's okay... it's okay! It's huh..." He stopped to think what to say, if telling him the truth or lying, then he took a deep breath. "Okay, probably I'll never see you again so I'm gonna tell ya! You can be free to hate or be scared of me, don't worry!".
He then took another deep breath, this time was more longer than the first one, the guy was pretty confused and didn't know what to say, couldn't help but waiting for him to reply or showing something.
Till's body suddenly started to grow bigger and bigger, until he reached his definitive size. He then looked down at the guy, who was a mix between shocked and astonished.
"So..? No scream or insults?" Asked Till while covering his face in fear.

The guy's reaction was very unexpected:
"Dude. You told me you had a useless power. This is fucking amazing!" Said while jumping excitedly. "I MEAN! LOOK AT YOU! YOU CAN SAVE MULTIPLE PEOPLE AT THE SAME TIME, REMOVING HEAVY OBJECTS... DEFEATING AN ENTIRE ARMY...AND YET YOU CALL IT USELESS??" He said loudly while looking up.

"You... like this?" Replied Till while he was about to kneel down.
He wasn't still aware of his huge strength, and when his knee touched the ground, he made everything around him shaking, making the poor guy losing his balancing and falling on the ground.
"I am sorry!" He said desperately while trying to delicately picking him up with his huge hand.
"Oof don't worry. So.. I guess your power showed up recently, and you are..bigger than the usual huh? Don't worry, I'll help you control it! I am pretty good on helping newbies to control their peculiarities!" Said him while he was curiously observing Till's body. "Oh. I have been rude this whole time. My name is Christian, but you can call me Flake! And... I feel bad for not asking you if you needed an umbrella before..."
"I am Till and don't worry, I am used on being this wet, especially here.. this field is so pretty when it rains that I'd feel bad if I'd use an umbrella" He giggled a bit surprised before going back to his human size.

The two talked a lot and introduced themselves to get to know each other better.
For the first time, Till finally found a person that was interested by his power and that didn't ran away scared.
Going to the field that day was surely a great idea!