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in the arms of a mother

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shes glad they found her, gods shes so glad they found her, but in a way, it kind of like they still havent gotten her back.

she expected their reunion to be… she doesnt know—just, different. not with an amnesic jancy. a jancy who doesnt remember anything.

a jancy who doest remember them.

shes not the same jancy that spent weeks trying to find out her birthday so they could celebrate it together, so that rosé could celebrate it for the first time. determined and loving.

shes not the same jancy who was the only one there to encourage york at his first fashion show—the others made it there eventually, but she was the one who got york through it. strong and supportive.

shes not the same jancy that took grandma to the zoo. grandma was so excited she couldnt stop talking about it for weeks. jancy knew that they’d love it, thats why she did it for him. considerate and thoughtful.

but—thats the thing. she is the same jancy. even with her new name and her new clothes.

thats why it hurts so much. because jancy isnt gone. she just…

doesnt remember them,

doesnt remember her.