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Lay Me Down

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Iruka walked out of the Hokage’s office with mixed feelings. Part of him was thrilled that he was requested to perform for Konoha. He enjoyed singing at Flames, a very popular night club. The other part of him however, was hesitant because it would be a special Christmas concert and Iruka just wasn’t really feeling it this year. Kakashi, his lover for the past 2 years, was currently on month 4 of a 6 month mission. Iruka just wanted to spend the holiday at home alone and not around other happy people. ‘Ah well,’ he thought, ‘I better go figure out what I want to sing and start planning the performance.’ The concert was just three weeks away.


Tsunade picked up a handful of scrolls and shouted out to her assistant, “Shizune, I want you to have these sent out to all of our shinobi in the field. If it’s going to be detrimental to their safety, do not attempt contact. I need it done yesterday!”

“Yes Hokage-sama!” Um…shall I expedite this particular scroll?” Shizune held one up and looked to Tsunade for guidance.

“Please do so. You’re dismissed. GENMA! BRING ME SOME SAKE!”

Shizune gave the senbon-chewing shinobi an “I share your pain” smile and went to deliver the message scrolls to the aviary for send-off.