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Requiem For My Harlequin Part 1 & 2 (Angel's Fall/ Fortress/ Hurricane/ Requiem For My Harlequin)

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Part 1:
Shen Wei is shot during a fight, does not want to bother Yunlan. Since his wound does not heal, he searches Yunlan's help nevertheless. Maybe Chen Yuzhi can help taking care of the wounds. But in the end Yunlan seems to have a bit too much interest in the beautiful Chen Yuzhi.

Part 2:
Nothing went as imagined, so Yunlan wants to give it a new try and invites Shen Wei to a SID feast. Yet he spends too much time with Chen Yuzhi there and when Shen Wei tries to leave the party, things get complicated once again.

Here come Part 1 and 2 together in one musicvideo.