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This World Isn't Like Our Own

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                          Place/Time: Arisa's house, 6:04 P.M./18:04

                         Ding, dooooong!


                         Arisa hears her doorbell ring. She realized who it was immediately. Kasumi and the others are here, she thought. She opened the door. 

                        "Arisaaaaaaaaaaa!" Kasumi jumps through the front door to hug Arisa, making them fall down in the process. Arisa struggles through Kasumi's embrace, trying to get herself off the floor. 

                         "Argh, Kasumi, why do you gotta...?" She made eye contact with Kasumi's smiling face and couldn't finish her question.

                         "I'm just happy to see you, Arisa." Kasumi replied. They both regained their footing and stood up. Arisa returned Kasumi's embrace with a small kiss on the cheek.

                         "Happy to see you too, Kasumi."

                          Tae, Saaya and Rimi walk through the door, each carrying a suitcase (Kasumi forgot to bring in her own suitcase, so Saaya brought it in for her, along with her own suitcase). Saaya says as she walks in, "We're here! Hi, Arisa!"

                          Arisa greets them back. "O-Tae, Rimi, Saaya. Hey." Arisa notices a bright orange suitcase on the right side of Saaya. It's unreasonably large. "Woah." She stares at the suitcase. Referring to Kasumi, she says, "Is that...?"

                          Rimi replies, "Ahaha.. yeah... She said she had to pack so much since we're sleeping over to celebrate such a big occasion."

                          Kasumi proudly says, "Mhm, mhm! I was so happy when you invited us to celebrate our live performance, so I packed everything I absolutely could inside a suitcase even Tae could fit inside!"

                          Tae becomes curious and begins to question what she can and cannot fit inside. "Hmm... I probably could fit inside that suitcase," she says, grinning mischievously. "And mine too... But what about Saaya's? Could I get myself inside that? And how about Rimi's suitcase? I mean, it's pretty small, but I know lots of ways to fit myself in spaces such as this..."

                          Arisa, thinking, "Here she goes again," asks, "Why am I not surprised?"

                          Rimi says "... Anyways. Let's not linger here any longer. To the basement?"

                          Kasumi, Tae, Arisa and Saaya all respond, "To the basement!"


                          Arisa's basement, 6:15 P.M./18:15

                          The girls begin unpacking their bags. Arisa and the others get a look of what's inside Kasumi's bag- UNO cards, books, flashlights, hundreds of stickers... Arisa couldn't tell if Kasumi was overpacked or overprepared. "Both," Tae said, standing over a puzzled Arisa. "She's both overpacked and overprepared."

                          Alarmed at the fact that Tae basically read her mind, Arisa blurts out "Wha-? How did you-?"

                          In response, Tae lets out a small grin. "Fufu~" She notices the UNO cards in Kasumi's suitcase. "Ooo," she holds up the deck of cards, and slightly raises her voice so everyone can hear her. "How about we all play this? It'd be fun~!"

                          "Yes! Absolutely!" Kasumi says cheerfully.

                           "Sure, we can play." Saaya and Rimi both say.

                           Arisa sighs, "Why not?"

                           "Kay, then!" Tae says, beginning to shuffle the deck. "I'll deal." Tae began to deal cards to each person, a card for herself, a card for Arisa, then a card for Kasumi, then a card for Rimi, then a card for Saaya, then a card for herself again... and so on. This continued until everyone had seven cards. Then Tae placed the remaining cards on the floor, taking one card from the top and placing it next to what was now the drawing deck. The card was a blue 7. Tae put down a blue 4 from her hand. "Arisa, your turn."

                           "Uhm, ok..." Arisa puts down a blue 2. "Your go, Kasumi."

                           Kasumi puts down a red 2, changing the color. 

                           Rimi's turn. She puts down a red 8.

                           Saaya's turn. She puts down a red 1.

                           Tae's go. "Sorry, Arisa." She puts down a red draw 2.

                           "Argh..." Arisa reluctantly takes 2 cards from the drawing deck. "Since I can't put down one, Kasumi, your turn."

                           Kasumi puts down a red 0.

                           Rimi says, "Oh, I can't put down anything.." and takes a card from the drawing deck.

                           Saaya puts down a red 9.     

                           Tae puts down a green 9.

                           Arisa proudly puts down a wild card. "Hmph! The color is yellow."

                           Kasumi uses a yellow skip card. "This skips Rimi, so.. Saaya, your turn."

                           Saaya puts down a yellow 4.

                           Tae's trademark mischievous look appears on her face again. "Hey.. Arisa. While you're at it, why don't you pick up another four cards?" She puts down a draw 4, and Arisa begins to swell up with rage. This is made worse when Tae says, "And the color's green. Kasumi, you go."

                           Kasumi puts down a green reverse. "Arisa, you can put down a card!"

                           Kasumi is able to calm Arisa down a bit. "Thanks, Kasumi." Arisa says. She puts down a green 4.

                           Tae puts down a green 5.

                           Saaya puts down a blue 5.

                           Rimi puts down a blue 7.

                           Kasumi puts down a blue 0.

                           "Take this!" Arisa puts down a wild draw 4. "Color's red!"

                           "Oh, no!" Tae says. "Gotta pick up four~"

                           Saaya draws a card.

                           Rimi puts down a red 1.

                           "Uno!" Kasumi exclaims, putting down a red 3.

                           Arisa puts down a red 2.

                           Tae puts down a red skip, skipping Saaya.

                           "O-Tae, why'd you skip me?" Saaya asks.

                           "Oh, c'mon, Saaya," Tae responds in a flirtatious tone. "I didn't have any other cards. My hands were tied."

                           "Haha, ok." Saaya says. Not knowing what exactly she should do, Rimi awkwardly puts down a red 6.

                           Interrupting Tae and Saaya's flirting, Kasumi triumphantly declares, "Haha! Yes! Yes, yes, yes, yes! I win!", putting down her last card, a red 8.

                           "Alrighty then, Kasumi wins!" Tae surrenders her remaining cards, and the other girls do the same. 

                           "That was fun!" Saaya says. 

                           "Wanna play again?" Kasumi offers.

                           "Yeah, let's go again!" Tae and Rimi both say.

                           "Alright, we can play another game," Arisa says, "but I'm going upstairs to get some water. Anyone want some?" Kasumi, Tae, Rimi and Saaya all say yes, and Arisa goes up the basement stairs. Once she gets into the kitchen, she opens her refrigerator and pulls out five water bottles. She puts them on the counter, and then turns around to close the fridge. However, when she turns around, she doesn't see her fridge.

                           What she does see? A big, gaping, dark hole. A big, gaping, dark hole that looks ready to suck Arisa in. 

                           Arisa begins to worry. She tries to close the refrigerator doors, but they swing back open. The hole is starting to pick up wind, and Arisa is finding it hard to struggle against it. In a complete panic, she calls out, "TOYAMA KASUUUMMMIIIIIIII!!!"

                           Meanwhile, in the basement, the other girls are startled by Arisa's cry. "What the- what was that?" Saaya asks. 

                           "Arisa," Tae replies. "Kasumi, you better go up there and make sure she's ok." Kasumi nods her head, and stands up. Just as she does, they hear another shriek from Arisa:


                           Very alarmed at this point, Tae says, "Ok, you know what? We're all going up there. Everyone, up the stairs...!" As Tae, Rimi and Saaya are ascending the stairs, Kasumi runs to her suitcase, pulls out a daypack, and begins to stuff some of the junk from her suitcase in it. 

                           Saaya notices and asks, "What are you doing?"

                           Kasumi responds, "Emergency kit! For if anything really goes wrong."

                           Saaya sighs. "Ok then, but do it quickly." They hear yet another scream from their keyboardist friend.

                           "HELP ME, GODDAMMIT!"

                           "Do it really quickly!"  Saaya says, a look of anxiety on her face.

                           "Okay, okay!" Kasumi zips up her daypack, and the girls all begin running up the stairs. Once they're all in the kitchen, they find Arisa with everything from her head to torso in the fridge, her arms locked onto shelves on the inside of the fridge doors, and her feet struggling to stay on the ground. "Arisa, what's wrong?", Kasumi asks.

                           "THE REFRIGERATOR, KASUMI!" Arisa responds. "THE FUCKING REFRIGERATOR! IT'S SUCKING ME IN!" Tae walks towards the refrigerator to see what Arisa means, and begins to get sucked in herself.

                           "Oh, shit, she wasn't joking," Tae says. She signals to Saaya, "A little help here?" Saaya walks towards Tae and puts one arm on her girlfriend, and another arm on the counter, trying to pull both herself and Tae towards it.

                           "Grab Arisa." Saaya says to Tae. Tae does so, wrapping her arms around Arisa's legs. Saaya pulls herself towards the counter as hard as she can, but it's getting increasingly harder to resist. "Kasumi, Rimi," Saaya calls out, indicating Rimi and Kasumi to help her. Kasumi jumps onto the counter, grabbing Saaya's arm. Rimi goes behind the counter and grabs Kasumi's feet. "Pull, pull, pull!" Saaya yells to everyone. Try as they all might, Arisa is losing her grip on the fridge doors, and they're only getting closer to the hole. "Okay, everyone give the pull of a lifetime! On five.." Everyone joins her in the countdown.





                           Tae, Saaya, Kasumi and Rimi pull as hard as they possibly can, giving their all... in vain. Before they know it, Arisa loses her grip on the fridge doors. "WE'RE GETTING SUCKED IN! EVERYONE HOLD ON!" Tae yells as the girls are all pulled into the refrigerator void.