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Getting to know you

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It all started the day after a big fight.

Sean awoke in agony. His side was screaming at him and his face ached. Overall he felt like he'd gone five rounds with a blutbad... he had.


Nick had been looking into a case about the deaths of people around the portland area who had been torn to shreds. After reviewing security footage they had found that the same group of people were seen leaving every scene. Identifying these perpetrators had been a bit more difficult and there were several more deaths before any evidence was left behind. An ATM camera caught the face of one of the men and Monroe, who had stopped by the precinct by chance, recognised him as one of the blutbad who he had ran with during his more... carefree stage of life. From there it had been easy to identify his buddies as part of a gang he had joined while serving time for assault.

There were ten of them in total and they all knew they had to be dealt with quickly. Bad things happened when blutbadden ran in packs. Hank had torn his achilles again so it was left to Nick and Monroe to solve the problem and they thought they could handle it on their own.

Renard only found out after they had left when he ran into Hank and he knew the Grimm and Blutbad had got into more than they could handle. Blutbad gangs rarely functioned for long and Sean knew that someone else was behind it all, otherwise the group would have already descended into anarchy either killing everyone in sight or just taking out each other. If it was left to the Blutbadden there would be a trail of chaos not just a few deaths. Someone was pulling the strings and Sean had a suspicion it was someone who worked with the royal families.

Sean had followed the men out to where they had tracked the gang, thankful they had left the address with Hank, and pulled up outside a old abandoned warehouse. He snuck up to the windows and glanced around inside seeing that it had indeed been a trap. Monroe and Nick were tied to chairs in the centre of the room seemingly unconscious. There was only one guard but Sean assumed the others were nearby. He crept to the back entrance, glad he had covered himself in wolfsbane before he had left. He quickly snuck up behind the guard and dispatched him. He then approached the tied up captives glad when they both looked up at him: they had been faking unconsciousness. He quickly freed them and that was when all hell broke loose. The rest of the gang returned and it quickly descended into an all out brawl. Renard had emptied his clip into them before wogeing to fight hand to hand with the rest. Nick and Monroe each had found weapons and were killing them as fast as they could so it was down to Sean to take on the rest and hopefully keep them distracted and at bay long enough them to be killed. Of course this meant he was mostly letting them kick the crap out of them, he couldn’t focus on any one lest the others gang up on Nick or Monroe. By the time they were down to the last assailant Sean was pretty sure he had a broken rib and would probably need stitches to his face and torso. He was just glad it hadn’t been worse.

After it was done Sean had Monroe take him to the spice shop to be patched up and they left Nick to dispose of the bodies. Rosalee had quickly stitched him up and bound his ribs the best she could all the while insisting that he should go to the hospital but he had no way to explain his injuries and he would heal fairly quickly anyway. He instead went home to bed dreading going to work the next day and knowing he would have to anyway. He had a lot of important meetings both for official business and of wesen nature. He also had to deal with a few things for the laufer so he knew the next day was going to be hell.