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Bite Sized: Stevetony

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Steve walks into the common room on a Saturday morning after his run and for a moment he thinks he’s still asleep, because he must be dreaming. 

Objectively, what he’s seeing is a normal image. Bucky and Tony are sitting on the old couch they all have crashed on at two am at one point or another, both of them wearing pyjama bottoms and t-shirts. Both of them have game controllers in hand, the two of them laughing hysterically at whatever is going on in the game they’re playing. Bucky has one hand flailing dramatically at Tony, as if he’s trying to cover his eyes. Tony is dodging these attempts and simultaneously keeping his eyes glued on the game, seeming completely unfazed. 

The weird thing about this, is that Bucky and Tony hate each other.

Or at least, Steve thought they did. 

“What’s going on?” Steve asks, confusion creeping into his voice. 

Neither of them pay much attention to him as he approaches. 

“Morning beloved,” Tony greets him, looking over at Steve with a bright smile on his face, his eyes sparkling happily. 

“Gross,” Bucky comments in a monotonous voice. 

“Can it, Terminator,” Tony tells Bucky. 

And here’s the real shocker; this doesn’t cause an argument. Instead, Bucky just grunts and continues playing. 

“Did I miss something?” Steve asks, his forehead creasing in confusion. “The last time I got you two together, I had to physically separate you from each other.”

“We don’t hate each other anymore,” Tony says, as if it’s not a big deal.”

“Your boyfriend’s alright, Stevie,” Bucky allows. 

They don’t explain further. Steve stands there for about ten seconds, waiting for an answer. When he doesn’t get one, he marches over to the game console and turns off the game. 

This earns him indignant squawks from both of them. 

“Hey,” Tony protests, looking positively affronted. 

“What the hell, Steve,” Bucky grouses. 

Steve jabs an accusing finger at the two of them. 

“Explain,” he demands. “I’ve put up with too much shit from you two, tell me now why the two of you are suddenly best friends.”

Bucky still looks off put about the whole thing, but Tony just shrugs. “He found out about my arm and we bonded.”

Steve’s brows raise at that. That was pretty private information for Tony; it’d taken months of them knowing each other for Tony to tell him about that.

“We realized we’re both idiots who got their arms blown off,” Bucky says, grinning wolfishly when Tony gives him an offended look. “We also realized that it only makes sense for us to get along, since together we actually have one set of functional arms.”

“I’m a genius, not an idiot,” Tony interjects. “But yeah, the rest of what he said is true.”

“Yup,” Bucky agrees. “Now move your ass out of the way Steve, and turn the game back on, or I’ll tell Tony about that time you got arrested in the tenth grade.”

Flushing and internally cursing Bucky, Steve dutifully moves out of the way and flicks the game back on. 

“You two are already insufferable,” he complains. He walked over to Tony, bent over and dropped a quick kiss onto his lips. “I’m going to go shower. Breakfast after?” 

Tony smiles, nods and arches up to kiss him again quickly. “Of course,” he says. “But don’t think you’re not telling me the story about you getting arrested.” 

Steve winces as he straightens up, throwing Bucky a forlorn look. “Thanks a lot, Buck.”

Bucky grins at him, completely unapologetic. “Not a problem, Steve. Now go away. I may not wanna throw your boyfriend out the window anymore but all this making out is making me nauseous.” 

Steve rolls his eyes, and partly to annoy Bucky he dips down to kiss Tony one last time before leaving. Bucky makes gagging noises, and it’s completely worth it. 

Before Steve even gets down the hall, he hears the raucous gameplay start again - both of them laughing and making jabs at each other, both of them sounding like they’re enjoying themselves immensely. 

Steve just can’t contain the delighted, content smile that stretches across his fac