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Furry Friend

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Harlock, Maya, Tochiro and Emeraldas were just on their way to class. Expecting another typical day on campus ahead of them. A day of class work, homework and the typical shenanigans to piss off Head of Security Kiruta and Dean Triter.

But none of them expected this to happen.

Curled up next to the outdoor heater was a small, tawny cat with sepia stripes. Peacefully sleeping. It must be a stray, due to no sign of any identification. Not even a collar.

This random stray was having better sleep than the four had in months… And Harlock couldn’t help but find some amusement in that.

Tochiro gently picked up the cat into his arms, “Well we shouldn’t leave this sweet little fellow here. Who knows what Kiruta will do if he sees it.” Having a wide grin when the cat woke up, meowing sweetly. It looked quite happy to see some friendly folks.

Maya scratched the ears of the now awoken feline, smiling hearing it purr. “It looks like it has no home to return to. Poor thing.”

Observing the cat, it’s appearance reminded Harlock of the one his Doctor has. It certainly wasn’t his though, this one looked much younger compared to Doctor Zero’s.

Doctor Zero… Professor Zero… A lot of people he knew really shared names didn’t they?

Ever since his childhood Harlock always had a soft spot for cats. Inside, he felt compelled to make sure it would be safe. Tochiro was right, who knows what Kiruta would do to it if he saw it. There was a shelter in town where they could take the cat too. But at the same time…

Crossing his arms, “Let’s take it in.” He knew how to take care of one already. From cat-sitting Dr. Zero’s over the years, there were countless hours spent researching on how to properly take care of one. Maya assisted in this as well, so make that count two.

Emeraldas could see that determination of his, it made her crack a smile. “You do know Kiruta will do the same to you as he will to this cat, yes?”

“Oh I’m fully aware.” Cocking his head a little, “Besides when has he ever stopped me?”

Both his heart and mind were firmly set on this.

The others couldn’t help but laugh from that. It was true. He’d done much worse before on campus. Having a cat in his dorm was one of the tamest things on that list.

Maya continued to pet the cat some more, then holding it in her arms herself. “It’s a girl. What should her name be?”

Tochiro began to think intensely, pacing back and forth. his hand moving from his chin, to his forehead, and back to his chin again. His brows furrowing, and the quiet mutterings of his being completely unintelligible. He was really thinking this through.

Clapping his hands together suddenly. “Mii! We should name it Mii!”

Maya was scratching the cat under her chin now, “You thought the same too Tochiro? She looks just like Doctor Zero’s cat.”

“Yes, yes! That’s exactly why I picked it. It’s a perfect name!”

Looking towards the cat, Emeraldas nodded. “Her resemblance is quite striking. I agree. Mii is a fine name for her.”

Walking over, Harlock got on his knees to get a closer look at the little tabby. Gently petting the side of her face. “It looks like we’ve all thought the same thing, it’s settled then. Doctor Zero won’t mind if there’s two Miis in town.”

Getting up and taking Mii into his arms, “Tochiro. Come along with me to town. We have to get some supplies and a collar for our new friend.”

Giving a thumbs up, “Sounds good! I’m already a week ahead in this subject anyways.”

Sighing, Maya shook her head. Her boyfriend was going to skip class again… Well, that just meant she’d had to get him for a study session later this week. It’d be best to get the needed items for Mii. “I’ll schedule a vet appointment with Emeraldas after class.”

Harlock smiled and gave a nod, “Thank you both. We’ll see you afterwards.”

Before the pair left, Emeraldas stopped both Tochiro and Harlock for a moment. “Just don’t get caught by Kiruta on your way to the parking lot.”

“We’ll make sure that won’t happen.” Tochiro grinning as he adjusted his glasses. Ready and raring to go shopping for their new furry friend.

Harlock had that gleam in his eye. “And if it does, you know us. We’ll be sure to find a way out of it.”