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Blazing, burning an eternal spark

He dons a writhing, scorching Dark Mark

His eyes, bottle-green, killing-curse green

Eager to please or to vent his spleen

Dusky lashes, ebony locks, golden skin

Travels with white companions, pale as his kin

Marked by those wicked, jagged scars

Perfect surfaces they did mar

Eternal glory one does seek

An impossible task makes one weak

He stands with his enemies facing

Wakes in night, fervently pacing

They go their separate ways

Knowing limited their days

The other hunting for a lost soul

A future told in the scrying bowl

Already, prophecies tell his known fate

Chasing destiny flanked by his two mates

Forevermore stuck in time

Haunted by ghosts of their crimes

The boy who made all of the wrong choices

In his head, he ignored all those voices

The born-to-be wizarding world savior

Life as keenly observed as behavior

Then brought together, or to bind

Their lives forever intertwined

Their two legacies left behind

Only a story in their minds