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It Was All Just a Game

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It was the day after, morning to be precise, Harry Potter's name spat itself in a blaze from the Goblet of Fire; a mystery no one could solve, even Potter, however it's not like anyone would believe his explanation.

"Of course famous Potter gets the glory, that sniveling dumb git! Of course he would be the one to have his stupid name pulled from the cup, while the more qualified, prestigious people for the challenge (me) get to sit back and watch that idiot Gryffindork get himself killed," Draco Malfoy ranted to his posse, Crabbe and Goyle, while getting ready for breakfast. "He won't last the first task."

The two 'oaf brains' were actually smarter than they proceed to be. Draco said they were two-faced, but in a good way. During classes and studies, they weren't expected much of, since they appeared to be grumbling idiots, when really they were shy of brilliance.

"I don't know, Draco," Crabbe said, "He has gotten away with a lot of things! I mean he did stop those dementors-" He trailed away when cut off by daggers shot towards him. There's one rule as to interrupting a ranting Draco: don't.

"By luck! Everything done by Potty is achieved through luck! Don't you dare interrupt me while I'm ranting! How many times have I told you not to do that," Draco snapped, shoving his toes in his shoes before tying them fiercely.

Although Draco's inner circle was by far more than superior, sometimes they slipped up, but hey, it happens. They were loyal and helped out in rough spots. After all, they had to be since the whole school hates Slytherins; Everything was all an act (sometimes).

Pansy: the perfect example of extreme fabrication. With the reputation to act like a princess, it surprises people when they find out that after her skin is peeled she can sometimes be a genuinely nice girl- to her fellow Slytherins of course. Don't get me wrong, the second prey is within her reach, she snaps, but wouldn't anybody?

They liked it that way. It was nice not having to worry about anybody else. They were all alike in seemingly different ways, but once a Slytherin, always a Slytherin, and if you made it in the house you would be trusted.

Most of the things they would pull on other houses were just friendly pranks.... maybe take out the friendly, in fact they were most certainly not friendly, rather certain tomfoolery could land you in the hospital wing for weeks.

But if they made their horseplay all chummy and whatnot, other houses would want to be all 'buddy buddy' and sappy, and dare I say it, mushy; frankly, who could ever want endless love and affection from Hufflepuffs, Ravenclaws, or even stupid Gryffindorks? Everyone would turn into teddy bears and fluff balls, and that was completely unacceptable.

On the other hand some pranks could be more than a simple joke. In fact some may just be completely sinister. For instance, the one Draco just came up with while digging into a forkful of eggs.

It was in the midst of superior deceit and revenge for stealing the fire when something so clever, so genius, clicked.

"Pansy?" Draco asked deviously, although he was nervous. Would he be laughed at? Judged? Abandoned for the idea sprung in his imagination?

"Yes, Draco?"

"You've been in love right?"

She raised an eyebrow at him. "Are you feeling okay?"

"I'm being serious," Draco said snobbishly.

"Okay, Merlin, don't get your knickers in a twist," Pansy snapped and the blonde rolled his eyes, "Its like being drunk-"

"What," Draco snapped as fast a venom, "No it's not!"

"Would you let me finish," Pansy denied his ability to answer, simply because she just didn't want to hear another bratty response. But she knew Draco, she knew he was on to something for he had to be. The blonde never cared for any form of emotion, let alone love.

Draco had a mask. Anytime and all the time he didn't want people to read what he was feeling he hid it, but most times he didn't have anything to cover. Only his inner circle could tell if he was plainly disturbed or not.

"It's like losing all of your senses. You don't know how to react to situations as you would not in love. You're care free, so to speak."

"Making it the ultimate distraction," Draco smirked, glancing over to the Gryffindor table with nasty eyes.

"I mean, you could look at it that way unlike every other human being in the world. What are you on to?"

"So, if Potter is in a tournament in which all his senses must be on edge, a tournament he could get seriously injured- hell, die in, wouldn't it be a shame if he lost said senses?"

"Draco..." Blaise said cautiously. Another rule set to Draco's friends just so happened to be to not interrupt him when he's plotting. "What do you mean?"

"Oh don't be so daft, Blaise. It means that if he got a girlfriend he would be too distracted to even compete and he would lose, or possibly get hurt in the process," Draco explained, looking at them as if they were inhabitable lifeforms.

"So all we would need for guaranteed failure, is a girl," Goyle said, and they all turned to Pansy.

"No! No no no! I will not be Potty's girlfriend, I refuse," Pansy bit.

"But you're a girl. It's the only thing you're good for," Draco spoke before taking a bite of toast.The boys laughed.

Pansy, mouth agape, stared Draco down. "I actually have a use besides seduce arrogant pigs like you," she scoffed. "I won't do it."

"Well, we need someone to," Crabbe said. They all looked around at each other, and then down at their plates under Draco's icy stare.

"How about you Draco," Blaise joked, "You were the one to come up to the idea."

Draco snorted, "Good one, Blaise."

"Actually, that's a wonderful idea," Pansy said in complete seriousness, putting her fork down with clang. "Thank you, Blaise."

Draco choked on his own saliva and stuttered aimlessly, trying to find words.

She crossed her arms and stuck out her chest, her jaw sticking out. "Surely it won't be too, bad. I heard Potter's a good kisser, and his hair is only half of a rats nest."

"You can't be serious right now!"

"Oh, I am," she smirked, "You came up with it. It's only fair you go through with it."

"One flaw, Parkinson," Draco collected himself, his face dropping into a smirk.

"And what would that be?"

"I'm not gay. Potter isn't gay that I know of."

"We're teenagers, Draco," Blaise reasoned, "There's nothing wrong with experimenting, and it's not like he has a strict family like yours. I'm sure he'd be up to the challenge. The wimp here would be you."

"Potter is all about love and friendship and all that snugglily affectionate crap. Krum would be a shoe in for the cup," Crabbe reasoned.

"You are pretty handsome if I do say so myself," Pansy said and Draco smirked. "It would be easy to convince him, he's gullible. Drop the snob act for a month, suck it up, and while distracting him, humilate him in the process!"

Draco automatically replied, "And if we get caught?"

"Then you play it off laughing. No one would believe it, I don't even think Potter would. You two are sworn enemies and if someone saw you flirting or whatever, and they told someone, no one would ever think of it to be true," Goyle said as if he thought it through before this entire conversation.

"Come on! You could make a fool out of him. Just use your Slytherin charm," Crabbe persuaded.

"And what would I get out of it," Draco raised an eyebrow, actually concidereing it, which they had to admit was more than they thought they would get.

"Your most favorite thing in the entire world," Blaise smirked. "Humilating Potter."

"This could be revenge for him not shaking your hand in first year," Pansy said very low.

"Hey! I don't care about that anymore," Draco bit back, and Pansy gave him an 'are you kidding me' look.

"Well," she asked in anticipation. "Are you going to suck it up, or are you going to be a coward?"

Draco bit his lip and glanced over to the Gryffindor's table, where Potter sat, chasing his food around with his fork, not eating a bite. The boy-wonder looked miserable.

And Draco enjoyed every second of it.

He took a deep breath before saying, "I'll do it."