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“What the hell, Katsuki?”

Suddenly, it was like all the sounds in the club rushed into his ears at once. Your lovely voice, the bass of the music, overlapping conversations, the clinking of bottles at the bar. Bakugou shook his head, trying to regulate himself.

“What was that?” You asked, your face coming into view. Your hands on your hips, your brow furrowed… he already knew what that meant. You were pissed. Why the hell were you pissed at him? He was just defending you. Right?

“He had his hands on you! I wasn’t going to sit back and let him do whatever the fuck he wanted!” He practically shouted.

“I had it handled.” You argued back, not even flinching, your voice dropping in contrast to his booming words. You always knew how to handle him, and it was one of the things he loved most about you.

He clicked his tongue against his teeth. He knew you had it handled, but something came over him. You stared at him as he stared back at you. You huffed, cocking your hip to the side which drew his eyes down to your curves. The heat that was once in his face slipped down low, straight to his groin. He bit the inside of his cheek as he grabbed your hand and pulled you towards the restrooms without another word.

You let him pull you along, surprisingly. You probably assumed the argument you were about to have would be better behind closed doors, but that wasn’t what Bakugou had in mind. He slung open the door to the men’s restroom and pulled you inside. He locked the door and turned to face you. 

Your arms were crossed as you looked at the locked door and then back at him expectantly. He crossed the little space that was left between you but stopped a few feet away when you spoke suddenly. “Well, gonna explain yourself?”

“There’s nothing to say.” He managed to ground out. Bakugou’s fists clenched and unclenched as he tried to control the possessive feeling that was beginning to overtake any sense he had left. 

“Katsuki.” You sighed, cocking your hip out to the side again. His eyes zeroed in on the supple flesh there and Bakugou felt his feet begin to move towards you, only stopping when you spoke again. “You almost broke that man’s hand.”

“Because he touched you.” He replied without thinking.

Your eyes seemed to glow in the dim lights at his words. He couldn’t tell if it was anger or desire…? His cock twitched, becoming hard at the thought. He stepped closer to you again, yet you stood your ground, your chin tilted up so you could stare into his carmine eyes. Your breasts brushed up against him, making his breath hitch. His resolve was fading. Fast.


The word echoed so loudly in his ears that he finally broke. Before you could say anything more, he grabbed your hips and hoisted you up onto the counter beside the single sink. He stood between your thighs, his hard cock pressing against your stomach. He grabbed your chin and pressed his lips against yours hungrily. He licked your lips and a thrill ran up his spine when you conceded and allowed his tongue to explore your mouth.

Your hands wound around his neck and into his hair. Your mouth worked against his with familiarity. You knew every spot on his body that he liked to be kissed and touched. You gripped his hair at the roots, making him grit his teeth and rut against you. You moaned and the sound went straight to his cock.

He needed to be inside of you. Needed to claim you.

It was like you heard his thoughts, your hands already going down to unbutton his jeans and undo his zipper. You pushed his jeans down around his ass and freed his cock from his underwear in the same fashion. Your hand grasped his cock, your thumb swiping against the head to smear the pre cum there around. He grunted, thrusting up into your hand. “Need you…”

Fuck, he hated how whiny he sounded. But you made that thought fall away when you asked, “How do you need me?”

“Inside you. Please.” He replied, but you took a second too long to respond. Or maybe you did respond, he wasn’t sure anymore, but he couldn’t wait anymore. He pulled you from the counter and turned you towards the bathroom mirror, facing away from him. He unbuttoned your jeans, just as you had for him, and yanked your jeans and panties down together harshly.

Your eyes were wide as you watched him, but you didn’t deny him, didn’t push him away. So he bent you over the counter, and to his delight, you pushed your ass against him. He bit his lip as he stroked his cock a couple of times while his other hand gripped and smacked your ass cheek, making you put a hand over your mouth from crying out.

He chuckled darkly before using the same hand to dip a finger into your pussy. It was so warm and so fucking wet. You were more turned on than he had thought. His finger was coated and he couldn’t help but add another finger and thrust them inside of you slowly. Again, you moaned behind your hand, pushing back against him.

Fine, he’d give you what you so desperately wanted. What HE so desperately wanted.

He slid the head of his cock between your folds, hitting your clit with each short stroke as he coated his cock in your arousal. He loved watching his cock dip in and out of you. “So fucking wet for me, baby.” You whimpered in response as your hand fell away to grip the bathroom counter.

Once he was lubed up and satisfied, he watched your face in the mirror as he slowly plunged his cock into your pussy. He bit his lip as your mouth made an adorable ‘o’. Your eyes stayed on him and it only fueled the possessive energy coursing through his veins right now. 


He thrusted slowly, barely leaving your pussy before thrusting into you again, as he stretched you out nicely around his thick cock. His eyes never left yours in the mirror, his hands gripping your hips for dear life. 

“Fuck, so tight.” He groaned. “You like it when I call you ‘mine,’ baby?”

He already knew the answer. Your pussy told him everything he needed to know with how wet you were, how much your pussy squeezed around him as he said the word. He wanted to hear you say it though. Needed to hear you say it. 

“Mmhmm.” You moaned softly, trying to keep quiet. Fuck being quiet.

He leaned down and whispered in your ear as he grinded against your ass. “Wanna hear ya say it.” His cock was hitting all the delicious spots inside of you that he knew would have you drooling for more. You wouldn’t be able to hold back now.

“Yes!” You moaned loudly, your eyes rolling back. Fuck you took his cock so well. But that wasn’t what Bakugou needed to hear. 


He gripped your hair firmly at the roots, forcing you to look at yourself in the mirror. “Say it, baby. Tell me that you’re mine.” He growled.

“I’m yours!” You gasped.

He couldn’t hold back any longer. He gripped your waist, his warm hands sliding beneath your top to grip your bare skin as he fucked his cock deep inside of you. Your ass slapped back against his hips as his thrusts became harder and faster.

“Fuck, m’gonna cum. Gonna fill you up, baby. Tell me again. Tell me you’re mine.”

“I’m yours!” You cried out, legs shaking as he pounded into you, balls slapping against your pussy from below. He knew you were close. Without slowing down, he reached between your legs in front of you, using the pad of his finger to rub small circles around your clit. Your back arched  as you whimpered and he had to grip your hip hard with his other hand to keep you from pulling off his cock.

“Cum for me. Cum for me so I can fill you up and make you all mine.” His voice rough with need. He wasn’t going to last long at this rate.

Thankfully, he didn’t have to ask twice. At his words you were mewling, pushing your ass back against him as your pussy squeezed his cock. He thrusted foward, fucking you through your orgasm until he could feel his own building up quickly. His hand left your clit and grabbed the back of your neck, his other hand still gripping your hip. His thrusts became less rhythmed and more sloppy as he chased the high only you could ever give him.

“Katsuki!” You moaned out his name and it was like a cord had snapped inside of him. He grunted, your name on his lips as his orgasm slammed into him. Rope after rope of cum painted your walls as his hips continued to snap against you.

Slowly, his thrusts came to a stop as he orgasm finished. He reluctantly pulled out of you and both of you groaned from the loss of contact. He yanked up his underwear and jeans before crouching down behind you, watching your combined cum slowly drip down your thighs. He gently pushed two fingers into your pussy, keeping his cum inside of you. Your legs squeezed together and you groaned. 

He grinned. “Sensitive?” You nodded before laying your head against the cool counter. 

Bakugou pulled his fingers from you and licked them clean. Your body shuddered. He pulled your panties back up around your hips, affectionately giving them a squeeze, and then your jeans. He could only get them below your hips before he had to give up and help you stand so you could shimmy them the rest of the way up.

“Fucking tight-ass jeans. I shouldn’t let you wear those out of the house.” He grumbled.

“But you do.” You said with a smile, leaning against him.

He rolled his eyes at you, but guided you by the waist to the bathroom door which he unlocked. He pushed the door open and the two of you walked slowly back to your friends. You leaned against him, your legs most likely still feeling like jelly. 

“We’re going home, extras. Have a good night.” Bakugou pulled out his wallet and slapped a few bills down. He could hear them calling after you as he helped you walk out of the club and to the car, but he didn’t care. He wanted to get you home and make sure he fucked as much cum into you as possible. That word still echoing in his head: