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The Silver Anniversary of Lois McMaster Bujold in Double Dactyls

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The Vorkosigan Saga

Spacily, racily,
Captain Cordelia
hooks up with Aral and
rumbles a plot.

Morally action-packed
twisting with grace-notes, all
served piping hot.


Regency, agency,
Aral Vorkosigan,
father to all but a
husband to one,

fights with Vordarian.
Captain Cordelia
shops till he’s done.


Callowly, sallowly,
Master Vorkosigan
fails his physical,
does for Piotr.

Needing to prove himself
founds the Dendarii and
foils a plotr.


Dashingly, swashingly,
young Lord Vorkosigan
finds himself sent off to
judge in the hills.

Learning how best to be
fast-pentas Mara and
sees how love kills.


Graduate, schmaduate,
Ensign Vorkosigan
learns about drains as he
hungers for space.

Gets there, saves Gregor, and
forestalls a war by im-
perial grace.


Diplomat, VIP-lomat,
Envoy Vorkosigan
stumbles on mayhem and
thinks “What the heck!” ;

falls for the Empress and
aided by Ivan saves
everyone’s neck.


Masculine, vasculine,
Ethan of Athos goes
offworld to buy some new
viable eggs—

runs into Elli and
following Terrence, but
finds his Cee-legs.


Venturesome, wenchersome,
Admiral Naismith goes
off on a mission to
rescue a man,

does so, and also saves
Nicol and giantess
Taura. Wham Bam!


PoW-ishly, wowishly,
agent Vorkosigan
infiltrates prison on
Dagoola IV,

finds his own Beatrice, and
rescues ten thousand, but
she’s out the door.


Runningly, cunningly,
Admiral Naismith flees
Cetas pursuing him,
bumps into Mark—

total confusion reigns
polyfraternally ;
only Ser Galen is
left in the dark.


Dwarfishly, morphishly,
Miles Vorkosigan
gets himself killed while o-
mitting to die.

Cloning and body-mod
reify two of him :
both wonder why.


Fittingly, twittingly,
mercenary admiral
Naismith is foresworn and
out on his ear—

lost but unbribable,
helps him save Illyan and
gain a career.


Domily, homily,
Miles meets Ekaterin,
niece of his mentor and
married to Tien ;

has to remain very
Lord-Auditorial ;
needn’t have worried as
she gets his men.


Plottily, dottily,
widowed Ekaterin
finds herself suckered by
Miles in love—

René is rescued and
Dono inherits while
bugs soar above!


Nuptially, puptially,
Miles’s wedding draws
Taura and others as
moths to a star ;

poison is plotted but
saves bold Ekaterin.
Roic goes far.


Honeymoon, schmoneymoon—
Miles must investigate
trouble in Quaddiespace,
turns up a plot,

gets himself poisoned and
Lady Vorkosigan
takes her best shot.


Gallantly, talently,
Ivan Vorpatril falls
heels over head into
marriage with Tej ;

muddles to triumph and
undermines ImpSec H
Q on his way.


Dreamily, screamily,
Miles Vorkosigan
flees through the cryocombs ;
treacheries mount ;

stays with Jin Sato, while
sinks White Crysanthemum.
Hail to the Count.


Cryogene, triogene,
widowed Cordelia
offers slash babies from
Aral to Jole,

leaving that gentleman
welcoming fatherhood
and a new role.



Falling Free

Foursomely, moresomely,
meet the cute Quaddie kids,
made then discarded for
profit alone.

Engineer Leo Graf
helps them escape and to
found a new home.


The Spirit Ring

Weddingly, deadingly,
young Fiametta finds
life as an orphan is
stressfully fraught.

As the plot thickens, a
vivified statue does
all that it ought.


The Chalionverse

Brokenly, tokenly,
Caz goes Valenda-ward,
finding a god-path he
thought he had lost ;

cannot save Teidez, but
triumphs for Iselle at
personal cost.


Bastardly, dastardly,
dowager Ista goes
off on a pilgrimage,
not caring where.

Guided to Porifors,
mastery makes her end
Illvin’s despair.


Shamanish, laymanish,
Ingrey kin Wolfcliff takes
Lady Ijada to
plead for her life.

Blessed as the Hallow King,
frees long-dead spirits and
wins him a wife.


Bumblesome, humblesome,
Penric is affianced,
loses the girl, gets
a demon instead --

hot Desdemona, whom
championing wins him twelve
wives in one head.


Mystery, history,
Inglis kin Wolfcliff runs,
burdened with soul-knife and
twice scared to death ;

Oswyl and Penric-Des,
rescue Scuolla and
gift all with breath.



The Sharing Knife

Pregnantly, begnantly,
little Fawn Bluefield (Miss)
falls in with bandits, a
malice, and Dag.

Sharing her baby’s death
makes of their bonding a
Lakefarmer flag.


Hopefully, schmopefully,
Bluefield and Redwing go
visiting Hickory,
stirring the pot :

Cumbia shows herself
carcinomatriarch ;
Dag suffers Greenspring, a-
bandons the lot.


Travelling, ravelling,
Berry and Whitesmith take
all on the Fetch down the
Grace to the Grey.

Lakewalker renegade
Something Crane Log Hollow
shows Dag the way.


Prettily, wittily,
groundsetter Arkady
joins the return leg, and
takes Dag in hand.

Whit in extremis slays
ravening malice-bat—
new hope is grand!