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if you just give in

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"I can't believe there is snow in the citadel." -- is the first thing you say when you open the window (after finally resigning to the fact that you can't get anymore sleep because of Jiroutachi's snoring in the next room. And you've thought Taroutachi could keep an eye on him!). You've been expecting a violent cold, not this, not this gorgeous falling of the white substance from the sky. Beautiful, big snowflakes cascading on light breezes catching the light in ways that seems to brighten the world. It's really really pretty. (You're weak to pretty thing, you sigh, weak to Midare's smile and Kashuu's face and Shishiou -- hold on, why are you even weak to Shishiou?) Just... there is something about this kind of snow that make you wonder if the world could stay like this forever. An oasis of gently pretty falling snow that you adore - save for when you can never get back to your house without being wet and miserable. You love the gentle quietness that comes with it, when the world seems so silent, so peaceful ---

Somehow, though, you find yourself in the presence of someone who has no idea what the word 'silent' mean: "AH, IT'S SNOWING!"

You find yourself half-wishing to break his neck. The scenery in front of your eyes has been so peaceful, so refreshing, until Shishiou's shot interrupts in. Calm down, calm down, don't lose your cool. It's not cool. Teeth gritting, you turn to see him bundled up - it isn't that cold, damn it. And he's wearing armor and Nue!


"Snow falls earlier this year." He says, gesturing to the snow on the yard. "Aruji-sama, do you reckon that there will be a huge wave coming or something?"

"Rain comes before the snow. Enemies before the snow. I think we're good." Your eyes flickle upward for a single fleeting second. "Do you get like this every year."

"Get like how? You think I don't know you're rolling your eyes at me." Then you hope your eyes are cold enough to burn. "I like snow." He says. "But this guy doesn't." He glances at Nue, and you think, if Nue could say, you'd hear an endless rampage about how snow was the absolute worse, jugding from the look Nue is giving Shishiou. "But..." His eyes settle on the snow on the nearby ledge and lightens. "I mean, can we use snow to attack the enemy?"

"That's ridi---" Shishiou hauls back and you take a second to curse your slowness, before the snowball, with such accuracy, lands on your face. Screw being cool and collected. Screw your first Tachi. Screw Shishiou. You kick the door open and glare at him, who is too busy laughing and shout. "You just rebelled against your own saniwa! I can't believe you --- Nue, attack him!"

"Eh? Aruji ---"

I round the snowball.

"I'll show you! You green pepper!"

"I am not!"