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Bedtime Stories

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"Little Precious, are you sure you'll be alright taking care of Joey by yourself?" Nation asked as she finished packing her bags.

"Darling, it's okay," Frank coaxed with a smile as he helped her with her bags. "Besides, we'll be back tomorrow!"

Nation smiled. "LP, it's a very big responsibility, it's more than just playing with Joey..."

"Nation, it's okay," LP assured. "David and I are gonna be having our own kids soon anyway, it'll be an experiment."

"Be sure to let Joey talk to us before bed, that's very important for children." Nation reminded.

"Yes, Nation, have a good time, see you later too, Daddy." LP smiled to them.

"It's going to be all right, dear..." Frank hugged his wife tightly and gently patted her on the back. "We'll have a good visit to Planet X, we're very fortunate because of how exclusive it is."

"Thank you for taking care of things while we're gone." Nation got out of the hug and smiled to her step-daughter.

"You can count on me and David." LP saluted.

"Nation, come on, we have to go as soon as possible!" Cosmo called.

Nation sighed. "Comin', Mac! We'll be right there!"

"Well, hurry, they're waiting for us!"

Frank followed Nation out as they collected their bags to go into the castle's transporter.

"Remember, Joey needs her teddy, it's her favorite toy," Nation said to her husband as she was in a rush to leave with her brother. "Be sure you scrub her back when you give her a bath... Oh, am I forgetting anything?"

Frank smiled. "It's fine, dear... LP has all the instructions, David loves Joey enough already like a member of the family, we better get going..."

"Oh..." Nation bent down to the height of her daughter, who was now at the size and had the intelligence of a typical small child, but she was very advanced for her age due to how both her parents were doctors, medical and science. "Sweetie... Mommy and Daddy have to go now... We'll see you tomorrow, Aunt Miracle and Uncle Cosmo will be back too..."

"I'll be okay, Mommy..." Joey assured as she clutched her teddy, she wore the clothes her Uncle Cosmo sewed for her when she was a baby. "Lil P and Davey promised..."

Nation smiled, tears in her eyes as she hugged her daughter. "Okay, be good..." She then dropped her voice strict and low. "And no calling people 'Poopie Head'."

"Unless they really deserve it." Frank said sharply.

Nation glanced at him slightly, but hugged Joey one last time. "Okay, honey... See you tomorrow, have a good time with your sister and brother-in-law..." She kissed Joey's forehead, then quickly left with Frank to the transporter.

"Bye, Mommy... Bye, Daddy..." Joey waved to her parents as they left, she sounded a little sad as she clutched her teddy.

LP ruffled up her half-sister's dark red curly hair. "Aw, cutie patootie, they'll be back... They're coming back tomorrow, they're not gone forever!"

"I guess..." Joey shrugged with a smile.

"How about I whip us up some dinner with those star biscuits you guys like so much?" David offered with a smile.

"That'll be good, right?" LP smiled. "Come on, Jojo... Let's get you some dinner." She took her sister's hand, walking her into their kitchen.

Joey followed as she got into a seat, still holding her teddy and gently stroked the bear's fur behind the ears. LP sat next to her as David started to cook.

"So, Joey, how old are you now?" David asked as he decided to make cheesy spaghetti for him and the girls.

"I'm six and a half," Joey replied, focusing on her teddy bear which at the time was her best friend. "Is it true I'm gonna be an aunty?"

"Uh-huh," LP nodded, smiling. "Pretty soon you will be one to three babies."

"Three?" Joey's emerald eyes lit up.

"Yeah," David chuckled nervously. "We've been trying for so long and it's finally going to happen before we know it."

"Wow..." Joey blinked.

"How's school going, Jojo?" LP held her sister close, knowing how miserable she seemed.

Joey shrugged. "It's okay... Riffy and Maggie are good teachers."

"Hey, don't feel bad..." LP kissed her forehead. "Mom and Dad aren't gone forever."

Joey hummed, hugging her teddy tight. "I want them to come back now..."

"Cutie Patootie, it's going to be okay... We promise... We'll take good care of you until they come back with Aunt Miracle and Uncle Cosmo tomorrow."

Joey sighed. Soon enough, David finished his cheesy spaghetti, a dish both he and LP loved very much since he didn't like the sauce or meatballs. He made sure the cheese was extra gooey and melty and hoped Joey would like it. The little girl ate, but she still looked pretty miserable without her parents, they had never went away like this before. LP and David talked amongst each other, Joey didn't even jump into their conversation.

"Jojo, it'll be okay..." David told the girl.

Joey sighed, leaning her arms on top of the table. "I wanna go home..."

"But you can't go home," LP said to her with an optimistic voice like a certain cartoon mouse they all knew and loved back from Earth. "We got a lot of fun and games planned for you!"

Joey blinked. "Fun and games?"

"Oh, yeah," David grinned. "We're gonna play games like Clue, Sorry, Monopoly, Jumanji..."

"What are those games?" Joey asked, smiling a little in interest.

"They're board games, Jojo," LP replied with a smile. "We'll teach you how to play. Your Aunt Miracle and I used to play all the time whenever she would visit the TV Station back before you were born."

"Wow..." Joey smiled.

David smiled too, Joey was in a better mood now. The three of them continued to eat their dinner. David then went to his and LP's bedroom closet and took out the mentioned board games.

"It was Professor Plum with the lead pipe in the basement!" LP recited.

David chuckled. "No, I think it was Colonel Mustard with the noose in the kitchen."

Joey looked confused at her brother-in-law and half-sister. LP and David talked about and mentioned how much you need to think in a game like Clue. LP set the mood like she always does with playing and make a story to go along with the game. Joey giggled and was amused with how her family members did character voices and her young mind painted a mental picture of the setting of the game. She felt like she was actually there in the early 20th century with aristocrats, butlers, maids, and more.

Joey was then told about the other games, she found them fun, but Jumanji had a lot of adventure in it. It made her wonder what it would be like if the game were true and they were sucked into the world like in the movie that her sister told her about that she saw on a double date night with Cosmo and Miracle with David. Joey had a full belly as she was in her pajamas which was a rather long gray short-sleeved shirt. David was showing her the spare room in which she would sleep.

"Joey, there's someone who wants to speak with you~" LP's voice chimed melodically.

Joey blinked and walked out of the room and saw her older sister out of the monitor room. "Who is it?"

"Why don't you go in and see for yourself?" LP smiled down.

Joey looked curious, but walked into the room and gasped happily as she saw two familiar faces on the screen. "Mommy, Daddy!" She ran toward the monitor.

"Hello, sweetie," Nation smiled once she saw Joey come into view. "How are you tonight?"

"I'm okay, I guess..." Joey shrugged, her arms behind her back. "I really miss you... When are you guys coming home?"

"Joey, we've been over this, we're coming back tomorrow," Frank replied. "We're not gone forever!"

"I know..." Joey stared at the carpet. "But I miss you..."

"We miss you too, honey, we really do, but sometimes mommies and daddies need time away from their children," Nation cooed. "This is important for me, your daddy, aunt and uncle. It's going to be okay, my little bunny..."

Joey frowned, then heaved a sharp sigh.

"Just hold onto your teddy," Frank advised. "We know how much you love him... He'll look after you if you're scared."

Joey pulled a face, nearly pouting, but playful with her father. "Tinly's a girl, Daddy."

"Oh," Frank chuckled. "Of course..."

Joey giggled. "Silly Daddy."

"Yes, your daddy is very silly," Nation nodded with a smile. "Listen... Dear... I know it was short, but Mommy and Daddy have to go now... We'll be back tomorrow as soon as you open your little eyes."

"But!" Joey cried.

"Joey, you'll be fine..." Nation cooed. "I know it's a big change, but you're going to be just fine... Why don't you ask LP or David for a bedtime story?"

"Would they mind?"

"Of course they wouldn't, LP's your big sister, that's what she's there for."

"Have a good night, cheese doodle," Frank soothed. "We'll be back before you know it..."

Nation nodded. "Try to get some sleep, honey..."

Joey frowned. "Night, Mommy... Night, Daddy..."

"Good night, hon..." Frank waved and so did Nation.

In a flash of light, Joey's parents were now gone. She hugged her teddy tight as she bit her lip, looking down.