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"Old Man" Caesar

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"Jotaro!" Holly's voice sounded from the kitchen. "Today, your grandfather and one of his good friends are arriving in Japan!"

Jotaro sighed. He didn't respond, yet he wondered who this 'good friend' could be. He had heard from his mother that Joseph 'Old Man' Joestar had some friend who he'd grown up with together, but Jotaro had no clue who he actually was.

Maybe that'll be him...? He pondered.

He left on his way to school, grabbing his bag on the way out.


After walking home from school with Kakyoin, Jotaro slipped into his house quietly, his quiet friend trailing behind him. The sight he was greeted with was quite a shock. Two old men, one of them Joseph, arguing like an old married couple in his living room. The other man had two purple triangles under his eyes and half-blonde, half-gray hair. He didn't appear quite as old as Joseph. They were apparently arguing over a rice ball his mother had made.

Avdol, Polnareff, and Iggy were also present. Polnareff, of course, was fighting with Iggy, and the dog seemed to be winning. Avdol just sat and stared at the commotion. Jotaro was surprised to see his old friends, he was only expecting Joseph and his friend. Looks like the others tagged along as well.


"Hey, everyone!" Jotaro called out. Kakyoin waved from behind him.

"JOTARO! KAKYOIN!" Polnareff shrieked. He ran over to greet the two, as they hadn't see their old friends for almost a year now. Avdol nodded warmly at the two, smiling. Kakyoin seemed to be happy to see them again.

Joseph stood up and greeted the two, shaking their hands. "I'd like to introduce you to my close friend. Guys, meet Caesar Zeppeli. Caesar, this is my grandson Jotaro, and his friend Kakyoin." The old man behind Joseph reached out a hand to shake theirs, too. Jotaro noticed just then that this man had some kind of headband tied 'round his head.

Jotaro noticed the two seemed quite close. They looked at each other, almost as if reading what the other was thinking, and nodded.

"You wanna see a trick?" Caesar turned to face them. Kakyoin nodded enthusiastically, seeming quite entertained by this new, strange old man.

He took a deep breath, clapped his hands together, and as he opened them quickly, bubbles appeared. They looked almost as if they flew out of Caesar's fingertips. Unlike usual bubbles, these ones stuck together in a string. He then blew out in a big huff, and they all formed a large bubble. "Woaaaaaaah!" Polnareff gasped, gazing in admiration at the creation. Kakyoin looked pretty amazed at it as well.

Caesar popped the bubble, laughing to himself. "Such curious youth." He said. "I remember being young..." Joseph butted in, "That's enough!"

"Mamma mia Joseph, why do you have to be like this?" Caesar retorted.

"Well, you almost died!" He snapped back.

"I managed to weaken Wammuu for you!" The two were bickering once again.

They don't seem to be that friendly to each other, despite being close. Jotaro thought. Shaking his head, he sighed and walked away. "Old men. Yare yare daze..."

Avdol, having been fairly quiet today, asked "You guys up for dancing?"

It seemed odd, but Jotaro and the others liked to dance. Kakyoin was the one who brought it up, and Polnareff wasn't hesitant to join him in doing so. Avdol didn't mind, but Jotaro was embarrassed to. He hated to admit that he had a bit of fun there, but mostly he just did it because he knew it made the others happy as well.

Caesar stopped arguing with Joseph as soon as he heard Avdol speak. "Hey, I wanna go too. Joseph can come with me." He eyed Joseph, as if he didn't have a choice.

What the fuck? Some old guy wants to dance with us? Jotaro rolled his eyes. Ridiculous...

"Sure." He said bluntly. "Let's go then, everyone."

The dance studio was not far from the Kujo residence, so they decided to walk. Since it was raining lightly outside, Kakyoin grabbed a few umbrellas. He and Jotaro shared one, Avdol and Polnareff shared another, and Caesar and Joseph shared the third one.

Caesar was in better shape than Joseph. Jotaro overheard them talking (Not really overheard, more like they were extremely loud...) and it sounded like Caesar used Hamon to slow his aging process a bit. That was probably why he looked a little younger than Joseph, as well. Jotaro was confused as to why Caesar came to Japan with Joseph, but he didn't question the old man.

"You're getting me wet!" Caesar complained in an obnoxious voice. Joseph reluctantly pushed the umbrella over to the blonde. By doing so, he uncovered most of himself, which made him get wet. They continued to bicker about the rain.

As soon as they got to the dance studio, everyone slipped their shoes off and went inside as quick as they could. It was quite cold out, anyway. The wind bit at everyone's skin until it had turned them all half pink.

Kakyoin then began to guide the group. They usually played a "dancing game" where one person started dancing and the others had to copy to the best of their abilities. He picked Avdol as his partner, and the two swung each other in circles.

Joseph grumbled. He clearly didn't want to be swung around by Caesar. Caesar gently grabbed his hand, and the two swung in a circle slowly, until Kakyoin and Avdol stopped. They then proceeded to dance facing each other, in a sort of romantic way. The group usually didn't mind doing such things, but Caesar obviously did.

Damn, this old guy sure is grumpy. Jotaro thought as he watched Caesar reluctantly grab Joseph's hips. It was funny to watch the two sway side by side. They were more natural at it then Jotaro would've thought.

The blonde seemed to dominate the dance. He guided Joseph as they slowly danced. Joseph complained about his back, and Caesar just told him to shut up.

It was just then that Jotaro noticed the underlying emotion, hidden behind their arguments and mean comments. He could tell they cared deeply for each other by the way they gazed at each other, the way Joseph got himself wet so Caesar didn't have to be, and how Caesar directed Joseph's moves.

Polnareff made his way over to Avdol, who was still dancing tirelessly with Kakyoin. "You guys know what the deal is with those two?" Jotaro overhead them, as Polnareff wasn't exactly quiet.

Avdol seemed stern as he answered, "Based on what I've heard from Joseph, the two met when they were young. Caesar had a near death experience a long time ago, when the two fought three very powerful inhuman beings. He went into a building to fight one of them, and he managed to weaken him pretty well. Apparently some piece of the wall fell on him after he nearly defeated one of the beings, and he was barely holding onto his life as Joseph saved him from the rubble. He lost a lot of blood during that time. It's also how Joseph lost his arm. I heard from Joseph that what they experienced then was pretty traumatic, but they were strong enough to pull each other through it. Caesar almost died saving Joseph's life, and they have been attached to each other ever since."

By the time Avdol finished, Polnareff's had grown twice their size. "Woah, I never would've thought!"

"Hey, why'd we stop?!" Joseph hollered. He and Caesar were still holding onto each other. Even though they argued, Jotaro could tell they really enjoy being together. "I'm tired, can we go now?" Caesar muttered, his head resting on Joseph's chest. He looked like he was about to pass out.

Damn old men! Jotaro sighed. "Already? Yare yare, let's get going then..." Joseph and Caesar pulled away from each other.

The blonde's voice sounded annoyed as he said, "Mamma mia, my back was NOT cut out for that!"