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The cheating rumor

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The morning started calm and sunny as usual. Students complaining about classes and the upcoming midterm exams while Pharm hummed happily to himself, feeling a kind of serenity was only possible for those with a mind at peace with their own actions. However, during the third class things started to change and like sensing this, even the sun hid behind the clouds to help to set the mood.

On the students' Line chat a gossip began to circulate that Dean – none other than him, the famous president of the swimming club – was cheating on Pharm. The messages that started to flood the chat showed everyone's different perspectives about that issue. Because, yeah, people felt entitled to give insights about others personal lives. Soon, two groups were formed: those who believed the rumor without a single proof and those who knew it was nothing but a malicious gossip to try to cause problems for the most popular couple at their University.

Pharm had the group muted a long time ago and it wasn't until Manaow alerted him at lunchtime about the gossip that he became aware of it.

"Ah, so that's why people were whispering behind my back wherever I go…", Pharm said as he returned his friend's cell phone and took a sip of his juice.

"Probably… But Pharm, you know we're your friends right? Whatever you need we're on your side, okay?", she said holding one of her friend's hands.

"Uh… okay, thanks?", he replied a little scared at the girl's reaction.

"Pharm, you don't have to fake anything to us. We've been best friends since freshman year, right? You can open up any doubts or fears you may have about this with us.", Manaow insisted.

Pharm sighed hard. "Manaow, I appreciate your concern, but there is no need for that, okay? I know and trust Phi. There is absolutely no need to worry about this gossip.", he explained simply, heart as light as a feather as he spoke.

Team touched the girl's shoulder and waved at her. "Of course they trust each other, Manaow!". Even so, the girl was about to insist some more on that topic, only giving up from doing it because the senior duo who were used to having lunch with them arrived.

"Hey Pharm! I'm so sorry for the delay, my good boy!", Dean said sitting next to his boyfriend and giving him a warm smile.

"You're not late at all, Phi! Here! I prepared your favorite dish!", Pharm said as he reached for a small lunchbox he had prepared that morning before coming to College. Both started to chat with each other as usual, emerging inside their little pink bubble of happiness and leaving their friends baffled at their behavior. It was only something DeanPharm were capable of: ignoring cheating rumors because they were so sure of each other like that.

By the way, if Dean ever got to hear the rumours, he didn't give signs of that.

And so the lovebirds continued exchanging sweet words as they had always done since they started dating: accompanying each other to the classes, going together to the parking lot, in short, the description of perfect harmony.

It wasn't until a video started to circulate that they decided to make a real statement about the rumor. Or rather, Pharm decided he should say something. However, surely the words heard from the boy's sweet lips weren't quite what people expected from him.

The video was a partial footage giving the impression that whoever had filmed that scene, did it without permission or, at least, wanted to make people believe that was the case. It wasn't possible to see people's faces, but only their mid-torso action. And by "action" it meant that a man wearing the coat only members from the swimming club had and a pair of swimming trunks that were pretty similar to the ones Dean was known to wear during practices, had removed his clothes and without much ceremony inserted his cock inside another man's hole while he was laying in an table in front of him.

The video was about 45 seconds long and the dim-light room in which it was filmed only increased doubts among the members of the team that fully trusted Dean was innocent until then. Yes, the person looked a lot like Dean… the muscular body, the clothes and even the tanned skin were undeniable similarities. For his turn, the man laying at the table looked nothing like Pharm, with a built body, different from the Economics student and also the owner of a vast red head of hair – absolutely different from Pharm's silky black strands.

Even though, Pharm intended not to give explanation to the ones who were brave enough to ask him directly about it. He usually ignored the question, apologized, and left the room without further ado.

However, one day, when he arrived at the entrance of the Culinary Club, he had his way interrupted by a group of girls, that were familiar to him. They were the founders of the group "DeanPharm", the chat with news and exclusive photos of the couple simply because they followed them everywhere. At first, Pharm had been embarrassed by their attitude, but Dean had assured him that as long as they respected their privacy, there was nothing to worry about, and so Pharm did.

That day, however, the girls didn't seem so friendly.

"Nong Pharm, we're here to ask about P'Dean's cheating. Are you going to stay with him after all that? Have you forgiven him?", one of the girls asked without even bothering to apologize for the impertinence. On the contrary, it was very clear that she already had an opinion on the case and seemed to want Pharm to confirm her suspicions. She wasn't after the truth and didn't even have a genuine interest in whether Dean and Pharm were okay. Definitely not what Pharm expected from people who claimed to be part of their "fanclub".

"I have nothing to say about that. If you excuse me, I need to join the Club activities now!", Pharm said sternly and tried to maneuver out of the dome that the group of girls had created around him.

However, the girls didn't seem willing to let him go so easily. "Wait, you can't leave like that! From the beginning we've been by your side supporting you, we deserve an explanation!", a second girl who until then had resigned herself to only listening to the leader decided to speak up.

"I'm sorry, but I happen to have no obligation to answer to anyone about this.", Pharm said trying to get away from the girls again. However, this time they tightened the siege around him and the leader ordered in a harsh tone. "Don't let him go!"

Two girls grabbed Pharm's wrists while another one covered his mouth and they dragged him to the back of the building where the Culinary Club was settled. Arriving there, the leader said: "We don't want to hurt you, ok? Just watch the video and explain to us what the hell is going on between you two."

Pharm considered if he should scream for help or maybe fight to get rid of the girls, but he decided the best thing to do was get it over with and he knew there was only one way to do it. So he resigned himself to doing as asked.

In moments, the leader of the group placed a cell phone in front of Pharm with the video replaying continuously. It was then that they suspected that Pharm had lost his mind because he started laughing.

Pharm was laughing so loudly it was a mystery why no one had come to check on what was going on there. Frightened by the boy's reaction, the girls who were holding his wrists released him and began to look genuinely worried for the first time. It was only then that it began to sink into their thick brains that Pharm might very well report them for that and they could be expelled or even prosecuted for acting that way.

"Pharm, what's up? Are you okay?", one of them ventured to ask.

"I– I'm– great!", the boy said trying to catch his breath, laughter still breaking through his words. He then breathed in and out a few times and explained it to the group. "The person who spread this video saying it's my boyfriend in the footage has certainly never seen P'Dean naked!", he said simply before straightening his tie and leaving, but not before turning to the girls and saying in a firm tone "Don't ever do this to me again or I'll take proper actions against you all."

Noticing the seriousness in Pharm's tone that was usually cheerful and kind, the girls felt their blood run cold and ran away from there, apologizing as they passed by him.


Later that day, Pharm was in his comfortable bed finishing up an assignment he was supposed to turn in at the end of the week while he waited for Dean to get out of the shower. He himself had already showered and was just waiting for his boyfriend to be able to snuggle into his comforting embrace for the rest of the night. He felt he deserved it more than ever.

When Dean came out of the bathroom, he had a towel wrapped around his waist and was using another one to dry his hair, tiny drops of water running down his body starting from the damp hair, slowly streaming down his chest and abdomen until they reached the point where Dean had folded the towel under his navel to keep it from falling when he walked.

If that scene could ever have caused Pharm some kind of shyness, it was now long forgotten. Okay, if he was going to admit it to himself, he was as red as ever and the impact of the image of Dean completely wet and smelling so good coming out of his bathroom was capable of making his entire body tingle, but it was also something he'd already get used to. Kinda. His anxiety wasn't freezing, but the exact opposite, making him want to touch that tanned skin as much as possible, have his boyfriend within the reach of his fingers and kisses.

For that reason, Pharm put the notebook on the bedside table and turned to Dean with grabby hands, urging the other to come closer.

Dean smiled when he saw the scene, melting completely because of his boyfriend who managed to be so cute and sensual at the same time. He draped the towel in his hands around Pharm's neck and leaned closer to the boy's face.

"I watched a very interesting video this afternoon, you know?", Dean asked raising an eyebrow in the other's direction.

"Uh? Really? What was it about?", Pharm asked, trying to sound naive, but something inside him alerted him to where this conversation was heading and he started to feel his mouth going dry.

"Manaow said she was worried about you because of the rumors, as people were trying to force you to talk about it, so she decided to follow you for a few days… just in case.", Dean explained as Pharm's eyes grew expectant. "So today she caught a group of girls taking you to behind the Culinary Club building and I had the satisfaction of listening to my handsome…", Dean gave Pharm a kiss on his forehead "… and cute boyfriend…", he kissed the cheek on the left side "... saying that the video could never be mine because the person didn't look like me naked.", Dean snickered very close to Pharm's skin, making it tingle with his warm breath.

"P'Deeean~!", Pharm whimpered hiding his face in Dean's abdomen who hugged him.

"I'm so proud of my good boy being so confident like that! I mean, at first I was worried watching that without being able to help you get rid of those crazy girls, but I was also very proud of your attitude, my good boy!", Dean praised once again.

"You're teasing me!", Pharm looked up to face Dean and was surprised to see nothing but honesty there. Dean was being totally sincere in his words – as usual. Dean gave Pharm's plump lips a peck and that prompted the boy to speak. "I hadn't watched the video yet, although I heard people talking about it… So when they showed it to me I couldn't help but laugh.", he shrugged.

"Oh, really? And what was so fun there, my good boy?", now Dean was definitely teasing Pharm and started tickling his ribs, making him laugh. "What made you confirm it wasn't me, huh?", Dean asked climbing on the bed and pinning Pharm down on the mattress. "Was it my tattoo? Huh? Didn't the guy in the video have a tattoo like mine?" he asked as he sprinkled kisses over the boy's exposed collarbone. It was just a delicious and fortunate coincidence that exactly on that night Pharm had decided he wanted to sleep wearing nothing but boxers and one of Dean's shirts, which was too big for him and left his shoulders at plain sight most of the time.

Pharm placed a hand over Dean's heart, not exactly pulling the senior away from him, but taking a little space to show what he meant. "Besides the fact that I knew you wouldn't cheat on me because our love is so much bigger than that…", Pharm said and Dean covered the small hand with his larger one in a silent gesture of agreement "... yeah, let them think I was talking about your tattoo!", he rolled his eyes and shrugged. Now it was Pharm who was teasing Dean and he would use this whole story to show his boyfriend that he could make a map of all the details he had silently cataloged about the swimmer's body: little moles between his thighs, the way his muscles wrapped around his waist and every precious feature, big or small, that would only be noticeable to someone who had confidently analyzed each of them long enough with the help of light and also in dimly lit rooms to be so sure of their presence.

Yeah, there was no way those rumors were more than that.