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A Snowy Tale

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I risen from my bed, the sheets rustling gently while my messy hair covered my eyes.

I moved them to the sides, looking around the nice cabin-like interior of the home I live in. I can remember living here since I was a kid.

I look out to the window, noticing it is still a bit dark, but I can still see the sight of a snowy landscape.

I checked my head, wondering if the headache from yesterday has passed. I didn't know why I suddenly got a headache last night, I even missed dinner, my favorite time of the day.

As I got out of the bed, getting myself dressed in a simple dress I usually wear around the house, I think about what the rest of my family is doing right now. I love to talk to them every time we all have dinner.

When I finally got downstairs, it took me a few seconds to realize that I was hungry.

I realized that I had enough food with me to last a few weeks.

"Wow, there's so many leftovers. I guess this is what happens when I'm not around to eat it all huh?" I said outloud.


It's weird. Even though it is still dark, mom or dad would at least be awake making dinner at the moment.

"...Mom?" I said. "Dad? Anyone home?"

I can hear the ticking sound of the clock in the living room.

That's got to be annoying. I could just go to sleep.

Or maybe they're watching TV. I could join them.

I head into the living room, wondering if any of my younger siblings are awake right now. They would pile on top of one another just to watch the morning cartoons.

But when I got there, it was empty. The TV was off. Instead, I stared at the two empty chairs across from the couch, wondering who would be sitting there in a few minutes.

I shook my head. "It's so empty here."

Just where is everyone?

As I turn around, I notice that there were some items and other random things scattered around the floor.

It looked like someone was grabbing it all in a rush. But why? Did someone break in? Is someone hurt?

I ran back upstairs, getting ready to grab my phone and run out the door.

As I did, I notice a note, that was plastered on my bedroom door. I didn't notice it earlier, but it's there now.

I took it, recognizing my father's handwriting.


I'm sorry for what we are about to do. But there's been a report that a meteor will impact the mountain as soon the sun fully rises.

We wanted to take you with us, but you were out like a light, and no matter what we did you wouldn't wake up.

I know this sounds unbearable to hear, but we decided to leave without you.

If you're lucky, then by the time you read this note, you will still have enough time to escape the mountain and find your way to a town. If you're able to contact us by then, then we'll tell you where to go.

Again, we are so sorry for this, but we couldn't risk wasting any further time.

Please, be safe, and take care of yourself.

Love, Dad.


Are you kidding me?

Are you... fucking kidding me!?

A meteor is about to hit the mountain!!!???

But no one would tell me. No one would tell me about this!

I can't believe this is happening.

I'm going to fucking die.

I'm going to fucking die!

"I need to get out of here!" I shouted. I quickly ran back downstairs, quickly putting on a coat so I wouldn't freeze outside.

I ran, and I ran, I kept on running, out in the blizzard.

I don't remember much after that. I just remember running, running, running.

I heard a high pitched sound, and everything went black.




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I open my eyes...

Looking around, I seem to be in some kind of void. It's weird though, I can still see, yet it's dark enough to not know if this place has an end or not.

I slowly get up, raising myself to my feet. My dress was a bit wet from the snow, but I don't see any kinds of scars or wounds.

...Am I dead?

Did I die or something? Was it because I blacked out that the meteor succeeded in obliterating my entire body?

As I thought about that, I notice something... floating around me.

It was small, white even, like a ghost...

"Huh? Who are you?" I asked the thing.

It continued to move, but there wasn't a response.

"Hey, can you hear me?" I asked again, this time touching it's front.

When I did, I notice something poked me in the head, so I quickly stumble back.

"Ah!!! Who's there!?" I shouted. "Show yourself!"

But there was no one. Just me and this... Marshmallow?


That's not a bad name for it actually.

I walked towards it again, this time placing my hand gently on top of it. When I did, I can feel the stimulation of someone rubbing my head.

Based on that kind of logic, I can conclude that marshmallow's senses are connected to mine somehow.

But why is that? And who is this thing anyway?

Why am I in this void?

Am I alive?

Am I dead?

"Well, technically, you're both." A different voice said.


I turn around, wondering who that is.

And suddenly, as if it was a Necrofantasia of magic, she appeared.

A beautiful woman, dressed in purple. Her long blonde hair flowing as she entered here through the portal beneath her feet. She had a face that looked wise and mature, but also young and elegant.

She landed lightly on the ground, like a feather that floats down on the wind. She walked toward me, holding the parasol in her hand.

I stepped back, feeling intimidated by this person.

"W-who are... What did..." I had no words.

"My my... So you're the second coming I see..." The person said. "Well considering how the last one went, I assume I shouldn't waste your time too much here."

"Second coming? What are you saying?" I asked.

"...And once again, you play the fool... But this was to be expected, so I might as well play along... My name is Yukari Yakumo. I am what you may call a youkai. More specifically I am a Gap Youkai, the Sage of Gensokyo, which is where I plan on sending you to." The woman named Yukari said.

"Gensokyo... Wait, you mean the world from the computer games I play?" I asked.

"Ah, so the games do exist in your universe." Yukari said. "Then you're already aware of what is happening?"

"I... I don't know... This is too much already..." I said.

Marshmallow floated towards Yukari, as if it was expecting a response from her. Yukari gently pat it on the head, and I could feel the same feeling.

"Well to answer your first question: No, you're not dead... But you're not exactly alive either." Yukari said. "You're what they call a Half-Human Half-Phantom. Your soul is separated into 2 different bodies. The white orb you see floating around you is your phantom half." Yukari said.

"So... Marshmallow is actually a part of me?" I ask.

"You already named it?" Yukari said, looking at me with an odd look.

"Hey, I had to call it something!" I said. "Anyways, what happened? How did I get here?"

"Oh that's simple. Before the meteor hit you, I dragged your body here into the void. I don't know how it happened but the moment I took you here your body split into 2, that I'm uncertain on how it worked."

"...So I'm not dead, and you saved me... Okay I can understand that... But you also said you're taking me to Gensokyo?" I asked.

"Correct. But before I do, I figured that I should give you an ability, just so that you can protect yourself better." Yukari said, snapping her fingers.

As she did, an orb appeared before me. It looked to be a yin-yang orb colored to be blue and purple.

Just then it glowed, blinding my eyes for just a second. As I reopened them, I look in front of me...

I see what looks like a revolver, one that seemed to date all the way back from 1885. I held it in my hands.

I look in the barrel, seeing it was fully loaded with 6 shots.

"A gun?" I ask. "You're giving me a gun?"

"Not just any gun..." Yukari said. "That gun is loaded with 6 unique pistols, capable of being shot in any dimension."

"Dimension? As in... 2D and 3D?" I ask.

Once again, Yukari gives me an odd look. "...I mean they can teleport."

"Ohhhhh." I said. "But, shouldn't I have like... I don't know... A whole box of ammo for this gun?"

"Well... The bullets were designed to go straight back into the revolver once they hit a target. You can only shoot out 6 at a time though, so be careful not to miss else you'll be vulnerable."

"Um... Do I get anything else?" I ask.


"Not even a more useful ability?" I ask again.

"No." Yukari said with a smile.

"But why??? I don't even know how to use a gun."

"Well don't blame me. You had so many options to choose from yet you went with the bullets."

"What are you talking about?" I ask. "You make it sound like you're speaking to someone else."

"Don't worry about it. For now I should be sending you to Gensokyo now." Yukari said with another snap of her fingers.

And just like that, I felt my body falling through a portal and out into...

The sky.

I was falling through the sky.

"Crap crap crap crap!!!" I shouted.

I was free falling at this point, with Marshmallow flying down with me.

"Why is this happening to me!?" I shouted. "I'm gonna die!!!"

I look down, passing through the clouds and seeing a large area of land.

Just from this view alone, I could see many things: There were mountains that stood tall, 2 distinct forests, what looks like a shrine, a lake with a mansion next to it, a village and so much more.

If I wasn't falling to my death I would be enjoying this more.

...Speaking of...


I was about to hit the ground soon, at this point I'm not gonna make it.

But then an idea struck.

I look at Marshmallow, reaching out to it as it hug it tightly, directing it so that it will break my fall.

"I hope this works!!!" I told myself.

I closed my eyes, as I felt my body crash loudly.


I open my eyes, feeling sore, wounded, and very, very dizzy.

Looking up and around me, I noticed that I seem to be somewhere...

But... Where am I?