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Fighting back

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It would be a regular class with them trying to disassemble a car engine if it wasn't for Nuer moaning on Syn's ear. On purpose. Just to make him flustered.

It wasn't just a random noise, he was literally moaning out loud, just to make the poor man lose his mind, which if he had to admit, he was very close to doing it in front of their classmates and professor.

"Shut up, Nuer! What are you doing?!", Syn slid from under the car and dragged the other with him. The most upsetting part about it: he couldn't ask their professor to change partners because apparently every other team was doing their task perfectly fine – of course, he was the only one cursed to have a Nuer tagged along.

It wasn't fair! Syn was a great student and Nuer was ruining this. Always flirting with him in the most inappropriate moments and looking extremely pleased when it happened to be in the public's eyes, be during classes or even when they were at the restaurant to grab lunch. And as if the terrible pick-up lines weren't enough, now on top of all that he was moaning!

"Why do you do this?!", Syn, the always so calm Syn, shoved Nuer's shoulder looking very angry.

"Because annoying you is like a hobby for me!", the other simply shrugged and went back to his previous position under the engine.

Things were slowly getting out of control and this was the reason why Syn decided to go for his friends for advice.

The first one he chose to talk to was Nuchy, but apparently he had chosen the wrong words, making the girl mad at him. "Why are you asking me about people hitting on me? Why don't you think I'm the one taking the initiative? Is that because I'm a girl?", she stormed out of the library making everyone stare at them. He only thought it was a good idea going for her because she was pretty good dealing with unrequited attention and he assumed she could help him.

Ton wasn't a good helper either because he suggested they should reunite and kick Nuer's ass. Although the idea seemed pretty interesting in the first few seconds, it wasn't exactly what he had in mind. Yes, it was a pain to have Nuer on his back – sometimes too literally – making him blush and all confused because of his cheesy lines, but he didn't want to hurt the guy either.

In the end, it was Kuea who had the best idea.

"Fight back!", his best friend had said after considering the case for a while.

"What? What do you mean?", Syn asked in confusion.

"At first, my fiancé didn't like me either, you know? I had to prove I wasn't a silly boy for him to play around. Then I finally caught his attention and his heart!", Kuea explained to him with a proud smile on his face. He was about to elaborate more when his phone buzzed with a new message. "Oh, wait! This is him calling me now! I have to go, sorry! Susu na, Syn!", the boy ran to the parking lot where Hia Lian was waiting for him.

Syn smiled to himself watching as his friend walked away looking that happy and decided it was a good idea. He had nothing to lose besides his dignity, but having Nuer on his ankles was jeopardizing that anyway.


The only problem is that Syn had never flirted with anyone in his life before. He never had romantic interests and wasn't the type to get love confessions from others too, which made him completely clueless of what to do.

To help in his case, he decided to go to the library. But the books didn't work as he expected. The internet didn't do a good job either. The pick-up lines were always so cheesy and embarrassing! He would never muster courage enough to say those words to Nuer with a straight face!

But Nuer didn't stop and Syn had shown his claws way before he had a clear plan. One day, after being teased by the first, the boy let out a threat "You just wait and see what I'm gonna do to you, Nuer!".

The response wasn't what Nuer was expecting from the other, but the way he turned red and was panting hard saying those words made him look like an angry kitten: absolutely adorable. "Oh do you think you can fight back, little kitten? I'm gonna love to watch this!", he smirked and walked away.

"Then make yourself comfortable!", the always too polite Syn said, blushing even harder. He wasn't prepared yet, but he couldn't step back now.


The first time Nuer tried something after Syn's threat was when they were at the front of the building waiting for classes to start.

Nuer was a little late and greeted their group, leaving Syn for the last. "Hey, cutie! I hope you weren't too sleepy when the angels called for you this morning?", he winked at the boy.

It was his moment, Syn could feel it! He had to talk back now or he would miss the opportunity! Then he commented about the first thing on Nuer that caught his attention: "Is this a new sweater? It looks great on you!"

Nuer, who was currently bending to sit at the bench with them, got so flustered hearing that line that he lost balance and fell on the grass. The answer caught him by surprise and by the time he started to elaborate a reply for that, he was startled by the bell ringing and the group ran to their class before the professor came in.

While he tried to catch his breath and the professor started to explain the topic they would discuss that morning, Nuer couldn't avoid thinking about what had just happened and even if part of him got embarrassed by his own reaction, he found Syn's behavior very interesting to watch.

In the next few days, this dynamic became more frequent than Nuer could predict. He was often left out speechless after Syn's unusual remarks and behaved like a perfect clown even hitting the wall because he wasn't paying attention to the hallway or tripping on his own feet.

And when he tried to get back in the game, by making Syn flustered too at the Canteen line, he only made himself suffer more shame in public.

"Are you waiting in line? Because I could wait for you forever!", he smirked his best smile, confident that would be enough to make Syn lose his mind.

"Did you do something to your hair today? This style looks cute on you!", Syn replied back and then went ahead to make his order.

Everyone waiting in line – including their friends – started to scream and whistle at them, making Nuer become a blushing mess and preventing him from saying anything further.


It was only after Nuer secured their victory in a match because he had scored two goals that he decided he should ask Syn what was going on.

"That was a really great move! Congrats!", the male had come to congratulate him when he was changing clothes.

Nuer once again was caught off guard and dropped his bottle of water, spilling a bit on his jersey shirt.

Syn was about to leave the locker room when Nuer ran after him and tugged on his shoulder. "Hey, wait a minute!" When the first turned to face him, he asked:

"Are you… are you trying to flirt with me?"

No, Syn wasn't doing that. Or at least, this wasn't his goal when it all started, right? But somehow in the meantime he actually found it funny how he could make Nuer blush too. And okay, he wasn't the best in this game, but he still was causing an effect on him and this was the important part. Unless Nuer wasn't feeling as affected as he thought. He needed to confirm that.

"Of course not! Unless it is working. Is it working?". Nuer felt like he could laugh at the other's cuteness because he looked a bit lost, but the truth was that he was tired of running around circles, never too clear about his intentions but always pinning each other for the last few days.

"I… honestly… don't get it? I thought you hated me?", he sighed and hung his head low in defeat.

Watching the confident Nuer looking like that wasn't as good as Syn thought it would be. Then he decided to come clean. "And I did at first. After that I started liking you. You're not a bad guy like I assumed at first.", he explained, looking at every other point within his eyesight but avoiding staring at Nuer.

"Then why are you always blushing and running away when I try to hit on you?", Nuer asked and the straightforward question made Syn lock eyes with him without being able to avoid that. It was like his body had a mind of its own.

"Because you're always doing this when there are people around us!", Syn whispered the truth, blushing hard.

"So… what you're saying is… If I do this in private… Are you fine with it?", Nuer tilted his head to the side.

"Y-yes? I think so…?"


"Yeah, wow.", Syn scratched his nape in embarrassment.

"Then… can I offer you a drink? To celebrate our victory!", Nuer smiled at him and for the first time Syn didn't feel his usual threatening aura. He was being completely open and giving him the choice to say no.

"S-sure? That would be nice, I guess…", he replied a bit unsure. It was all too new and exciting for him. But it felt right when Nuer gave him a wide smile with his cute eyes sparkling.

"Let's go, then!", Nuer said, interlacing hands with Syn, his wet shirt forgotten because he was too focused on the guy by his side to mind that tiny detail. And yes, everyone noticed that but they didn't care at all. For the first time it wasn't awkward to be seen demonstrating affection in public like that. Actually, it was really good.