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of science nerds and history geeks

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“They’re doing it again.”

The soft voice startled him slightly, the pen slipping from his fingers as he glanced up at the classroom door. Blonde hair fell freely around her shoulders, the jacket he knew she’d been wearing this morning had been discarded, a soft smirk toying on her lips. Clarke Griffin was a sight for sore eyes.

“Is that so?” Bellamy smirked, leaning back in his chair.

She shook her head in attempted disgrace but found herself betrayed by the smile that was replacing the smirk on her lips. He let out a soft laugh and she copied in a chain reaction. Pushing herself away from the doorframe, Clarke wandered towards him. Bellamy spun the chair slightly to make room for her, smiling as she stopped a few inches short of his chair. His smiled dropped to a smirk as he reached out, grasping her waist and pulling her to stand between his legs.

“Hi,” He murmured, reached up to tug softly at the ends of her hair. “This wasn’t out this morning.”

“Mm,” Clarke hummed as she shook her head. “Hair tie broke. Got caught on my skeleton figurine.”

Bellamy snorted. “Such a nerd.”

“You can talk Mr. History Geek.” She smirked in response. Bellamy rolled his eyes and shoved at her hip slightly, laughter escaping from her lips. He smiled at the sound, his eyes fluttering shut momentarily.

“What were they saying?” He questioned, his mind suddenly reverting back to why she was in his classroom.

Clarke chuckled softly as she pulled away from his grasp. Bellamy pouted at the distance and Clarke rolled her eyes. She propped herself up atop his desk in return, careful not to mess up his papers because she knew he’d have her head if she did.

“’Miss. Griffin you know who’s really cute? Mr. Blake! He’s about your age isn’t he, why don’t you two go out on a date?’” Clarke rolled her eyes, her arms coming to fold over her chest. Bellamy cackled. “Taking a class of nosy seniors was the worst decision I’ve ever made.”

Bellamy turned his chair slightly so he was facing her front on his hands moving up to rest on top of her knees. She raised an eyebrow at this, her eyes darting to the very open door a few metres away from them. “You could’ve told them you know all about how cute Mr. Blake is,” he smirked as his hands drifted up her legs inch by inch.

“Oh yeah, they would’ve loved that,” she rolled her eyes. Her hands came down to still his movements, to which he pouted again, but she scowled in return. “We’re at work.”

“Yet you’re the one who perched yourself on top of my desk whilst wearing a skirt,” he remarked in response, his eyes fluttering down to said skirt before back up at her. Clarke’s eyes widened, jaw dropped, but Bellamy only grinned cheekily in response. Huffing, Clarke crossed one leg over the other. “Ruin my fun.”

We’re at work.”

Bellamy rolled his eyes. “You know, they’re going to figure it out one day,” he began, his fingers aimlessly drawing patterns onto the skin above her knee. “I mean we’re bound to get caught out in public one day. It’s not like we’re good at hiding it.”

Clarke hummed in response. She inched her body slightly down the desk in attempt to get closer to him and offered a smile as she raised a hand to tuck a dark tuft of hair behind his ear. Her hand remained in the one spot, soothingly stroking at the messy curls. “You need a haircut.”

Bellamy rolled his eyes. “Yes, mother.”

Clarke gaped and swiped at his shoulder. Bellamy only laughed in response and grabbed her hand before she could cause any proper damage, stilling her movements with a kiss to the inside of her wrist.

“Oh!” A startled voice emanated from the door. Both Bellamy and Clarke looked with hearts in their throats, sighing collectively as they realised it was only Principal Kane. Marcus had a smirk slowly forming on his lips as he leaned against the doorframe. “It’s like catching two unsuspecting teenagers. Do I need to remind you two of the PDA rules here?” He teased with raised eyebrows.

Clarke spluttered out an apology, but Bellamy grinned and leaned back into his chair with his arms coming to rest behind his head. Clarke kicked his shin in response to which he groaned at.

“Sorry Marcus,” Clarke uttered out sheepishly as she moved to hop off of the desk instead opting to stand beside it out of reaching distance from Bellamy.

“No problem. Don’t let me catch you again,” he taunted teasingly. Both Bellamy and Clarke knew he was joking, but there was something about getting caught by your boss for what felt like the millionth time that made them not want to get caught again.


“Did you need anything?” Bellamy piped up as he stood, stretching his arms above his head. Clarke had turned back just as he did so, her eyes fluttering to the small expanse of skin that peaked from underneath his shirt. She narrowed her eyes, why wasn’t his shirt tucked in, for god sake.

“Oh, yes. Here are the waiver forms for kids for the museum excursion,” he said and Bellamy grinned, walking over to grab the paper from him. They exchanged a few more words before the older man left the room.

Bellamy turned around and found Clarke sitting on his desk again, eyebrows raised teasingly. Bellamy rolled his eyes as he walked over to her, tossing the papers down behind her. His hands fell to her waist as he hands reached up to clasp behind his neck. “What?”

“Nothing. You’re just a bit of a dork,” she grinned, Bellamy returning her words with a scoff.

“Yeah, but I’m your dork,” he grinned. Clarke groaned in frustration, shaking her head at his words.

“Stop.” She whined, but there was no hiding the fondness in her tone. Bellamy smiled down at her cheekily all the while leaning in, however, the shrill sound of the bell above their heads echoed through the room startling the two of them. “Saved by the bell, huh?” She joked.

“More like cockblocked,” he grumbled, pulling away from Clarke. They both knew better than to try anything when the halls, and classrooms would be littered with students (who had very watchful eyes) in mere moments.

Soft, quiet almost laughter sounded from Clarke’s lips that had Bellamy smiling at the floor as he moved out of her way. She hopped down from his desk, smiling up at him but shaking her head at the distance between the two of them now. She opened her mouth to speak, but was cut off.

“Hey Mr. B, how ar—oh!” A young girl piped up from the door. She grinned sheepishly as she took in the two teachers conspicuously. “Hey Miss. Griffin, haven’t seen you in a while.”

Clarke smiled at the girl, remembering her as a sophomore she taught last year – now a junior who Bellamy obviously taught. “If you take any sciences next year, you’ll be seeing me.” She smiled.

The sheepish look reappeared on her face as she stepped further into the room. “Sorry, Miss. I’m more for history.”

“Ha!” Bellamy taunted, turning to Clarke with a wide grin. She rolled her eyes fondly before turning on her heel.

“Leaving now,” she spoke pointedly, ducking her head over her shoulder to send a wink towards Bellamy.

Bellamy grinned. “Nice talking, Miss. Griffin!” He spoke as she walked out, raising a hand in a wave as she slipped through the door. Bellamy chuckled briefly, smiling at a few of his other students as they walked through the door. He turned back to face his first student, only to find her staring at him with a grin and raised eyebrows as she leant forward on her desk.

“No,” he spoke definitively as he rolled his eyes.

“Miss. Griffin’s pretty cute don’t you think Mr. B?”