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Slayers That Were Never Called

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SG-1: Inexplicably Chosen

Sam Carter grasped the barbell with both hands, crafted a U-shape, and raised her brows at Janet. "You call this normal?" she laughed.

The petite doctor scribbled another note and frowned. "I meant, no sign of alien influence. In fact, your readings match your last check-up. There's absolutely no indication how..."

"For this, or the hearing test, or the treadmill, or the nightmares, I know," Sam shrugged, then straightened out the bar. "But now that we know Daniel's been hanging around..."

"He only visited Jack and Teal'c. What makes you think he's responsible for this?"

"What other explanation is there?"


CSI: Considering the Evidence

Sara Sidle stared, shocked, at the pile of dust before her. What the hell was going on? What had that-- thing-- just tried to do to her, and how had she known how to stop it?

The puncture wound on her neck was stinging, the pencil she'd grabbed from the counter had splintered, and that-- ash?-- it had left behind was contaminating the crime scene. Not to mention, the-– disappearance? Disintegration?-– of the victim. Grissom was not going to be happy.

Although, a little voice suggested, this perfectly explained the cause of death. Barbeque fork? Come on. Considering the evidence...


STIV: Temporally Challenged

By the time humanity ventured forth among the stars, Slayers were far less common than they'd been immediately after Willow Rosenberg infected every Potential in the local space-time continuum. (The third World War-- the Superhumans' war-- had seen to that). What few there were stayed on Earth; none were ever aboard the various Starfleet vessels sent backward into the past, across the standing wave of Activation permeating the fabric of the universe in that moment.

Going forward was another story. Especially for Dr. Gillian Taylor, who suddenly had far more to wonder about than kidnapped whales and outdated scientific knowledge.


HP: Uncareful What She Wished For

Once upon a time, Petunia Evans loved her little sister. Once upon a time, Petunia went to a special "boarding school" of her own, and she was proud when Lily turned out to be special, too.

But then Petunia turned eighteen, and everything changed. Her Watcher sent her home, where she had to watch everyone fawn over magical Lily and know she wasn't special after all.

All Petunia's choices afterward stemmed from the bitter wish that she'd been Chosen. She worked hard to build a defiantly normal life--

--only to lose it all when her wish belatedly came true.


JP: Just Another Exotic Predator

There were advantages and disadvantages to being the granddaughter of a quixotic billionaire. Lex Murphy was never in any danger from Watchers, who had to settle for placing themselves in her life as tutors; she was, however, subject to some other unusual dangers-- like the living, breathing dinosaurs who tried to eat her one weekend at her grandfather's theme park.

Not much had the capacity to scare her after that. Not even being plunged into the supernatural world ten years later. After all, what were vampires to a girl who'd faced a Tyrannosaurus Rex and lived to tell the tale?


SGA: Know What You've Got (Before It's Gone)

The first thing Jeannie Miller did when she returned from Atlantis was to spill everything to her "English major" husband and ask his advice. Mainstream militaries might be incompatible with the Watcher's Council, but Atlantis and the SGC represented an opportunity; also, she wanted permission to tell Rodney the truth after finally reconnecting with him again.

Meeting Rod had been a window into the life of a Jeannie never Called. Three babies, not one, and several physics articles published; no time and worry taken up Slaying. It had made her remember how much she appreciated everything-- everyone-- she did have.


MIB: Inconvenient Amnesia

"Jay," the dark-haired coroner said, greeting the M.I.B. agents as they entered her morgue in pursuit of their latest investigation. "Kay! Hello."

Jay blinked at his ex-partner, then exchanged glances with Kay. Elle had been flashy-thinged back before Kay was un-retired; she shouldn't remember them. Unless...

Both men instinctively reached for their pockets-- and were suddenly restrained by Laurel's too-quick, too-strong fingers. None of their tricks were sufficient to free the increasingly alarmed agents.

"I told them they shouldn't have memory-spelled you guys after the vampire thing," she said, frowning. "Now I'll have to explain about Slayers all over again."


Evolution: Moving Up a Notch on the Food Chain

Saving the earth from hyper-evolving alien organisms didn't quite rehabilitate Ira Kane's career; nothing could ever really make up for "Kane's Madness", after all. He did, however, land a better teaching job with a much nicer lab near the CDC offices where Allison worked.

There was just something about shampooing aliens together that irrevocably bonded people, she supposed happily.

Unfortunately, it also made them paranoid. It took two months for the Watcher's Council to find Alison; months filled with obsessive testing for lingering alien influence. Forget the vampires, she was just relieved to have a terrestrial explanation for her changes.


Twister: Tickled by the Winds of Change

It probably said a lot about her that one of the first things Jo thought of when she found out what her changed body could do was, "Wonder if I could outrace a tornado on foot?"

Predictably, Bill's thoughts went in other directions entirely. Forget the news about vampires, or her sudden aptitude with her aunt's butchering tools: he was an adrenaline junkie, just like the rest of their aging team, but he was at that mid-life crisis stage where "Finger of God" made him think of the bedroom before meteorological phenomena.

Fortunately for Jo, her stamina had increased, too.


Bones: Itinerant Artist

"Twenty-five addresses in six countries in eight years?" the agents at the security checks inevitably asked her.

Angela always covered with a smile and careless babble. Sometimes, it really was useful to be known as a flighty artist; better people raise their eyebrows at laughing tales of Fijian fire dances than hear just why she'd ritually married the locals' half-demon ruler. Better they think Tempe's martial arts abilities were just another weird quirk than an actual talent she taught her friend-turned-Slayer-pupil.

Sometimes, though-- watching Hodgins walk away again, hurt-- Angela really wished she could be known as a Slayer, too.

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Fast & Furious: Nobody's Blank Slate

Letty was only a little surprised when she woke up in the hospital, considering the last thing she remembered was looking down the barrel of Fenix's gun.

Definitely not as surprised as he and Campos were gonna be. And if filling Brian in didn't do for 'em-- well. Dom would be home soon. She was still pissed at him for leaving for her own good, but she'd never filled him in on the suddenly woke up Supergirl thing, either; so she couldn't throw stones.

Time for a lot of secrets to spill. She carefully started detaching herself from the IV.


Leverage: Someone's Gotta Spot Her

Eliot never really asked exactly how Parker could do the things she did. 'Cause he was pretty sure he already knew. She was unnaturally strong and quick for her body type, and had a fluid, precise grace he'd only ever seen in the supernaturally gifted.

She'd passed all the subtle tests he'd picked up from various missions to wartorn countries where humans weren't the only opportunists, though; which basically left only one possibility.

He never told her outright he knew. But he carved her a stake one day-- and was gratified by the luminous smile she gave him in return.


Eureka: No Mice With Cigarettes Here

Zoe sighed in frustration, tipping her head back against the headrest in her dad's car.

This would all be so much easier if she could just tell him why she'd really 'run away'. But after her mom's reaction when she'd tried explaining the Slayer thing-- back when she'd first started breaking doorknobs, and those Watcher people showed up-- she wasn't eager to get treated like a psych ward patient by her father the US Marshal, too.

She wondered if Eureka had any vampires, or if they were kept away by the other weirdness. She supposed she'd find out soon enough.


Dresden Files: Black Court Bane

Several months after Murph and I saved Marcone from getting eaten by a loupgarou-- scumbag or not, no-one deserved that-- Karrin turned up on my doorstep, pale and worried and suddenly capable of punching unsuspecting sparring partners through walls.

We hadn't been on the best of terms since she'd arrested me. But of course I was going to help her.

She'd heard a voice ask if she was ready to be strong-- then was, on par with the White Court. But they couldn't turn people-- they weren't that kind of vampire.

Looked like I had a new project to research.


ROTF: Equal Opportunity Suspension of Disbelief

"No, Sam," Mikaela scowled at her idiot boyfriend. "I don't have to cut you any slack. I've been a Slayer for six years, and you're the first boyfriend I've invited along, because silly me, I thought we had something real. Did I or didn't I believe you when you went crazy and insisted you could resurrect Optimus with a sock full of dust?"

"Uh." He gave her a sheepish, apologetic look. "It's just. Vampire hunting? Really?"

She crossed her arms. "What was that you said about fifty years from now...?"

He grumbled; but caved. "Okay, I'll give it a chance."

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Sleepy Hollow: Marked for What Destiny, Now?

To be honest, when some strange British guy rocked up at Terrytown Psych in her sister's company, Jenny'd thought the Watcher's Council had finally found her. Corbin had warned her about those guys; Reverend Knapp had told him all about them. She'd had enough of being sacrificed for a higher power's jollies, thanks.

But no; Crane was an entirely other flavor of weird altogether. Also involved in the supernatural. Also dragging Abbie back into it.

Jenny's conscience might be clear, but there was no way she was just going to sit around when there was obviously Slaying to be done.


Battle Creek: Long Distance Relationship Barriers

"Look," the new girl pleaded. "Are you sure I can't tell my boyfriend?"

Even before the Slayer school thing, Buffy'd been exposed to too many wielders of the canine eyes to succumb easily. "Didn't you say he's a cop? The stubborn, dog-with-a-bone kind? That usually gets ugly, unless they've had their own close encounters."

"But he thinks I'm at law school. In Indiana! I'm more worried about him figuring out that's a lie, honestly. If I could just borrow Illyria...."

Buffy pictured the ancient god-thing being asked to visit Cerealtown, USA, and caved.

"If she agrees to behave."

Holly beamed.


Sharknado 5: One Straw Too Many

Somewhere in the midst of their shark-chasing world tour, Fin made time to ask.

"Nova-- what really made you go looking for that Harness of Dakuwaqa thing anyway? It's kind of a reach from 'caused by climate change' to 'mythical doohickey involved'."

Nova thought about trying to explain the whole Slayer factor, and the 'Sharknado Sisterhood' several of them formed to fight back with the Devon Coven's assistance... and defaulted to a shrugged, "Just followed the clues."

Fin might accept shark-filled tornadoes ripping through space-time for bizarre-science reasons. But demon gods and vampires? That would be one step too weird.


Jurassic World: Making Inappropriate Footwear Look Good

More than a decade after the Mass Calling, Slayers had spread out in all kinds of professions world-wide. They didn't have to Slay if they preferred otherwise; or even report to a Watcher. They were just asked to follow Rule #1, and never to use their powers against humans.

Not even her family suspected the real reason Claire had gladly moved to an island warded against supernatural influence. Still, if there was one thing about her Calling she did appreciate....

Claire waved a flare over her head, and never once wavered as she ran from a Tyrannosaur in high heels.


King Arthur LOTS: From Nothing Comes a Slayer

She tried not to wonder what had become of her Custos; when the Black Legs caught them out one night he'd told her to run, and she'd never seen him again.

Winding up in Art's brothel hadn't been so bad. Being unable to hunt had bothered her more than having to earn her living. Rescuing as many girls as she could when Mischief John came for them, though, and helping the rebels while Art-- their Art-- challenged the King--

And later, when she found Vortigern's books and realized there were Syrens down below--

Finally, she felt like a Slayer again.