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    A love song for John Sheppard, Lt. Col., USAF; a love song for Atlantis, city. Some knowledge is written bone-deep.

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    Centuries from now, Atlantis will be rediscovered. They will find his bones beside one of the jumpers, or in the gateroom with his empty P-90 on top of them, or by a depleted ZPM with other bones, equally yellowed. He will not smell stale, ten thousand years dead, but like myrrh in a dry wind, the ointment of the city’s kisses. His femur will bear her mark, geometric, mathematical, seemingly symmetrical, completely asymmetrical.


    There’s this thing they do, see. John thinks he must have started it, because he’s always first with these things, with Atlantis, except that he didn’t. It was Zelenka, who loves the jumpers almost as much as John does. But the other pilots pick it up, and then anyone who travels on a jumper, and then anyone who leaves Atlantis at all.

    It will take hundreds of years or longer before anyone will be able to see the worn spot next to the control panel by the doors of the jumper bay, the wear in the gate on the inside of the seventh symbol.

    John walks through the doors to Jumper One, and his hand brushes by the spot. Ronon and Teyla have gone before him, and though Rodney sneers at it, calls it a superstitious religious affectation, he still reaches up and presses his palm to the same spot that John just touched, for a second. Maybe it’s his imagination, but John always thinks that spot is warmer than the rest of the city.

    The only person he never sees do it is Elizabeth. Maybe that’s because she almost never leaves the city. But she’s always known everything that goes on. Because when she leaves for the last time, full of nanites, her hand lingers, a sliding caress.

    Later, John sees Radek lean his forehead against the wall. His eyes are shut. John turns around and walks the other way.

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